A Guide to Healing Crystals, Their Meanings, and Powers (Part II)


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Crystals have natural healing properties that directly affect the way energy flows in the human body

Healing crystals are ancient psychic tools that support people when we need their healing properties. We have already discussed the first ten in the first part of this healing crystals guide. Today, we’ll talk about the remaining crystals with healing properties.




Hematite is known to have a deep connection with the earth. In ancient Greece, it is known as the bloodstone because of its deep color red as a result of its high iron content.

For physical healing: The high levels of iron content found in Hematite make it useful in cleansing the blood, alleviating irregular menstruation, maintaining a healthy heart, and improving circulation. It is also used to eas up anxiety, stress, and the nervous system.

For metaphysical healing: This crystal is associated with the Root Chakra, and therefore possesses grounding energies that remind people of human existence.




Next in our healing crystals guide is Kyanite. It is known to guide a person’s mind to make pathways, particularly in terms of meditation and emotional development. It does not require cleansing as it does not collect negative energies. Actually, it can even be used to purify other crystals and spaces.

For physical healing: Kyanite is an essential crystal to relieve throat pains and enhance communication. It is also used to alleviate headaches, tensions, and eye pain from staying on the computer for too long.

For metaphysical healing: It is known to help in deep meditation and improve psychic abilities. It is also known to open the spirit realm, which makes it helpful for the transition of those who passed away.


Lapis Lazuli


Lapis Lazuli is a breathtaking blue crystal and is associated with luxury and royalty. It possesses celestial properties, which are known to help with good judgment and wisdom.

For physical healing: This crystal is used to alleviate problems in the vocal cords, throat, and larynx. It has a strong connection with the brain, making it useful for those who have ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder. It is also used to clear the mind and release unnecessary and negative thoughts.

For metaphysical healing: It enhances the Throat Chakra and stimulates the upper chakras to help in clearing the mind and making communications easier.




Amethyst is one of the most common healing crystals used today that lets you connect with your life’s purpose and heart’s desires.

For physical healing: Amethyst is used to enhance the nervous system, ease tensions in the neck, balance hormones, alleviate headaches, and manage insomnia. It is a good idea to put it under the pillow to promote better sleep.

For metaphysical healing: Amethyst is strongly connected with the upper chakras, which can help your earthly dreams become a reality.




Jade is another crystal that comes in various colors that can be found all over the world. It represents the nobility of ideals and ranks and is associated with the heart.

For physical healing: Jade is used to clearing out toxins and cleanse the body. It is also helpful in alleviating joint pains and improve the recovery process after an operation.

For metaphysical healing: Since it is connected to the heart, Jade can help a person express love and accept the truth.




Also known as the mirror stone, Obsidian can improve sight and the way people see circumstances and the world. It can help you look deep within your soul and identify the required healing to enhance your vibration.

For physical healing: Obsidian is used to alleviate anxiety, stress, and emotional distress that have been ignored or forgotten for a long time.

For metaphysical healing: Obsidian is known to help a person reveal their weaknesses, flaws, and even their shadow selves so they can have a better understanding of themselves.




Also known as the eye stone, Opal has a deep association with the Third Eye Chakra. It is known to inspire well-being, happiness, and appreciation.

For physical healing: Opal helps in maintaining healthy eyes and in improving vision. It is also used to enhance memory and control neurotransmitter disruptions.

For metaphysical healing: It is used to enhance vibrant energies in your soul that is not typically seen in other powerful crystals. It also stimulates psychic abilities and can act as a conduit to achieve a connection with spirit realms.


Blue Topaz


Blue topaz is associated with a person’s mind and creativity. It aids in stimulating the mind to learn fast and store information better. It also helps in opening the mind to ideas, and therefore stimulate creativity.

For physical healing: Blue Topaz is well-known for aiding in eye diseases, taste problems, and mental illness.

For metaphysical healing: Since it is connected with the mind, it can help connect with a person’s departed loved ones, spirit guides, and guardian angels.




Garnet is found all through the earth and comes in various colors. It is used for promoting health and creativity.

For physical healing: Use Garnet to help with metabolism and blood clots. It is also known to enhance sexual desires and libido.

For metaphysical healing: This healing crystal can aid in clearing taboos and inhibitions away. It helps a person to think creatively and freely.




Amazonite is known to encourage you to discover your inner truth and express it without conviction and courage. It is also known to calm your spirit and soothe your soul.

For physical healing: Amazonite aids for the betterment of a person’s well-being and is essential to the human body. It is known to relieve acne, rashes, and even control wound infections.

For metaphysical healing: This strong crystal is used to cleanse and balance chakras. It also helps in soothing emotional trauma to hinder it from manifesting into physical sickness.


These are all the healing crystals and their meanings. Hopefully, this has helped you determine which ones you need for a better sense of well-being. If you have more questions or want to address struggles that have haunted you for a long time, then schedule a psychic reading with me! I will help and guide you in choosing the right path for your life’s journey.


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