7 Ways To Know If There Are Fairies In Your Home

fairies in your home

There’s a common, if mistaken, belief that fairies and other nature spirits only live in densely wooded areas, or in places with easy access to waterways.

Do you have fairies in your home?

Do you like fairies? If you do, but have never seen one, you probably think it’s because fairies and other nature spirits only live in densely wooded areas, or in places with easy access to waterways.

Actually, you can find fairies almost everywhere, because they are not tied down to a specific place. Fairies go where they feel most comfortable, welcome, and useful. One of those places could be your house. So, to be sure, here are 7 ways to know if there are fairies in your home.


fairies in your home

Signs of Fairy Presence in Your Home


Nature spirits can be classified into wood or earth spirits, air spirits, fire spirits, and water spirits.

Each category of fairy has a favorite place to stay in or visit. However, a nature spirit such as a fairy may decide to visit you at home.

If they feel like they are welcome, then they will spend time in your home.

signs fairies are near you

One of the clearest signs of fairy presence near your home is when wild birds come and perch nearby, sing their songs briefly, and then fly away.

Fairies will make themselves felt in numerous ways, so here are 7 common signs you should look for, to know if fairies are in your home:

  1. Even if you didn’t plant anything outside, you will notice plants growing close to your home. If you live in a highly urbanized area with no space for planting, fairies will make their presence known by blowing some dandelion seeds your way.
  2. Small and shiny objects suddenly vanish, such as coins and pieces of jewelry. Fortunately, those objects can be quickly found.
  3. If you have pets, they may suddenly exhibit happy, energetic behaviors, such as dancing, running, or jumping around. During such times, fairies may be playing with them.
  4. You may notice your pets looking sideways, following “invisible movements” around them.
  5. At night, or even during sunset, you may hear small, strange taps, the source of which you are unable to find.
  6. You will see wild birds come and perch near your home, singing their songs briefly, and then flying away. They will do this while the fairies are in your home.
  7. You will notice that small articles of clothing and accessories suddenly go missing, or turn up in unexpected places inside the house.

How to Find Fairies in Your Home


It won’t be easy to find these fairies hiding inside your home. They are sensitive magical beings that are easily disturbed by loud noises, human activities, and the clutter of objects.

However, if you are friendly to them, if you treat them well, and if you’re patient, they can manifest their presence.

As we mentioned earlier, you have to open your Third Eye to see them. Here’s how it is done:

  • Place your index and middle fingers on the center of your forehead and tap it gently.
  • Move your fingers in a circular counter-clockwise motion on that spot for a few minutes every day. You may have to do this several times daily before you open your Third Eye.
  • Then, go to your garden and look at the plants and flowers where fairies usually stay. Once you see them, it means your Third Eye has opened.

Once you begin seeing these fairies, you can interact and even play with them! Most fairies are happy, friendly, and playful magical beings. As such, they love to be in the company of happy people and live in quiet and peaceful places.

You will know that you’re in the company of fairies when you feel a tingling sensation. Once you feel this, say “hello” to them and offer them your friendship. They usually manifest as little balls of light with a slim, human-like form. Think of Tinker Bell in the Peter Pan story. That’s exactly how a fairy looks like!

You may stretch out your arm towards them. Don’t be surprised if some of these fairies come hovering over your body. You will feel a ticklish sensation when they do. That’s a clear sign that you have been touched by fairies.fairy photo


Are Real Fairies And Pixies Living Under Your Bed?

Be Careful When Cleaning Under Your Bed!

Fairies feel safest living under a bed. When fairies feel safe, they can change their energy vibrations to match the frequency of the human world, thereby becoming visible to humans.

When this happens, they make sounds that you can hear, create footprints that you can observe, and you can even touch them, too. But realize that when they are in this visible form, they are the most vulnerable to getting hurt by humans.

