Are Ascended Masters Born Enlightened?

Ascended Masters are the perfect embodiment of what humanity should be. They embody love, compassion, and understanding of all people. They exist to serve as teachers, to guide us, inspire us, and even help us on our life’s journey.

But what makes them like this?


Who Are The Ascended Masters?


ascended masters

Ascended Masters are highly realized souls who lived in the past and have achieved high spiritual realization.


Ascended Masters are enlightened Beings who were once human but have transcended to a higher calling. They have evolved to the highest Beings in the spiritual hierarchy, even much higher than guardian angels and spirit guides.

They have mastered all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of themselves in all their lifetimes, therefore they no longer need to reincarnate. Each of them has completed many lifetimes on Earth and has undergone an array of spiritual transformations. Through their hard work and good efforts in helping humanity within their lifetimes, they have paid all their karma and have ascended to the spiritual plane.

Jesus, Buddha, Confucius, Mother Mary, Mother Teresa, and so on, are some of the most famous names of Ascended Masters you have heard of. They have helped transform the world, and are even referred to as gods. Click here to know more about who they are.

Each of these Ascended Masters has different roles and purposes but they all have one goal, which is to guide humanity on spiritual ascension, transform the planet, and rid it of all evil. They also act as Spirit Guides, leading you to your life’s true purpose. Just as how you can call on your Guardian Angels for help, you can call on them too, so don’t be afraid to connect with them. With their countless lifetimes of experience, you can ask them for wisdom and guidance.


Are Ascended Masters Born Enlightened?


Well, the answer is both yes and no.

Everyone is somewhat born enlightened, yet we grow up and get molded by life as it happens. We are influenced by a multitude of things. We get lost and confused about what our true paths really are. As we grow, we forget that we’re enlightened. We lose some of the psychic gifts we are born with. You think society helps you, but it drives you away. We forget we are enlightened, but our Ascended Masters simply remembered.

The Ascended Masters are just like us. They were normal human beings who experienced struggles and have suffered the same problems we did. They have a clear idea of what we humans are going through, that is why they can resemble and empathize with us. If they were born enlightened immediately as a baby, they wouldn’t be able to understand us. They wouldn’t be able to relate to our struggles. They wouldn’t have sufficient knowledge to teach and share their philosophy.

Nobody is born enlightened straight away as a baby since he or she still has no sense of true self to express enlightenment with. When we are born, we see the world as it is. For example, when a child sees a tree, it’s just a tree. You don’t think about how a tree is created. You don’t pay attention to its branches or leaves. Only as you grow, you develop ideas and concepts and think more about the reality of the world. The Ascended Masters have realized all of this, gained full enlightenment, have transcended to a much higher calling.


What Can We Learn From The Ascended Masters?


As they have proven, we all have the ability to evolve and ascend to the highest spiritual level. Through enlightenment, spiritual transformations, and many rebirths, it is possible to be an Ascended Master. But keep in mind that this is not easily accomplished. You need lifetimes of spiritual awakening and transformation. Though it is a strenuous process, we can all learn a thing or two from them.


Study and learn

Ascended Masters began their journey through learning and studying. Through knowledge and openness to learning, they became enlightened and spiritually transformed.

You can start your path to ascension by learning and studying. Read the teachings, lessons, and philosophies shared to us by the Ascended Masters. Read books, join classes, and seminars that will help you expand your worldview. There are many ways to expose yourself to teachings. If you feel connected to what you are learning, go deeper, and do it more regularly. Tune in to how you feel about the lessons as it could be the Ascended Masters planting that interest and knowledge within you.



Ascended Masters meditate and reconnect with the Universe for long hours every week. They searched inwardly within their own mortal thoughts and feelings, eventually rejecting them to make way for the spiritual reality. They allowed the Universe to guide them and mold them into what they are today. They know that the human self is temporary and they submitted to a higher calling.

Meditation helps you dig deeper, look at your inner subconscious, and figure out who you are as a spiritual being. It opens up the ears of your soul, allowing you to hear the heavenly voices from above. Meditate daily and you will experience major changes. It is the first and crucial step before you can love and serve other people.


Love others

Ascended Masters have a great love for humanity and leading them to the right. They express their love for others through service and will put everything down to help. They are the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion towards all people. They uplift and encourage one another, welcoming everyone with open arms and no judgment. Anyone can come to them for support and wisdom.

Start with loving others more than yourself and support them in any way you can. Start treating others as you would like to be treated. Join organizations and offer a helping hand to those in need. Teach them as well that they may be led to a spiritual journey. You can be a channel of enlightenment for other people, and you can lead them to the ways of the Ascended Masters.

Ascended Masters love students and anyone who is willing to learn. Open yourself up for spiritual teachings and be willing to surrender yourself to a higher calling. As you get closer to being enlightened, you start to lose yourself and spend no time focusing on mortality. Follow the footsteps the Ascended Masters have laid out for you and you will move up the ladder.

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