Ways to Connect with your Spirit Guides


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When you create a loving connection with your spirit guides, you open up your lines of communication, so that you can receive help and guidance in all areas of your life.

We all have spirit guides and when you cultivate a relationship with them, you can have wise and clear guidance to help you in all areas of your life.

Their presence can become guidance and companionship that can support you, give you clarity, and direction when you can’t seem to find it on your own. You can even turn to them during the darkest hours of your life to receive the comfort you cannot get from anyone else.

Your guide can be your ancestors, spirit guides, Ascended Master, guardian angels, or even deceased family members. Some may have names, or some may be a group of guides that have the same name.

All guides are there to simply guide you, and not an entity that you have to give yourself over to.

Your guide can stay with you for your entire life, while some may pop in every now and then to help you with your goals that you are trying to achieve. Guides know the things that are happening in your life, and when it’s time for them to intervene and guide you, they have several ways they can to accomplish this.


Connect with your Spirit Guides


Connecting with your guides can be a deeply moving experience. Visualization, meditation, and writing techniques are great ways to communicate with and seek their guidance to have a sense of purpose and direction.

To connect with your guides, you have to first believe that you have them. Your guides come to you in many ways so you to listen to your mind, body, and spirit. When you have moments of complete stillness, that’s the time you can receive messages from them.


How to Communicate with Spirit Guides


You can deepen your connection to your guides and learn how to call on them anytime. It is important to keep an open mind to connect with your guides. Below are some ways that will help you to connect with your guides.


  • Ask

Your guide can help you with anything from doing your daily tasks, healing your relationships, finding joy in your job, meeting your future spouse, getting you through your darkest hour, or finding the courage to step up in your career to let go of your past. There are no requests that are too specific or too broad, too big or too small. Since we live in a world that is full of free will, in order for your guides to step in, you must first ask.


  • Listen

You have to be open to all the possibilities of your guides, so communication can come through easily. One of the best ways to develop your relationship with your guides is to trust and listen to what they say. If they have advice and it seems that it will lead you to good, do it. You will eventually learn to decipher if it’s the voice of your guides, or it is just your ego talking.


  • Write with your spirit guides

One of the best ways to connect with your guides is by intuitive writing. A simple strategy you can try is to close your eyes and meditate. Allow yourself to drift into your subconscious mind and as you open your eyes, start writing. Write everything that comes to your mind by letting your guides take over. This can take practice, but you will eventually begin to read the messages that your guides send to you.


  • Ask for a sign

You can simply ask your guide for a sign, especially if you are not a firm believer. Your guides are with you throughout the day, and they want you to understand that they are with you, to guide and protect you in your life.

Always express your desire to acknowledge their presence every day. You can let them know that you are doubtful and want a sign to know that they are there. Your guides will show you that they are there by sending you a blessing or a message.


  • Pay attention to what you receive

Always pay attention to the guidance from your guides and let yourself be in awe of the love surrounding you. This can be a big deal.

You can have this beautiful feeling when you let yourself witness the amazing support coming from them. Their guidance may eventually show up in unexpected ways, even in some ways you do not know, such as a spark of light, a song on the radio, or somebody telling you exactly what you need to hear. Your guides even work through other people surrounding you. They work through children, friends, and even strangers.


  • Stay in a gratitude energy

It is important to ask your guide to guide you, but it is also important to always give them thanks for what they do. Everyone one of us wants to feel appreciated, and this is no exception with your guides. By giving thanks, you can improve your relationship with them and even make your bond stronger.


  • Trust your own Psychic Ability

Learn to believe in yourself and in your capacity to call on your guides. You have the capability to connect with your guides and all you need is to trust yourself. Always believe that you have the energy of love within you that supports and guides you. If you trust your own psychic ability, you can easily hear and feel the presence of your guides.

Your guides are responsible for helping you to navigate your way through life, make your journey in life easier, and expand the realization of your higher self. Your guides will also comfort, nudge, advise, and of course, guide you.

They do not exist to do things for you or make your decisions. But they are there to inform and guide you. Your guides are kind entities whose only concern is your own good – nothing more, nothing less. So, learn to appreciate their presence and build a closer relationship with your spirit guides so you can have a much more peaceful life.

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