So something as simple as careless cleaning under your bed can harm the fairies that live there!
People are not as careful cleaning under beds as they are when cleaning shelves, or mantles. So something as simple as careless cleaning under your bed can harm the fairies that live there!

And even if the fairies manage to avoid getting hurt, they can certainly get offended by a person’s lack of care or concern for their wellbeing.


The Most Fairy Friendly Way To Clean Under Your Bed

When cleaning under your bed, I advise using a broom instead of a vacuum cleaner. For one, a vacuum cleaner is very noisy, and fairies do not particularly like noise. And two, vacuum cleaners can suck up a fairy if the fairies energy vibration is “switched” to the human frequency.

Before cleaning under your bed, it is best to give out a gentle warning to let the fairies know what you’re about to do. Whisper a greeting to them, and tell them that you will be sweeping, and ask them to please excuse the interruption.

Then raise the sides of the sheets, and sweep under the bed with slow gentle motions until you are satisfied, then thank them when you’re done.

When using a broom, you need to be gentle – don’t just shove the broom under the bed, but gently sweep under it. This will allow the fairies ample time to get out of the brooms way!

Keeping the area under your bed clean is a great way to attract and invite real fairies to live in your home, but just remember to always make sure not injure or harm them. They will appreciate the concern, and they will continue to dwell in your home if you treat them with love and respect!

fairy in your garden

Signs of Fairy Presence in Natural Surroundings

As mentioned above, fairies don’t necessarily have to live in nature. In some instances, fairies may decide to make their way to urban and to well-developed rural areas, for reasons that vary from fairy to fairy.

In the wild, fairy presence can easily be determined through the following signs:

  • There is a certain calm or sweet feel to the environment;
  • The breeze blows gently;
  • When in the forest, the rays of the sun passing through the leaves and branches of each tree
    casts an unusual magical play of light and shadow;
  • When fairies are near, you will feel childlike, happy, and carefree;
  • There are strong, wafting smells, the kind that come from sweet-smelling flower
    arrangements or bouquets;
  • If you are with other people while in natural surroundings, such as a forest, the foot of a hill or mountain, or waterfalls, lakes, or ponds, you will feel a close affinity with all that surrounds you, appreciating even the smallest ferns or pebbles;
  • If you are highly sensitive, or if you have psychic gifts, you may even hear tones, or a music beat, that is appealing and easy on the ear.

There are other ways to sense if fairies are your companions while outdoors. However, the ones mentioned are the most common signs that are easily recognizable.

What about indoors? Are the signs of fairy presence in natural surroundings the same as that for manmade structures such as your home?


fairies and flowers

Fragrant plants are very attractive to fairies.

The Art of Attracting Fairies to Your Home


If you have experienced any of the 7 signs of fairies in your home, you might not have wanted the fairies to leave, because a fairy can bring so much joy and contentment into your life, and once you experience this, you don’t want to lose contact with them.

On the other hand, if your home has never been visited by fairies, you can use the following methods for attracting fairies to your home:


  • Place small indoor plants in your home. These plants don’t have to be expensive. What’s important is for the plants to be alive and fresh, not dried. 1 to 2 small potted plants will do. If the plants have fragrant blooms or fragrant leaves (such as lavender), even better. But is not necessary to have fragrant plants, they just smell nice, and fairies like them.
  • Open the windows to let fresh air and some sunshine inside your house.
  • Use curtains made of light materials, so that they won’t completely block the sunlight.
  • Minimize your use of appliances that emit strong energy waves, such as the microwave.
  • Avoid frowning as much as you are able. Remember, fairies like it when you make them feel welcome.



Would you like to invite fairies to your home? You can make it into a place that fairies would want to live in by decorating your yard with plants and objects like small ponds and rocks.

The first thing that probably comes to your mind when you hear the word fairy is Tinkerbell. After all, we all grew up knowing Tinkerbell as a cute, adorable fairy who loves attention.

However, contrary to popular belief, most fairies do not want that much attention in real life. They live among us though, and fairies are found almost everywhere, since they are not limited to staying in forests or rivers.

