Spirit Guides: The Different Types And How They Can Help You


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Every living person has spirit guides who are always there to help them. You should learn to recognize the different types of spirit guides so you can recognize their presence and establish a strong connection with them.

Throughout your life, you’ll encounter a variety of spirit guides who will protect, help, and show you the way to a happy and fulfilling life. These benevolent entities have many different purposes and appear at different points in your life.

The common factor among all your spiritual allies is that they are dedicated to providing guidance to you whenever you seek their help. With their assistance and clarity, you can survive and thrive through all the challenges life throws at you.

Spirit guides take any type of form, but here are some of the most common types of guides you may sense around you.

When you learn to recognize the different types of spirit guides, you will be able to acknowledge their presence, forge a deeper connection with them, and accept their guidance into your everyday life.


Ancestral Guides


Ancestral guides are spirits of family members who have passed away, whether it’s someone you knew in your life, such as a parent, or one of your ancestors who lived hundreds of years before you were even born.

It’s not necessary to have met these ancestors, but these entities are your blood relatives and you can trust them to have your back at all times.

Best of all, ancestral guides have the knowledge of a number of generations under their belt and they use all these lessons to help you achieve clarity and wisdom.

They’re particularly helpful in guiding you through family issues and everyday problems, but keep in mind that not all of your ancestors are enlightened enough to help you with all your issues, so make sure that their advice feels right to you and your life before you actually need it.


Deceased Loved Ones


While ancestral guides are blood relatives who may go back generations, spirit guides of deceased loved ones do not necessarily have a blood relation to you. These are simply people you love who have passed away and are now choosing to help you from the other side.

This type of spirit guide is extremely common and most people have at least one, which is usually one of their grandparents or parents. These are souls who care deeply about you and know you very well, so these spirit guides can help you make the right decisions as you navigate relationships, career, and family life.




Guardian angels are probably the most recognized form of spirit guide, whom are beings sent specifically to protect and guide you to achieve the full potential of your soul. Armed with love and inspiration from the Divine, an angel’s sole purpose is to support you in your life’s mission.

They’re by your side from the moment you were conceived until your dying breath, so whenever you feel loneliness or despair, remember that you are never alone and you’ll always have your guardian angel with you.




Archangels are also a type of angel, but instead of being concerned with just your well-being, they are focused on the good of all humankind. While you have one or two guardian angels by your side your entire life, everyone shares the same archangels.

However, just because you share the archangels with the world doesn’t mean that you can’t call on them for help with your personal problems. When you ask, these high vibration beings listen and respond, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them for support. A few of the main archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael.


Spirit Animals


When you were born, you were born with an animal spirit guide. Just like other spirit guides, spirit animals give you guidance, protection, and comfort, throughout your life.

A spirit animal is usually an animal that resonates with your soul, a creature that is a true representation of who you are inside. In Native American and Aboriginal traditions, you find your spirit animal by undergoing a spirit walk or, more simply, by checking the Native American Zodiac.

However, you can also look inwards to discover what animal you connect with. Reach out to your spirit animal and invite it into your dreams, so you can meet it face to face and find out what animal form your spirit takes.


Plant Spirit Guides


It may seem like a strange prospect to be guided by plants, but plants have energy too and their connection with the Earth makes them a valuable ally in times you need healing and reflection.

For hundreds and hundreds of years, people have harnessed the grounding energy of plants and tapped into their consciousness for aid and healing. In ancient times, your ancestors even worshipped the flora that has gone so neglected in modern days.

Call on your plant spirit guides when you are in need of healing and restoration. Often, these types of spirit guides also show up in your life to send you a significant message from the Divine.


Gods And Goddesses


Each culture and religion has a different set of gods and goddesses, many of which also appear as spirit guides to people. These deities all have distinct personalities and powers, and anyone from any culture around the world can actually show up in your life.

When one of these gods and goddesses appears through symbols or dreams, pay attention. Since every deity has specific characteristics, the one who is helping you may be trying to cultivate an underdeveloped part of your personality.


Ascended Masters


Finally, ascended masters are entities who once walked the Earth as humans. Unlike regular people, these masters have realized enlightenment and have now ascended beyond reincarnation, so there’s no need for them to live as human beings anymore. Instead, their new purpose is to guide you and others to achieve your highest self on Earth.

Like archangels, everyone shares the same ascended masters. These spirit guides are committed to helping everyone with their spiritual journey. And their insight is especially valuable because like you, they have walked the exact same path on this physical plane. Now, these ascended masters want to help you master your spiritual journey the same as they did.

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