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Do you have the gifts of a spiritual healer? One of the signs that you could be a spiritual healer is that you enjoy being alone because the energy of others drains you quickly.

A spiritual healer is someone who is naturally gifted to help people with their spiritual evolution.

These individuals can aid you as you work towards getting rid of your negative patterns, mending your emotional scars, and achieving your highest potential.

Whether it’s through lending a patient ear, opening up a new perspective, or helping you let go of bad energy, these people spread love, light, and hope, to everyone they meet.

Many spiritual healers are aware from a young age that they are meant to assist people in their spiritual journeys. However, there are also those who have not been exposed to the spiritual world much in their life. Despite growing up with no idea of your capabilities, it’s possible that you were born to help souls heal, grow, and evolve.

Find out if you are a spiritual healer with 13 of the most telling signs of being one below.


You Are Extremely Empathetic


This is a trait that all spiritual healers share: empathy. If you are a spiritual healer, you’ll find that you understand and feel the emotions of other people on a deep level.

When you are in the presence of family members who are in pain, you’ll feel their pain keenly; when your friends cry, you’ll feel like crying, too.

Basically, you absorb the energy of others.

While being ultra-sensitive to the emotions of other people is a valuable gift, you’ll occasionally feel as if it is a burden, since there are times when you will feel the weight of so much pain, suffering, and other emotions, that others are experiencing.


You Are Drawn To Help Others


Healers don’t just feel what others are feeling, but they have a strong urge to help them, as well.

Do you feel a very strong calling to help the suffering in some way? Then you might be a spiritual healer. Many of these blessed individuals end up serving the unfortunate in one way or another, whether it’s through activism, volunteer work, medical practice, or therapy.

Ultimately, you’re a natural giver and you’ll gladly sacrifice your time, money, and efforts, to put other people at ease or make them happy.


You Are Highly Intuitive


Intuition and empathy often go hand in hand, but they’re not quite the same thing. Of course, to help other souls attain their spiritual goals, you have to be very in touch with your spiritual self and the Divine.

A strong intuition can manifest in your life as a very reliable inner voice that tells you right from wrong and good decisions from bad decisions. Your intuition can also develop into actual psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance, dream telepathy, and the like.


You Go Through Depression And Anxiety


Since you feel so much of what others are feeling and you are deeply connected with the suffering of the world, you’ll find that there are moments that you sink into depression.

It’s important to learn to release the negativity you absorb, as well as to deal with the constant barrage of energy in the environment that you’re highly sensitive to.


You Enjoy Being Alone


While you love people, you are definitely an introvert and you need to have time alone without anyone else around. This is important, so you can clear your mind, rejuvenate your spirit, recharge your energy, and continue to help other people.

The energy of others can drain a healer quickly, so if you are one, you will tend to make it a priority to spend a lot of your time by yourself.

In particular, huge crowds and gatherings always leave you feeling exhausted.


You Are Everyone’s Favorite Confidante


Since you understand their suffering and remain constantly eager to help, family, friends, and even colleagues find it easy to confide in you.

Although they might not be familiar with the concept of a spiritual healer, people can sense your healing nature and they’ll often reach out to you with their problems.

As a healer, you offer comfort, peace, and excellent advice, to anyone who needs it, even strangers.


You Come From A ‘Healer’ Family


Healing abilities are often passed down through generations, so if you think you are a spiritual healer, take a look at your family tree and see if your relatives share similar traits.

Are your family members just as empathetic as you are? Do they practice medicine? Perhaps they are leaders who are trying to make their communities better with their activism?

While their healing qualities may not be as strong as yours, it’s possible that healers are already part of your family history.


You Have A Calming Presence


Spiritual healers have a very serene and caring aura, which others can feel from you, even if they might not know exactly what they are sensing. If others have constantly told you that you make them feel calmer and at peace, then you might have been born to cultivate more of these feelings in mankind.


You Love Nature


One of the things that make you incredibly happy is being outdoors. Partly because you don’t feel the chaos of other people’s emotions in the solace of nature, but healers are also connected to the natural world since the Divine spirit is strong here.

Whether you prefer the countryside, mountainside, or seaside, you will often escape to experience fresh air and sunlight because the outdoors is where you feel most at home. Outside, your vibrational frequency will soar and you feel completely at peace.


You Have Experienced Tragedy Or Trauma


Many people shy away from struggle, but you don’t because you have experienced tragedy or trauma in the past, so you understand others’ pain. Because you’ve been through hardships, you are able to help other people deal with the same experiences.

Different spiritual healers go through different things, but suffering is usually a part of their life, whether its abuse, violence, loss or even a near-death experience. It’s these tragedies that molded you into the empathetic healer that you are today.


You Attract Children And Animals


The purity of your energy as a healer means that the innocent are drawn to you like moths to a flame. While you love everyone, you are especially close to young children and animals, who are instantly at ease around you and stick close to you upon your first meeting.


You Suffer From A Number Of Ailments


There are a number of ailments that spiritual healers commonly get, such as chronic pain, autoimmune diseases, and chronic fatigue. Many also experience constant headaches and indigestion, as well as tingly sensations in their hands and feet.


You Feel Like You Don’t Fit In


Finally, if you are a spiritual healer and you are not following your life’s calling, you’ll tend to feel lost, unfulfilled, and like you don’t quite belong.

It’s true that you are special and you aren’t like everyone else, but you definitely do fit in because you play an essential role in the spiritual evolution of humankind.

Embrace who you are and begin following what your intuition is telling you, which is to help people with whatever medium you are blessed with.

Whether it’s through art, writing, medicine, or other areas of study, you will achieve fulfillment and happiness, once you are aligned with your soul’s desire to heal the world.

If you feel lost in life, or have questions about your life’s purpose, or what you were born to do, you can schedule a Psychic Consultation with me by clicking here, or calling my office at 614-444-6334.


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