Fairies actually go to places where they feel welcomed and comfortable! But before taking a look at how to invite fairies into your home, it is essential for you to know more about them.


Common Types Of Fairies

different types of fairies

The most common types of fairies are pixies, which are small winged fairies that look like humans.

Pixies are attracted to small children, fun, and gardens with flowers. They are also known to sip nectar from flowers and take household items from humans as a prank, only to return these items after they had fun.

Pixies are very social, too, and that’s why pixies are more active roaming around compared to any other type of fairies.

The second type of fairies called gnomes, which can usually grow up to one foot tall and usually wear red pointed hats and green or blue jackets.

Gnomes are attracted to rocks, as they like to play or hide between them. They are also known to protect and heal wildlife and can be generally found in forests, dark places, and even gardens. Gnomes can move easily through the earth, which earned them the name Earth Elementals.

Trooping fairies are the next common type of fairies, which look like pixies but without wings.

Trooping fairies earned their name because they travel together in troops and long processions. They usually wear green jackets, love to go riding and hunting, live in trees, and can be friendly, depending on how humans treat them.

Another common type of fairy are the water sprites, which are the elemental guardians of water who look after rivers and other bodies of water, and all the animals that live in it. They are usually harmless unless they are threatened.

Water sprites, as their name implies, are attracted to water, and are generally playful. You can feel the water sprites’ excitement and energy, especially near places with abundant water.

The next type of fairy is the Brownie, which is smaller than pixies and trooping fairies, wear brown clothes, and have brown skin.

Brownies do not have wings, but they can get to high places by climbing onto the shoulders of each other. They are intelligent, nocturnal fairies who can reside at a human’s house and often do chores for a family they think deserves help.

The last popular type of fairies are the leprechauns, which are usually dressed in green or red clothing.

Leprechauns are generally shoemakers, like to live in solitary, and can grant three wishes when caught by a human.

fairies in your home


Inviting Fairies Into Your Home


There are many ways through which you can invite fairies into your home, such as creating a fairy sanctuary, leaving gifts and offerings, and using fairy chants or songs.

Creating a fairy sanctuary helps because it lets the fairies know that they are being welcomed into your house. You can choose to create a fairy sanctuary, indoors or outdoors.

If you choose to create a fairy sanctuary indoors, you can buy already-made fairy houses or build your own. It will be great if you paint the fairy house with bright, warm colors, as fairies like colorful things. Also, putting some additional decorations on the fairy house will also attract them to their new dwelling.

You can also put indoor plants around your fairy sanctuary, but please make sure that these plants are fresh and alive. It would also be better if the plants are fragrant, since fairies like plants that smell nice.

If you choose to create your fairy sanctuary outdoors, it is important for you to know that fairies like shaded places, or plants that provide shade. You can then choose a design that is spacious enough for the fairies to rest, and cozy enough for them to keep coming back.

You can also consider putting houses, small ponds, and even rocks, in your fairy garden. The possibilities are endless, but please make sure that your fairy sanctuary embodies peace and harmony.

Another way for you to attract fairies into your home is by leaving gifts and offerings, which are signs that you are giving fairies something of yourself.

That is why it is best to leave gifts and offerings that you made yourself. Traditional offerings and gifts include food, such as cake or bread, or drinks, such as wine and beer.

Fairies also appreciate art offerings, such as small paintings, small sculptures made of twigs, and glittery pine cones.

The last way for you to invite fairies into your home is through the use of fairy chants or songs.5

You can sing a song, especially for the fairies, using melodic instruments, such as a harp or a flute. Fairies love music, especially when the music is performed wholeheartedly and live. But a word of caution, any electronic or heavy rock music is a no-no because fairies do not like loud, electronic music.

