Why Do Children Die?


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The loss of a child is one of the most painful experiences one does not want  to go through. This happens for a reason and there are things you can do to accept and move on from this painful situation.

Dealing with death is one of the biggest challenges of human life, but when it’s the death of an innocent child, it’s even more impossible to fathom.

Children are so full of life and innocent; these are humans who have not yet been worn down by their problems and negativity. They are full of promise and it’s tragic to see this future cut short.

Even from a distance, the event of a child passing feels unfair and senseless. If it has happened to you and your child, the pain is nearly paralyzing in its intensity. The death of a child is the worst thing that can ever happen to a parent.

So, why do tragedies like this happen?


Why Does The Universe Let Children Die?


It’s a hopeless question that many grieving parents struggle to answer every day.

Some youngsters pass away due to other people’s mistakes, such as drunk driving or neglecting their child at home. Others fall victim to others’ sins, such as murder or other crimes. The dangers of natural laws, such as gravity and water, also take lives every day, particularly kids who are still unable to protect themselves from the world and the way it works.

Of course, when bereaved parents ask why children die, they are rarely looking for the practical reason for their child’s passing. When they ask this, they want to know What they are really asking is “Why did my child die? Why did the universe let my innocent kid pass so early? Why do other parents get to see their children grow up and I don’t?”

Each one of us has a mission and purpose on this Earth. Although it is heartbreaking, some missions are incredibly short and these young souls leave the world sooner than the people around them are expecting.

One reason for your child’s passing is that he or she may have only entered your life for a short time to teach you something important. For example, your child may have been around to foster a deeper relationship between you and your partner. Children who died from disease may have been sent to Earth to help find a cure and ease the pain of countless other children. In the case of organ donations, departed infants are even able to save another baby’s life directly.

Another important result of losing a child may be your suffering itself. Difficult as it may be to accept, there is value in suffering and it’s not just because it allows you to appreciate the more joyful moments in life. In many cases, suffering leads you down a path of deeper spiritual evolution.

Many souls are aware, before reincarnating, that they will only be leading a short life, but they still allow themselves to go through it in order to help other souls evolve and reach a higher plane of existence.

The truth is, there’s really no answer or reason that can ease a parent’s grief over the death of a child. Experiences like this will always be dreadful and the parents will likely carry some amount of anguish for the rest of their lives.

And yet, as unbearable as losing a child is, life goes on. All a person can do is to move forward with their lives, especially if they have other kids and a family to take care of.


Life After The Death Of A Child


Just like an individual’s life is changed with the arrival of a child into their lives, the loss of a child will also bring irrevocable change. Every parent believes that your child will outlive you and now that this belief has been shattered, the world is suddenly harsh and unfamiliar.

The world is no longer the same and even the simple act of getting out of bed will take a Herculean effort, especially in the early stages of grieving. However, although it seems impossible to move forward after the untimely passing of a child, parents remain social beings who eventually need to reconnect with the world around them to survive.

Here are a few thoughts that can make the impossible task of moving on from a child’s death just a little bit more possible.

1. Take It One Step At A Time

For parents who have lost a child, even getting through an entire day without your baby can feel like an insurmountable task.

So, forget about taking it one day at a time.

Instead, live life one step at a time and focus on the immediate task in front of you every day.

Wake up. Breathe. Get up. Take a bath and brush your teeth, then make breakfast and pack lunch for your other kids. After that, it might be time to open the door, step outside, and get in your car to drive to work. And so on, and so forth.

When you do this, the moments pass, then the days pass, and then the weeks, months, and years. Soon, you’ll realize that each moment is passing by a little faster, every breath comes a little easier, and you’re actually surviving.

2. Embrace Spirituality

When you nurture your own spirituality, you become more connected with the universe and the place that you, your child, and the rest of your family occupy in it. While grief will still be there, your spirituality can help you accept the loss and eventually heal from it.

Different people connect to their spirit in different ways, but meditation is a good place to start. When you are meditating, you are in complete awareness of yourself as part of the universe in the present moment. Find a quiet place where you can retreat for a few minutes every day to breathe and be still. Here, in the eye of your storm, you can learn to rest your emotions and release the pain for a little while.

Other people also find reading or watching spiritual materials helpful, since it allows for a deeper understanding of life and death. Talking to the Divine in prayer is also helpful in your spiritual evolution, plus it could give you some comfort when you feel most alone.

There are also those who find connecting with their spirituality is easier when they’re out in the wild. Whether you’re strolling by the beach or hiking in the heart of the woods, being surrounded by nature helps you be more connected to the spirit and the energy of the universe.

3. Call On Your Angels

Angels are around to help human beings and there’s not a time that you need help more than when you’re grieving, especially over the death of a child. So, when you’re in mourning, try to connect with angels to help you deal with your loss.

Close your eyes and silently ask your guardian angel for comfort and compassion as you heal. When you reach out to angels for help, you naturally become more sensitive to their presence.

Angels will soothe you with energy, which often comes to you as a gentle breeze or even what feels like a touch on your arm. Some people report seeing feathers in the oddest places or hearing the fluttering of wings when their guardian angels are around. But the most important indication of an angel’s presence is a wave of love and comfort that will wash over you once they respond to you.

In a number of cases, angels even connect you to your departed loved ones, whether its through songs or butterflies.

4. Remember Your Beautiful Child

The love you feel for your child will never go away, so find comfort in the time you were able to have with him or her. It might not have been enough, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

So, cherish the memories and honor your child as you move on. Remember the way your child first smiled at you or said his or her first words. Flip through photographs to relive all the moments you shared with your kid. Remind yourself that even this heartbreaking loss could not diminish the power of the joy your child was able to give you in his short time on Earth.

5. Reach Out To Other People

Finally, find comfort, support, and shared grief in the people around you. Chances are, you’re not the only one struggling to deal with the loss, so hold the hand of your spouse and know that you’re not alone in this painful experience.

There’s no road map to healing after the death of a child, but there is life afterwards.

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