“What you told me worked. Thank you!”

Being born a psychic definitely has its advantages, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. I have learned to “turn it off” when in public, otherwise, I would walk around picking up things from everyone I see on the street!

The advantages are being able to talk to Guardian Angels, my Loved Ones on the other side, and Ascended Masters, on a daily basis! So I hardly ever feel lonely or alone.

An Interesting Psychic Story

The disadvantages to being psychic can be knowing things that I don’t necessarily want to know! For example, I was at a party one evening, and this woman was walking around with her boyfriend, and bragging to everyone how wonderful he was. When suddenly, a psychic flash came to me, and I could see that she was sleeping with his brother! Then I saw a psychic flash that he was also sleeping with her best friend!

Of course, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t even know the woman. But I felt so sorry for her handsome boyfriend, who thought he was the center of her world! And I felt bad for her, thinking she was the only tricky one! So sometimes out of the blue, I pick up things like this that I don’t always need to know about people.

A few months later, a friend of mine asked me if I remembered the woman who was walking around that party bragging about her boyfriend. I told him I did, and then he informed me about the big drama that happened when he found out she was sleeping with his brother, and she found out he was sleeping with her best friend!

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Some Psychic Stories People Shared With Me

I received a few emails I wanted to share with you. Emails like these are really what having psychic abilities is all about to me. These are very heartfelt!

Dear Tana, 

Thank you for the reading the other day! You told me things no one could have known! After being alone for over 5 years, you told me I was going to finally meet a guy who would be my dream man. 

You told me the steps to take to meet him, and you told me I had to get out more, in order for the two of us to be able to meet! You told me who to look for, and even what I should wear! 

I did as you told me, and I met him just a few months ago! Tana, he is wonderful, and I am so happy. My psychic reading with you gave me the guidance I needed to meet him, and I am forever thankful! I will keep you posted, but I am sure things will keep going strong! 

Looking forward to our next reading!

Sandra R. Halifax, VA

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I really loved this one. It made me smile and chuckle a little!

Dear Tana, 

Thank you for our reading about two months ago! I was having trouble at work with my boss, and was worried I would lose my job! But you told me not to worry! 

You then went on to tell me that my boss would end up leaving on no uncertain terms, and when she was gone, I would move into her position. I couldn’t see any reason she would leave after being with the company for over 15 years! So I was a bit skeptical about what you were telling me. 

Tana, I’m sorry for ever doubting you! She was fired last week due to being caught embezzling money from the company. Come to find out, she had been doing this for over 5 years! She was terminated immediately! 

Then, the company approached me right away, and offered me her position! I almost had a heart attack – because I was in shock that what you said would happen, happened! Just like you said! 

I love the new position, and it came with a very nice raise! 

Thank you so much! Can’t wait until our next reading!

Pam C. Houston, TX

I am so happy about this one. Especially since I am such an animal lover!

Dear Tana, 

I called you because our dog had been missing for over 2 weeks. You told me what to do to find him, and where to post the Missing Signs I had printed up. You told me I was posting them in the wrong area. So I posted them where you told me to! 

I received a call yesterday from a family who had my dog. His tags were missing, so they didn’t know who he belonged to. They didn’t want to take him to a shelter where they would put him down, so they said they were going to keep him, since he was such a nice dog! 

They did look for posters to see if anyone reported him as missing. They saw my poster, and called me right away! Roscoe is now back home with us now, and we are so glad because we have had him for over 6 years! 

I can’t thank you enough Tana! Thanks for getting Roscoe back to us safely! I will always remember you for this until the day I die. 

Looking forward to talking again soon,

Jenny L. Columbus, OH

Getting emails like these make what I do worth it! Even during these times, I occasionally pick up things from others that I wish I didn’t know. Like the woman at the party, I talked about!

Have a great rest of your day, and I hope you enjoyed reading this email!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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