You can also consider making a fairy chant of your own to invite fairies into your home. A good example of a fairy chant is this:

“Good fairies heed my call

Come to my home, come all

Sing, dance, and play

For you are welcome to my home today”

After doing the things mentioned above, please don’t expect to see fairies flocking to your home right away. It takes time for fairies to trust humans, and it is their nature not to make hasty decisions. But if you make fairies feel more welcome and cozy in your home, they will eventually become your friends.

To learn more about your fairy friends, consider scheduling a special Fairy Connection session by visiting this page and filling out the form for someone to contact you with more information.


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What to Do When You See Fairies in Your Home


Nature spirits such as fairies are sometimes shy, or wary of being around people.

If you have become acquainted with a fairy only recently, do your best to stay calm when you first see fairies in your home.

Your tendency to talk about the fairy presence may be huge. However, no matter how big your interest is to take photos and post them everywhere you can, my advice to you is not to do this immediately.

First, you need to establish rapport with the fairy. Be gentle. Let some minutes pass, then start a conversation with him or her. Get to know them, and find out the reason they came to visit your home.

If they refuse to talk about why they left their original home, don’t force the issue. Ask instead if they plan to stay for a long time, or if they are just temporarily visiting.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear your fairies answering right away, or even see them flying away to hide behind shelves. It is simply in the nature of fairies never to make hasty decisions. They just need to learn to trust you.

But with patience and persistence, you will find your new friends to be very welcome guests!


I hope you liked this article on the 7 ways to know if there are fairies in your home. If you’re interested in learning more about fairies, and how to communicate with them, make an appointment for your psychic reading and I’ll teach you how to achieve your goal.

Tell me what you think, write in the Comments below!


tanahoy.com fairy

Fairies are mystical little creatures who inhabit trees and nature. They have been an important part of the Earth since time began.

Since the Earth has come into existence, fairies have been around as magical beings who are closely intertwined with the different elements of nature.

These enchanting creatures exist in a different realm or dimension from humans, so they are invisible to the naked eye. Still, despite their powers of invisibility, fairies flit in and out of the human realm and sometimes even reach out to men or women in strange and playful ways.

In modern times, conversations about fairies have ceased to exist with their existence being portrayed in children’s books and fantasy films.

Thus, humans now know very little about these fascinating and playful beings who have been around since the dawn of time. In fact, many people these days dismiss the existence of fairies and reject such beliefs as eccentric or childish.

Of course, fairies are neither eccentric nor childish. These are complex creatures who have been an important part of the Earth since time began.


The Different Types of Fairies In The World


Just like there are good and bad humans, as well as good and bad spirits, there are good and bad fairies that populate the fairy world.

All fairies are quite playful, but the good-natured ones usually leave humans alone and simply concentrate on cultivating the Earth and its different elements. Other trouble-making fairies can be quite dangerous, “playing” with human lives, such as leading them off a cliff.

Generally, the good fairies are known as “Seelie,” which roughly translates to “silly,” while the bad ones are called “Unseelie.” However, there are countless other fairy classifications. For humans, it’s much easier to categorize them according to the different elements that they’re associated with.

There are four classifications of elemental fairies: earth fairies, such as dwarves and gnomes; water fairies, such as undines and merrows; air fairies, such as pixies and sprites; and fire fairies, such as salamanders and drakes.

Even with these classifications, the world of fairies remains mysterious and elusive to most humans.

“Fairy” comes from the Old French word `faerie’, which means `land’ or `realm”.

Fairies are spirits who inhabit trees, nature, and even everyday objects. Some people have even seen fairy images appear in human form, because fairies used to be humans, who wished to be fairies. Some fairies could even be spirits of deceased humans who chose to live within nature.

What Are The Different Types Of Fairies?

different types of fairies

There are many different types of fairies. Fairies number in the hundreds, and even thousands, and every country has their own types of fairies. Below are a few of my favorite ones.

The Fire Fairy

Fire fairies are responsible for the world’s fire and heat. They help cook food and warm your home. However, they may also be the cause of any burns you get.

