Scorpios: Are They As Bad As They Say

If you’re a Scorpio and people have asked what your sign is, you will probably get a disapproving nod or an “Oh, you’re one of those people” type of response.

And deep inside you think, “What did I ever do to warrant such a bad reputation?”

Why is that? What is with all the controversy towards Scorpios? As a psychic, let me explain.


Why Are Scorpios So Controversial?



Scorpios are known for having one of the most powerful astrological personalities. No matter what challenges they face, they are fighters who will do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Let’s face it, regardless if you think it’s true or not, Scorpios have had the short end of the stick. People think that if you’re a Scorpio, you’re fierce and intense. And just like an actual scorpion, not afraid to hold back your stinger!

Famous Scorpios include Hilary Clinton, Bill Gates, Whoopi Goldberg, Leonardo Di Caprio… strong personalities, right? But does that mean that they are all the same? How did people come to the conclusion that all Scorpios are fierce and intense?

Well, if you look closely at horoscope sites, they tend to describe other signs as mixed positive and negative. For example, Taurus is usually described as warmhearted but lazy, and Leos are generous but bossy. But if you go over and look at Scorpio, they’re described as determined but intimidating, emotional, and resentful. Words like manipulative, vindictive, or seductive are also likely to be used.

Horoscope sites and other sources do play a huge part in creating other people’s perceptions and stereotypes of Scorpios! As you see, they are painting an image of what a Scorpio is, and they’re striking huge differences between them and other signs. They are being depicted as dark characters who are self-focused, have no friends, or are too jealous, bitter, and emotional for society.

If you ask other Scorpios what their opinions are about horoscopes, chances are they would say that they’re putting them in a bad light! A lot of mainstream media usually paints Scorpios as sociopathic or villainous, which is just not fair for anybody!


True Scorpios Explained


Millions of Scorpios are branded to be this certain type of character just because of their birth month. Some Scorpios are confident, while some are quiet, and it’s an injustice to paint them all as negative!

If you are a Scorpio yourself or you personally know one, then you know how they have ZERO tolerance for mistreatment from anybody. In all honesty, Scorpios have one of the strongest astrological personalities. Regardless of what they go through, they are fighters, and they do whatever they can to survive. They can be very mysterious, but they can also be self-sustaining and independent. They are very determined to go get what they want, while they can also be energetic and magnetic to be around.

But deep behind these strengths are gentle sides, too. Though they look tough on the outside, Scorpios are very sensitive, and no matter how much they try to deny or hide it, they do care a lot. Some are likely to harbor grudges due to their intuitive nature. They are very attuned with their feelings and can be either empathetic or stubborn towards other people.

Depending on how they are treated, they can be wonderful consolers, or they will give you “a taste of your own medicine” if you’ve hurt them. They take relationships very seriously and can be very loyal, loving, and caring. But if you break their trust, they can have a hard time forgiving. Some are reserved or introverted, while some are very friendly and open to conversations. Scorpios simply refuse to be put in a box, and while they seem intimidating or off-putting to you, they are free spirits just like anybody else!

Though Scorpios have weaknesses, everyone, regardless of what their sign is, has their own capacity to be petty, vengeful, or to hold on to grudges. It’s not fair for Scorpios to be labeled or categorized as “sociopathic” when every sign can have the potential to be!

Regardless of what anybody’s birth month is, astrological personalities are not set in stone. They are loose enough to fit anyone who falls under their banner. Scorpios can identify with the personality attached to their sign, but they are free to identify however they want. At the end of the day, astrology is used to make our lives better, not to create a battle of who is the better sign!

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