Are You A Star Seed: Do You Come From The Stars? star seed

Star seeds are advanced beings who originate from far-distant stars and galaxies and are highly evolved souls that found a new home here on earth.

Carl Sagan once said that we are made of “star stuff,” but there are individuals walking among us who actually originated from the distant cosmos.

These people, known as Star Seeds, are highly evolved beings who come from far-flung stars, planets, and galaxies, to help humankind achieve spiritual enlightenment. Star Seeds bring the wisdom from their homes to Earth, setting up a new home here with the purpose of guiding human beings into Ascension.

While they are naturally drawn to service to other people, Star Seeds do not remember where they come from and what they are. Their memories can be triggered by events, people, or words, and each experience of awakening is different.

It’s difficult to spot Star Seeds, because they look just like regular people! However, while their conscious minds are not aware of their true nature, these celestial beings know deep inside that they are not of this Earth. In fact, they often don’t totally understand and relate to regular human behavior.

Do you think that you are a Star Seed who’s here to support humans on their spiritual journey?

Find out if you’re a star seed by reading these different signs below:


You Feel Isolated On Earth


It’s not that Star Seeds don’t like humans or do not feel a connection with them. It’s just that they know they are different and there are aspects of humankind that these cosmic race does not understand.

So, if you’re a Star Seed, you’ll always feel a nagging sense of alienation from other people, even when you’re surrounded by family and friends, which could result in social anxiety and an aversion to crowds. You’ll even find that you don’t agree with some of the societal norms or rules.


You Are Homesick Anywhere You Go


Another common emotion among Star Seeds is homesickness, which can come in sudden waves, even when you are inside your childhood home. Somehow, you inherently know that you are not in your true home.

If you’re a Star Seed, you’ll often be subject to bouts of homesickness you can’t explain. Some learn to live with their feeling homesick, as they create a home on Earth with people they love, while others spend a huge chunk of their lives trying to find the feeling of being home, all across the world.

Whatever path you choose to take, if you discover your nature as a Star Seed, the knowledge of your true home, being somewhere out there in space and your purpose here on Earth, can be a soothing balm to your homesickness.


You Are Drawn To The Study Of Astronomy Or Astrology


Deep inside, you are aware of your roots in the distant stars of the universe, so you are naturally drawn to astronomy or astrology, as a way to feel closer to your original home.

You may find that looking through a telescope comforts you and you can spend hours under the night sky just basking in the beauty of the twinkling stars. Even reading science fiction is one of your favorite activities!


You Often Dream Of Space And Aliens


While your conscious mind may have forgotten all about your roots, your subconscious remembers and your memories will often pop up while you are sleeping.

If you are a Star Seed, you will seem to escape into an entirely different universe in your dreams. You may dream of flying through the stars, of strange and beautiful worlds beyond Earth, and even of aliens whisking you off on their ship.


You Are Gifted In Healing And Psychic Practices


Since Star Seeds are highly evolved, you’ll find that you are extremely connected to your Higher Self if you are one. This means that you may find it easier than other people to tap into your psychic abilities and open your Third Eye.

Intuitive, inclined to help others, and very intelligent, you may even end up entering a career centered on healing, whether it’s in the medical field, therapy, or alternative medicine.


Since A Young Age, You’ve Been Known For Being Wise


Wisdom usually comes from age and experience, but you will have a deep-rooted sense of understanding and intelligence. This comes from your nature as a Star Seed, which means that you have access to the infinite wisdom within you.

Since you were a child, people will have regularly described you as an “old soul”, and now that you are an adult, family and friends may flock to you constantly for advice and wisdom.

Humans have infinite wisdom inside as well, but many are not connected to their spirit enough to tap into all the knowledge of the universal consciousness.


You Have A Strong Sense Of Empathy


Family and friends won’t just be drawn to you for your helpful advice and knowledge about the world, but also because you are highly empathetic. It will be natural for you to cry when your family members are in tears and be in pain when your friends are going through something terrible.

Your strong empathy will also be a reason why you tend to avoid crowds. When you’re around a lot of people and do not set energetic boundaries, you’ll absorb too much of other people’s energy and you feel overwhelmed in the process.

Star Seeds who are not aware that they are empaths may even feel as if other people’s emotions are their own, which can be confusing and may lead to anxiety and depression.


You Are Very Interested In Spirituality


Star Seeds are already spiritually enlightened, so when you came to Earth, you were already deeply connected to your spiritual self. While you may not personally remember it, your soul is aware of this connection, and you will be instinctively drawn towards spiritual subjects and furthering your spiritual growth.

Once you pursue spiritual growth and enlightenment, you will able to achieve it much faster than other people do.


You Feel Excited Learning About Star Seeds


When other people hear about Star Seeds their initial reaction is disbelief, doubt, or they have many questions about the existence of these amazing beings. For you, however, it seems natural.

Having one or two of these signs may not mean that you are a Star Seed, but if you’ve checked all of them, you might be one of humankind’s glorious allies from the stars.

If you suspect you might be a Star Seed, help is available in figuring this out.

You might want to consider having a Star Seed Discovery And Activation Session, where you will get psychic confirmation whether you are a Star Seed or not, and also discover how you can fully access all the special abilities a Star Seed possesses!

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