The Moon Fairy

Moon fairies are responsible for the darkness during the night. However, they may also be the cause of tornadoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes, because moon fairies want to make the moon appear during the day.

The Sun Fairy

Meanwhile, Sun Fairies want to make the day longer, they are more popular and present during the summer. Sun Fairies may also be responsible for your sunburn.

The Ice Fairy

Ice fairies only come out during the winter. They are mostly responsible for freezing lakes, trees, and rivers. Ice Fairies may be the ones responsible for the heavy snow on your front porch.

The Fruit Fairy

Fruit fairies are the reason why crops grow, and why trees bear fruits. They may even be the reason why apples turn red.

Fruit fairies are also called nature fairies, and garden fairies, because they are kind to animals. They also place the colors on trees, flowers, fruits, and all of nature’s creations.

Fairies May Be In Your Refrigerator Right Now!

While fairies are known to live in forests and amidst nature, it is highly likely that fairies may be in your home right now.

Fruit fairies don’t just live in forests, but they could also be inside your refrigerator, especially if your fridge is filled with organic fruits and vegetables.

How The Fruit Fairy Can Help You Lose Weight

Since fruit fairies reside in nature, you might happen to bring a fairy home if you picked a fresh basket of apples from a tree, or purchased any organic vegetables in your neighborhood grocery.

If you open the door of your fridge, and discover that slice of decadent chocolate cake you bought has disappeared, the Fruit Fairy may be responsible. The Fruit Fairy might also be responsible for making that can of Coke spill, or that tub of ice cream to suddenly expire.

Relax, the Fruit Fairy is just trying to stop you from eating junk food, and get you to start eating healthy.Welcome the fruit fairy in, as they may even give you helpful tips and strategies for losing weight.

Don’t Lose Heart

Don’t lose heart, because the Fruit Fairy has your best interest in mind. The Fruit Fairy is helping you lessen your sugar intake, and control your carbs, and they will also help you lose a few pounds, and bring back the natural slim beauty in you.


Finding Fairies


Due to their intimate relationship with nature as the Earth’s ancient guardians and wards, fairies usually frequent places that are close to nature, such as lush forests, rivers, mountains, or even a particularly flourishing garden in the suburbs. It’s in these places, there’s a higher chance of seeing or sensing fairies.

After all, it’s not uncommon for fairies to reach out to humans. Some even go as far as take human lovers, which is why there are a number of men and women with fairy blood in the world.

However, fairies live on a different plane of existence, so it can be challenging to see them with your own two eyes, especially when they don’t want to be seen. Instead, you can learn to sense when there are fairies around by simply recognizing the various signs of their presence.

tanahoy.com fairies

Fairies are magical creatures who are playful, and would love to live in happy and peaceful places.

Have you experienced the sudden vanishing of your necklace, your earrings, or your car keys, which you remembered having placed on a table? Only to find them later somewhere else in your house?

Have you seen your pet cat or dog behaving strangely, as if playing with an invisible entity? Do you hear strange noises at night or light footsteps in your house?

Chances are, your house is not being haunted by ghosts! And neither is it just your imagination. Those invisible winged magical beings that are moving around in your house are probability fairies!

Fairies are as real as you and me. And they’re not always invisible. Many of them are very small while some are bigger creatures with glowing skin. They can be seen – if you have your Third Eye open!

Here are a few other signs of the presence of fairies in your home:

  • You see glowing orbs of light flickering around your room or in your garden
  • Portions of food, especially sweets, that you placed on the dining table, suddenly vanish.
  • Small strange plants begin growing in your lawn, particularly near your fence.
  • The cartons of milk you placed inside the refrigerator appear to have been opened and consumed.



Beware of Unfriendly Fairies


However, not all fairies are friendly or love human company. There are certain types that are shy or scared and do not want to be seen. You can try to coax them out of their hiding places by offering them cakes, cupcakes, brownies, other sweets, and milk – their favorite food!

