Who Is My Guardian Angel? Getting To Know Your Closest Spiritual Ally


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Your guardian angels can guide you on anything, whether it’s family problems, relationship issues, or anything you can think of.

Out of all the different spirit guides, the one that rings most familiar to many people are guardian angels. After all, most people have been regaled with stories of angels with their halos and wings, since their childhood.

As you grow older, you may lose touch with your spiritual side along with the idea of your guardian angel, but regardless, you’ll still have them by your side.


Who Are These Guardian Angels And What Do They Do?


Your guardian angel is ultimately your closest spiritual ally. Your Guardian Angel is a divine being who is entirely dedicated to helping you live the best life and who has been watching over you from birth, giving you guidance and protection every step of the way.

Even on your darkest days and loneliest moments, you’re never alone!

One of the primary responsibilities of guardian angels is to make sure that no harm comes to you. They intervene when the person they are assigned to is in danger, especially children who tend to get into all sorts of scrapes.

Adults may be less prone to chasing down dangerous situations, but these powerful guardians still step in all the time to prevent accidents, fender benders, random muggings, etc.

Your divine partners will also guide you so that you can achieve your soul’s goal. As humans, we are usually not consciously aware of the life path that will bring us happiness and enlightenment, so your angels offer their gentle guidance to help you.

Since they are closer to the Divine than humans, guardian angels pray for you as well and intercede on your behalf when you need it. Some religions say that the angels also record your deeds and karma, which gets reviewed when you pass away.

Guardian angels are often invisible, but when they appear in their heavenly form, they appear as beings of pure light and blissful energy. Angels occasionally show up in a human form to guide or protect you in some way. Although this kind of rare appearance usually lasts for only a moment or two before they slip away and out of your sight. It won’t occur to you until much later that this person might have a special divine nature.


The Loving Hand Of Your Guardian Angel


Unless you’re particularly sensitive to the Divine, it can be challenging to actually feel the hand of your guardian angel in your life. In times of danger, angels will appear in human form, usually as a helpful stranger who pushes you out of the path of a speeding car, or as someone who rescues you from a riptide that’s pulling you under the ocean’s surface.

A physical intervention isn’t the only way a guardian angel will make its presence known, though. The fingerprints of your angles are everywhere if you only know how to look for them!

Sometimes, you will see a flash of light out of the corner of your eye, which is your angel trying to catch your eye. It doesn’t even have to be a blinding flash because these flashes can also appear as shimmering rainbow lights or even orbs. These things usually happen to offer you inspiration and reassurance in your times of need.

Your emotions can also indicate when your angel is trying to help you. Have you ever experienced a sudden wave of peace and comfort wash over you unexpectedly? It might come when you’re grieving or depressed, and this happens when your guardian angel embraces you with their wings to offer you solace.

An angel’s presence could also manifest as a flash of inspiration when you’re confused or trying to solve a tricky problem at work or in your personal life.

There are instances when you might be fretting over a dilemma for weeks, then the obvious solution just comes to you seemingly from out of nowhere. This is probably your guardian angel sending you messages through your intuition about the best course of action. In fact, your angel may have been trying to tell you the solution for a good stretch of time, but you haven’t been getting the message.


Befriending Your Guardian Angel


Is it necessary to cultivate a good relationship with your guardian angel?

The answer is that your guardian angel is a life-long partner, whether you are aware of them or not, or whether you try to communicate with them or simply ignore their presence. The bond between angels and humans lasts forever!

However, when you have a strong connection with your guardian angel, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to sense their presence and recognize their signals and messages in everyday life. With a strong connection, you can work together to achieve your goals and desires.

Remember, your guardian angels only want the best for you and they’re wise to the infinite knowledge of the Divine. So, they are the best ones to guide you on your journey on Earth.

So, start nurturing your bond with these powerful spiritual beings.

The first step is by learning more about angels through literary materials, online articles, and even conversations with expert psychics who are in touch with their spiritual world. By finding out more about the history and nature of guardian angels, you are acknowledging their presence in your life and expanding your spiritual knowledge.

Learning the name of your guardian angel is another way to foster a deeper bond, so that you can communicate with them more intimately. During prayer or meditation, simply reach out to them and ask for their name.

Sometimes, it will come to you in a sudden burst or you might even hear a faint whisper from within. Other times, you will dream of a specific name and just instinctively know that this is the name of the angel that has been protecting you all your life.

Whether you know the name of your guardian angel or not, make sure you take the time to connect with them daily. Doing this can be as simple as expressing gratitude for their presence, or you can ask them for help with an issue you’ve been struggling with.

The more connected you are to your guardian angel, the easier and quicker you’ll feel their response and support in your life.

Often, angel messages come as synchronicities: a sequence of numbers appearing over and over, or a specific song or quote that keeps showing up in your regular life. These will become more and more recognizable with practice.

Are you excited to get to know your guardian angel? Because it’s a very fulfilling relationship that will take you to new heights in your physical and spiritual life!

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