What Are Spirit Guides and How to Connect With Them?


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To connect with your guides, you have to first believe that you have them. Your guides come to you in many ways so you to listen to your mind, body, and spirit.

The best way to achieve true happiness is by being true to yourself and by living your own authentic life. This means following your own path, and not one that is dictated by others.

BUT, this does not mean you should do everything alone!

Each one of us has spirit guides constantly looking out for us. They guide, support, and protect us as we go through our life’s journey and they can offer us wisdom and guidance in whatever we are faced with in life!

You can call on your spirit guides to help you in a variety of things, both big and small. They can assist you in finding your soulmate, choosing the right job for you, and even help you decide whether or not you are ready to have kids!


Who Are My Spirit Guides?


Spirit guides are ethereal beings that are assigned to us even before we are reborn into this lifetime. They guide us as we navigate through life so we can accomplish the spiritual contracts we create with ourselves before reincarnation.

There are guides who will stay with us our entire lives, while there are others who come to guide us in certain areas in our life. Still, others will help us with the goals we are trying to reach, and then they go.

Our guides are at different consciousness levels themselves. For example, there are those who are highly-ascended masters, while there are average guides who are masters in a particular area or specialty.

They may seem to have male or female energy, but they are simply made of energy. Although all spirit guides were once people living on the earth just like you and me.

For some guides, you could be the only one they are providing guidance to, while others could also be guiding other people, too.

These guides will tune into your energy when it’s time for them to guide you. Once this happens, they’ll help you achieve your mission on earth.

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The Spirit Guides You May Encounter


There are different types of spirit guides that you will encounter in life.


Guardian Angels

It’s important to note that guardian angels are non-denominational, meaning they are not associated with certain beliefs and religions. Angels can also serve as your guide and protector and you can call upon them if you need their help.


Ancestors are the people related to you that have already departed. Usually, they are the people you were related to. But sometimes, they are people who you haven’t met but have a soul connection.

Totems or Power Animals

Totems or power animals are similar to guardian angels but in animal form. Although these guides have individual names in general, they are not individual animals, but rather the collective spirit of a certain animal.

Depending on your needs, these guides will come and go throughout your journey.


How to Connect Directly With Your Spirit Guides


Your guides are always ready to help you, you just have to know how to connect with them. Ask your guides for what you need or want and watch out for signs that indicate they heard you. These signs can come in various ways.


Follow your instincts

Listen to what you’re feeling. For example, if you feel something is not right, then it most probably is not. Speaking through your gut is a way of communication.

Listen to your intuition

Notice that little voice you hear in your head. Sometimes, these voices are your guides that are communicating with you directly. Try listening to these voices and see what happens. Listen to things like “slow down,” “buy groceries,” and “pay attention to the person in front of you.”


Meditating can strengthen your connection with your guides. This helps in making the information you receive clearer and more accurate.

A psychic reading

A psychic can help you identify your spirit guides and also help you connect with your guides better, too. Psychics who are also mediums can communicate with spirit guides directly. They can act as the “medium” between you and the Spirit World and relay information to you about what your guides want to tell you.


Keep a journal. As you go along, be quiet and clear your mind. Then, enter the answers you hear. Keep writing like you are having a conversation with them.

It may look you’re just imagining these answers but continue writing anyway. You will eventually begin to notice that the answers you are receiving are not from your own voice, so take note of them. You can go back to this later on and reflect on your notes.


The Proper Way of Asking Spirit Guides Your Questions


Establish a trusting rapport first is the key and this comes with time, practice, and patience. After achieving this, you can ask your spirit guides answers directly. You can also ask them if there is another guide that can assist you, too.

Another way to ask them for guidance is to ask them to visit you in your dreams before going to sleep, and they may come through your dreams.

Last, but definitely not least, always have faith and do not hesitate to ask for their help!

Spirit guides are your spiritual helpers to guide you and to help you follow the right path in your life. They help you make decisions better in areas like love, career, and relationships.

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