Place them on the cupboard or the table. When you’re all alone in the house, try talking to them nicely so they will be persuaded to come out. Tell them you’re a friend.

Chances are, they will come out and greet you. However, if you still see no sign of friendly fairies in your home, they might have left for a number of reasons such as:

  • They find your house too noisy. They are particularly disturbed by the sounds of clanging wind chimes and bells.
  • There are boisterous children in your home.
  • Your house has lots of clutter inside and out.
  • You live in a place where the air is polluted.

If you want to invite fairies into your home, make sure your home has the following:

  • Flowering plants, trees
  • Wine cellars
  • Dogs, cats
  • Bowls of water
  • Shiny objects, such as jewelry or crystals
  • People who love nature
  • Kind, playful children

A NOTE OF WARNING: Not all fairies are of the friendly type. Sprites and pixies are some of the types of fairies you don’t want in your house. These types are mischievous and love to play tricks on humans and get them into trouble, hiding their jewelry, car keys, and other small everyday items.

The worst fairies are the goblins, trolls, and ogres. They are deceitful and mean creatures. You can easily sense their presence when you suddenly smell something bad and feel nauseated. Drive them out of your house at once!


Why Befriend Fairies?


You befriend fairies not just because you’re bored or lonely and need some cheerful company. There are even better reasons for being friends with these magical creatures.

When these fairies become your buddies, you get the extraordinary chance to enter their amazing world. You become like Peter Pan (minus the flying stunt). Such a discovery is priceless!

Fairies will also brighten up your life and even help you solve your problems. They can offer you practical solutions to even your most difficult problems.

Your world will never be the same again when you have magical fairies as your friends. You will see, hear, feel, and sense things, that are not experienced by ordinary people.

You will realize that the world we live in is not just inhabited by humans, animals, and plants, but also magical beings, such as fairies. This realization will broaden your mind and make you see things in a bigger, more encompassing perspective.

This way, you will learn to love life even more than before! You will learn to cherish even more, all living things—both magical and non-magical—that inhabit our planet. And this will fill your heart with joy and gladness.

To schedule a reading with me, call 614-444-6334, or click here to fill out a request form for someone to call you back.


What Things Are Real Fairies Attracted To?

Individual spirits have their own unique preferences, in the same way that people have distinct tastes, but here are some of the things that different magical beings like. If you want to invite” them to come over, then try any of the following:

• Flower fairies, as their name indicates, love flowers or all kinds, but they are attracted to blossoms with petals that resemble the color and design of their wings. So fill your garden with lots of flowers of different colors! A fairy may also select a flowering plant that produces the nectar it particularly likes ,or the scent that it enjoys. You may consider planting bluebells, lilacs, primroses, poppies, sunflowers, daisies, and more.

• Water sprites can’t resist fountains. Even small portable ones placed in your veranda are very inviting for these playful fairies. Although they like the sound and feel of moving water, they also enjoy ponds and bird baths too! They not only love water, they also like to play with birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.

• Most spiritual beings love birds, so it’s best to put bird houses and bird feeders in your garden or yard. Squirrel feeders are an added touch.

• Rocks are appealing to gnomes, especially when there are gaps and cracks where they can play and hide. You may want to set aside a portion of your yard for a rock garden. Or you can use boulders as accents for your landscape.

• Different kinds of cactus plants and succulents are attractive to some water fairies because they help the plants absorb lots of water. These types of water fairies are quite protective.

• Dryads are drawn to trees of all kinds, but trees that develop big trunks and huge limbs are the best. If you have an oak or willow in your yard, then chances are there are already dryads living there!

• Wood sprites like to live where there are lots of old trees, but you can entice them by having dense foliage from woody plants, shrubs, and herbs like lavender, and daphne.

• Pixies adore little houses, especially ones that have “human things” in them, like little chairs and tables, tiny beds, and the like.

