3 Reasons Why Your Psychic CANNOT Give You A Reading


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You should have an open mind when having a psychic reading. You should allow yourself to be open to all of the possibilities your psychic may tell you, and be ready to accept his or her suggestions.

Imagine that it is your first time getting a psychic reading. You have heard about psychics before: you have seen them online and on social media, you’ve seen them on TV, or maybe heard them on the radio, or perhaps you’ve read about them in books.

So, you decide to have a reading and things take an unexpected turn when your psychic takes a deep breath, and then, with a voice filled with finality, declares that the reading cannot be done.

It feels like a real letdown because you expected to get answers to your concerns…

But why does something like this happens? What makes a psychic unable to give you a reading?

Here are the top three reasons why psychics cannot give you a reading:



If you sit down for a reading with your energy drained, you may make it difficult for your psychic to tune in to you and make the reading unsuccessful.

I know you would not want this to happen, so how can you avoid this? Make sure that you have enough rest so that your psychic can give you a reading.

Why is this important? Your energy serves as the “signal” to make communication between you and your psychic possible. Imagine a cellphone trying to call without coverage, would the call connect and be successful? Of course not. The same goes for giving a psychic reading.


Not being truthful

Let’s face it. There are skeptics. Skeptics will sometimes book a reading with a psychic, when in reality, their main goal is to “test” the abilities of the psychic, by baiting them with impossible questions and situations.

How do these “skeptics” do this? They book a reading and then ask questions that are impossible to answer. One example is asking, “will I end up getting married to John?” when in fact, they don’t have a romantic partner named John, or even a boyfriend at all. So, the psychic would not be able to “see” anyone named John because John doesn’t even exist!

Some people even “test” a psychic by asking about a person that is not even real. One may ask about the gender of their children, when in fact, they are not even pregnant. Or, they ask if they will get the promotion they have been working hard for, when in fact, they are unemployed. This will be confusing on the side of the psychic as well.

Remember, psychic abilities do not work in a way where information is conjured out of nowhere. During a reading, a psychic will only be able to tell you the things that they see, hear, and read, which are real, by using their abilities.


Being close-minded

You should always remember that a psychic will only be able to provide information that they can “see.” If you, for some reason, are deliberately closing your heart and your mind, with the intent to hide some piece of information, then this might get in the way of your psychic being able to give you an accurate reading.

Remember, that all of us have the inherent psychic ability but some people, such as a psychic, are more adept in channeling this ability than most people. Still, if you shut off your heart and mind, it is very likely that you will succeed in doing so.

Another point to consider is this, and this also applies to “skeptics” who are not being truthful with a psychic: doing either these things is a waste of both, your time and money. Imagine paying for a psychic reading, regardless of how cheap it may be, but not getting the worth of your time and money, just because you are not cooperative with the psychic.


How do you make sure your reading is successful?


Always keep in mind that a psychic reading is similar to a conversation where you and your psychic will be openly talking to each other, assuring that harmonious communication is achieved. Because if only one person talks, while the other one refuses to speak, the attempt at making a conversation will be blocked from flowing in a fruitful way.

So, open your heart and your mind since you have decided to seek help and counsel from a psychic. The openness and trust need to be there for any reading to be successful.

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