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Astral projection is a fascinating skill to learn and it will allow you to travel and explore the different dimensions and realms.

Astral projection is when your soul leaves your physical body to travel to the astral realms.

Those who practice astral projection sometimes describe seeing their physical body from above during the process. In the Astral Realms, you can travel anywhere and encounter many different beings.

In an astral projection, you are not dreaming – you are actually in a different realm.

Astral projection has many benefits including a boost in psychic abilities, more restful sleep, enhanced intelligence and imagination, increased confidence, and a greater sense of connection to the spiritual world and the Universe.

However, while astral projection is a significant step in your spiritual journey, some people are scared of going into another realm for fear of unknown dangers.

One of the common fears of people who don’t know much about astral projection is getting lost. These people think that when they travel to different planes, they will lose track of where they came from and find themselves without a physical body to come back to.

But here’s the thing, you will not actually get lost in the astral plane.


Even When Astral Projecting, You’re Still Connected To Your Body


When you experience astral projection, there is what’s known as a “silver cord” linking your consciousness to your body. It’s a strong, resilient lifeline that’s part of your energy field so that even when you wander far, you can easily pull yourself back to the material plane any time you want.

When people die, this cord gets permanently severed and the soul is freed from the physical body forever.


Make Sure You Prepare Well For Astral Projection


Since you’re visiting different astral planes it’s important to prepare your consciousness for the trip.

One essential step that you can take before traveling to the astral planes is to keep your vibrations high. If you’re scared or doubtful, you likely won’t even be able to astral travel, so it’s crucial to be positive about the experience you’re about to embark on.

Positive affirmations, visualization, and meditations are common practices to raise vibrations and keep you focused while astral traveling.

Set your intention before you leave your body. Ideally, you should know where you want to go and what you want to do in the astral realm before making the trip there. Remember, you can travel anywhere you want in this new and wonderful realm.

Some of the practices that allow you to become more grounded before astral traveling include visualization, exercise, and even walking barefoot on the ground.


Protect Yourself In The Astral Plane


Of course, since there are plenty of beings roaming around the astral plane, it is important that you protect yourself. One of the few risks of visiting a different dimension is having a lower spirit attach itself to you when you come back to the material plane.

One way to ensure a safe journey is to ask your spirit guides for protection. After all, your spiritual companions move between the planes, beyond the material plane that we are on, and they are aware of the things that you will encounter in your journey. Your guides are also dedicated to keeping you safe and happy.

Before your astral projection, simply ask for protection and guidance from your spirit guides through prayer and meditation.

At some point in your astral projection, your guides could even show up to offer you guidance on their plane. Make sure that they are your real guides and you will know they are your real guides because you will sense it in your gut, and your feelings towards them will be positive and trusting.

As a protection ritual before astral projection, imagine yourself surrounded by a white or golden light, which is the Divine’s protection for you and prevents any unwanted entities from reaching through this bubble.

Remember, as with anything new you want to embark on, always protect yourself with white light when engaging in astral projection. Once you master the practice, astral projection is an extremely rewarding experience that will yield endless rewards for your spirit.

Happy travels!

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