• Wind chimes produce charming sounds, and wind nature spirits love to play music with them.

There are many other landscape items and plants that you can add, but don’t forget to also lay some ground cover like moss, grass, clover, or periwinkle (vinca). Fruit trees of all kinds are also enticing for magical beings, as are ferns and orchids.

They Can Sense Your Energy – A Friendly Reminder

Remember, however, that these supernatural beings can sense your energy. This means that they can sense it if you treat gardening as a boring ordeal, or if you’re redecorating your landscape just to trick them into coming. They will know this because you leave imprints of your energy where you work.

The way that you can really entice the these beautiful beings to come is if you show a real love for nature, and you care for each plant that you tend. So don’t rush and force yourself to redo you garden in one weekend!

Find enjoyment in cultivating the plants in your yard, and try to get to know each flowering plant, each bush, and each tree individually. By genuinely taking pleasure in nature, magical beings will soon come and turn your garden into a truly enchanted little kingdom.

If you need answers, or would like to know what lies ahead in your future, a psychic reading will guide you on the right path, and help you to avoid unforeseen problems and heartache. Click here to schedule a psychic reading with me.

Real Fairies: How To Know When Fairies Are Trying To Contact You

Do Fairies Talk To Humans?

Fairies and humans have long been in contact with each other, with fairy sightings being commonplace. Being the residents of worlds that are parallel with each other, the friendship between these fairies and humans is undeniable. As such, the energy of humans and fairies can easily synchronize with each other, making communication very easy between the two races.

The world of the supernatural is a vast, wonderful realm. It is a world where real fairies live, and where undines and salamanders inhabit the places they were born to protect. It is a place that exists side by side with the physical world – a place of mystery, wonder, and amazement.

real fairies

Meetng A Fairy

To the eyes of a psychic, gazing at the spiritual realm is like diving into the depths of a beautiful ocean. In it, I see a whole new world, and with my abilities, I am able to access its secrets. I consider this a great privilege, and one of the best gifts I have, is the ability to communicate with the inhabitants of the spirit world, especially fairies.

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Signs That A Fairy Is Around You


At home, one sign that there are fairies is when some of your food and milk suddenly becomes rotten before its expiration date, or even before you opened it. Fairies enjoy eating some human food, although these entities do not “eat” food in the physical way that humans do. Instead, fairies consume the essence or the energy of the food.


Another indication of fairies in your home is jewelry or other shiny trinkets going missing, or constantly getting misplaced. Fairies tend to be enamored by gleaming objects, but don’t worry, they almost always return these objects to you!

The next time some of your rings disappear from your jewelry box, take a look around your residence before panicking. Fairies usually tuck them away in different places in your home, as if they’re playing some sort of game with you.

Strange scents and sounds may also abound when there’s a fairy in your vicinity, whether at home or not. Since fairies are known to be fun-loving and cheerful, you might hear faint peals of laughter when they’re around you. Tiny bells and soft instrument sounds are also common, as well as the smell of fresh flowers in the air.

Fairies love flowers, so when flowers bloom suddenly in odd places, it could be a fae friend making its presence known to you.

When you see flickering spheres of light floating in the woods, you’re probably seeing fairies in their element. These spheres are usually spotted near flowering plants, springs of water, or mushrooms.

In forests and other natural environments, you may also feel a number of eyes watching your every move, even if there’s no one around. These are likely fairies and other magical creatures keeping an eye on you, so murmur a greeting or a brief, yet respectful request to enter their space.

It’s important to keep your eyes peeled for fairy circles outside since fairies often sing and dance in circles during their nighttime gatherings. In the morning, humans often stumble upon these strange mushroom or flower circles, not knowing that a large group of fairies likely converged there just a few hours ago!


How To Avoid Offending Fairies


When you want to be more knowledgeable about fairies and their world, it’s also essential to learn how to interact with them. Since fairies are magical beings, offending them can be catastrophic for you, and even your family.

