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The most powerful antidote to demons is keeping a happy and positive mindset.

While people easily accept the existence of good spirits such as angels, they’re less inclined to believe in the bad spirits, such as demons. Many brushes off the existence of negative entities as a product of fantasy and folklore, even saying that it’s just a way to scare people into submission.

However, there are countless of accounts of regular people who have spoken up about their encounters with malevolent spirits. These experiences range from nighttime encounters with a succubus or incubus to demonic possessions that are extremely traumatic, to both the victim and his or her family.

Despite these occurrences, many still refuse to believe in the presence of evil spirits. Many of these events have been described as products of mental health problems or fantasy, but are they really? Or is there something else that’s lurking just outside of what you can see or hear?


So, Are Demons Real?


The answer is yes, demons do exist and they feed off negative energy, such as fear, anger, anxiety, and depression, among others.

Remember, in the Law of Attraction, “like attracts like,” so whatever darkness you’re harboring within you will attract things, experiences, and even entities, that bring more of these dark feelings in you.

Just as there are blessed spirits, such as angels to guide you to a life of happiness, fulfillment, and love, there are also more dangerous entities like demons to lead you astray and delight in promoting misery in the lives of humans.

There are good spirits and bad spirits, a balance that exists in all things in the universe. All you can do is learn to protect yourself from the bad.


What To Do When Dealing With Demons


First, it’s important to acknowledge the existence of negative entities. Most people prefer to turn a blind eye from the darkness that exists in the world, but ignoring the presence of demons will not make them disappear or leave you alone.

Without accepting that there are spirits in the world beyond what your eyes can see, you cannot take precautions and protect yourself from more malevolent beings.

One of the things you can do to prevent demons from lingering around you is to keep all your living spaces bright and clean. Demons are naturally attracted to dark, dirty, and depressing places, so if you create a bright, clean, and joyful home, they’re unlikely to haunt you for long.

Make sure that your home is a place of joy and relaxation, with plenty of light, air, and clean space. It’s important that your space is free of clutter and grub where dark energy can linger and attract negative entities.

Every once in a while, pick up some flowers at the supermarket to add more color and vibrancy in your room.

By making your living space a pleasant place to be, you’ll always feel unburdened and relaxed and you’ll be keeping dark spirits at bay.

Crystals are also powerful amulets in preventing demons from following you around and wreaking havoc in your life. There are a number of different gemstones that offer protection from darkness and demonic entities, but black tourmaline is one of the most well-known gems to ward off evil beings.

Fortunately, these crystals are now readily available online, or in your local crystal shops. Whether you wear it around your neck or keep a bowl of tumble stones at home, gemstones can definitely help in keeping your life and home demon-free.

Generally, harboring dark and negative feelings will attract negative entities to you, so it’s important that you are always full of positivity. An important step in promoting positivity in your life is cleansing your aura so that the demons will stay away from you.

Keeping a clean aura is quite simple, especially if you’re faithful in maintaining a peaceful and mindful existence. Meditation is an extremely significant part of this since the practice allows you to let go of your inner demons easily, in order to keep yourself from attracting actual demons in reality.

Yoga is also a good practice in maintaining a clean aura, as well as getting at least 15 minutes of sunlight every day.


What NOT To Do When Dealing With Demons


Do not allow possession. Many people are not aware that for possession to actually occur, the victim has to give permission for the possession to happen!

The permission could be obtained through trickery or manipulation, but it has to be given nonetheless, so be aware that you should never ever give your permission to be possessed.

Do not panic when you sense the presence of something evil in your home or following you around. Keep a clear mind and reach out to a trusted expert in dark spirits and demons, instead of letting yourself be consumed by fear, which will draw even more fearful spirits to you as a result.

Do not dwell on the demons’ presence either. While it’s important not to ignore the spirits or pretend they don’t exist, it’s just as important to keep yourself from focusing too much on their presence in your life.

When you give them too much of your attention, you keep yourself in a mindset of fear, anxiety, and desperation to let them go. These are negative feelings that will only make their grip on you tighter and more suffocating.

Instead, acknowledge their presence and combat these evil spirits by cultivating feelings of light, love, and prayer.

The bottom line is that most powerful antidote to demons is ultimately maintaining a happy and positive mindset.

Just like when working with the Law of Attraction, when you feel good and you surround yourself with things that make you feel good, you will only attract things that will keep you feeling the same way.

Keep yourself free of darkness and negativity, and the demons will inevitably stay away.

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  1. Tanya Callen says:

    yes, they are real! My son used to have these dark energies around and he called them the 5 brothers. He would wake up with scratches down his chest, ones that cannot be self inflicted. He would wake up on the outside lawn not knowing how he got there. It took forever (it seemed) to rid him and the house of the dark energies. I had a friends son that refused to come to the house, he would throw violent temper-tantrums. I have many stories….just acknowledging the dark energy is real.

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