The Power Of Forgiveness forgiveness

Forgiving is never easy but you have to remember that carrying anger and resentment towards others can cultivate negativity within you that will attract people and experiences that will also give you negative feelings.

The path towards spiritual growth and enlightenment is not always an easy one and one of the most difficult challenges of the journey is embracing the process of forgiveness.


Why Is Forgiveness So Important In Spiritual Growth?


Negative feelings towards other people, even when justified, become a double-edged sword that affects you as much as the person you refuse to forgive.

For example, let’s say an ex-lover betrayed you and cheated on you with someone else. Of course, your anger and resentment are justified and you might find it challenging to forgive them.

However, if you keep nursing your anger towards your former partner, you are only keeping yourself tied to them and you are continuing to give that person the power over your emotions.

The anger and resentment you are carrying around will affect your relationships with other people, making it difficult for you to trust potential partners. Since you are cultivating so much negativity within you, you will attract things, people, and experiences, that give you the same feelings of negativity.

It’s also important to explore forgiveness in the context of reconciliation. After all, the karma you create in this life is carried over to your next life, so your karmic bond with the person who hurt you will not simply disappear. To balance your karma and get to the next level of your spiritual evolution, a resolution of your conflicts is necessary.

As you can see, when you hold on to your bitterness and withhold your forgiveness from other people, you end up hurting yourself the most!

Forgiveness means releasing the debt someone owes you, but it also means you are surrendering all the pain and anger that their actions caused you. With this step, you are taking back your power over your feelings and your life.

Ultimately, you let go of your grudges so that you can also break free of the prison of negative feelings holding you down.


How To Forgive When You Feel Like You Cannot


Keep in mind that forgiveness is not a natural act that will come naturally; it is a choice. Forgiveness is a path that you choose to take and you can even start the process, even if you do not feel like you’re ready to offer it to the person who hurt you.

As I’ve said, forgiveness isn’t easy, but there are several steps that you can take to make it more manageable for yourself.

First, remember that the person can be separated from the act. While you may never forgive or forget the act that was committed against you, you can still forgive and empathize with the person.

Try to put yourself in the perpetrator’s shoes and understand the reasons for their actions. Let your compassion and empathy shine through, so that you recognize the humanity in others, even if they hurt you.

Another thing that can help you move on from a terrible incident is by seeing the silver lining in your situation. This may be difficult in the face of so much anger and pain, but focusing on the positive will help you become more willing to accept the situation and to move on with your life.

Come up with three good things that arose from your situation, no matter how difficult it is.

Perhaps you were able to appreciate your true friends more because they stood by your side during your dark days. Or maybe a painful breakup allowed you to escape into your work and your career flourished as a result. If nothing else, focus on the lessons that you learned from being hurt by other people.

When you are trying to forgive and move on from the pain caused by family or friends, it’s also important to live in the present moment. Being present in the here and now lets you focus on the good things that are in your immediate surroundings, instead of dwelling on the agony of the past or worrying about the nature of your future.

Make it a point to engage in activities that you enjoy and interact with people who make you happy. A regular meditation practice can also help you ground yourself in the present moment and release the negativity that is weighing you down.

Of course, if you think you need a little help moving on from a devastating experience, don’t hesitate to seek out help from professionals. Therapists are well-equipped to assist you in dealing with your emotional wounds and psychics are also an excellent choice for guiding you towards a path of peace and spiritual growth.


What If It’s You Who Hurt Someone Else?


It can be even more challenging when you are the one who is at fault and you are the one who needs to be forgiven. In this case, you carry the burden of causing harm and the act of forgiveness is not in your control.

If you know you did something to hurt or harm another person, the first step is to apologize and try to make amends for your actions. This is difficult, and may even result in being subject to the other person’s anger and hurtful words, but your apology will not only lift your guilt but also soothe the pain of the person you hurt.

If he or she lets you, make up your transgression to this person and try to repair your trust and friendship. Ask the person you hurt if there’s anything you can do to make up for what you did, so you can begin to clear your karmic relationship.

Pay for the bad karma you created with positive thoughts, words, and deeds. If you stole from a family member, pay it back to the person and exhibit generosity towards other people. If you lied to a friend, tell them the truth and resolve to be honest in your relationships moving forward.

Finally, if you are the one at fault, it’s also important to forgive yourself for your shortcomings.

Once you’ve apologized and made amends for your actions, work on forgiving yourself, because guilt can hold you back from embracing spiritual growth, and your anger towards yourself will create turmoil in your mind and spirit, holding you back from peace of mind.

Instead, realize that part of being human is making mistakes and that sometimes this can result in hurting people you care about.

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