First, remember that it’s always best to leave things as they are in the wild, especially when it’s something that’s unfamiliar and outside of human affairs. When you come across a fairy circle, try to avoid disturbing fairy circles or knocking a flower out of its place in the circle. Before entering these circles, ask for permission, lest you offend a particularly malicious fairy with your actions.

Another offense is when you “steal” from them. So, if you feel as if the woods are a fairy’s territory, ask before plucking fruit from a tree or drinking water from the stream. If you accidentally eat or drink what’s theirs without asking, you might suddenly find yourself as one of their human prisoners.

Don’t worry, as long as you are not rude or disrespectful, fairies will not do you harm. In fact, many fairies enjoy the company of humans and a few even help out around the house when they really like the individual.


Fairies in My Garden

What do you think about fairies and their kind? Leave me a comment below!

If you’d like to know how to commune with fairies around you, you can schedule a psychic reading by clicking here, and I can help you connect with your invisible friends and show you how to make them part of your world.

The Fairies are back. Today I went outside, and there were over 50 leprechauns running around in my garden! I got a late start this year, setting up my fairy garden, but once I got it set up, they started visiting me in groves! I love the fairies in my yard!

Did you know that:

– Fairies love roses, lilacs, tulips, rosemary, mint, and delphiniums!

– They love chocolate chip cookies. I leave them out in my garden for them.

– Fairies and Elves live among the plants I mentioned above. They build homes in them!

– Singing happy songs in the garden encourages them to come out and play with you.

– Fairies are most easily seen out of the corner of your eye!

If you have any of these plants, make sure to use some of the tips above to draw even more fairies and elves into your yard!

Unexplainable holes in the yard, or in tree trunks are often portals they use to move in and out of our realm and theirs!

I hope you enjoyed this email!

In light and peace,

Tana Hoy

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Did you discover you have fairies in your home?

Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Alvareta Edwards says:

    What a wonderful thought…………and here I was thinking I was going crazy lol

  2. Irma says:

    We had a lot of dandelions in our front yard! Before the lawn was cut. I was like, “Where did they come from”? Sometimes we get dandelions in the backyard too. I also hear tapping in the house, here and there. I just thought that it was the floor creaking.

  3. Sara says:

    Its really interesting and joyful.I really love fairies and respect them.I stay all alone with my 3 kids.Have too much emptyness in my life and really need a friend to understand me and be with me.Fairy is always welcome.

  4. Donna says:

    Do fairies leave coins in strange places?? Like in front of door,,, by front porch,,by chicken house ect

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Usually Spirt Guides do that to let you know they are around you.

      • calixo says:

        my mother recently heard footsteps on the ceiling and we live in an upstairs apartment is this faeries or spirits. i have also had a sliding window slam on me again faeries or spirits

  5. Zara says:

    Yes all the 7 things I have but I want to know how to actually SEE one or FIND one.

  6. Jeanette says:

    I have fairies inside and outside. I have taken photos of them also. Love it!! Love this article!!

  7. Tina says:

    I was once living in this house with my 2 year old daughter. There was some kind of spirit being who liked to move my shoes from the bathroom to the living room. Also my eyeliner would end up under the couch almost everyday. I thought it was funny. One time my friend and her boyfriend was in my house and I was just getting over the stomach flu. He hit me in the stomach with my daughters toy and one of my picture frames fell on his head. He would never come in my house again. Lol Could this have been a fairy ? Whatever it was was child like but protective of me.

  8. kayla ingram says:

    okay so i had a weird experience last year 2016 summertime, a friend had stayed over the night before and we were at my home alone the next morning, my friend pointed out that one of my plants looked as if it was dying, i looked over and sure enough the plant was a brown color almost and looked terrible. i didn’t water the plant because my mom usually does and i didn’t know if she had already. an hour or so passes by and my friend says to look at the plant and the plant is ALIVE i kid you not the plant is green again and all the leaves are brought up!! i just wanted to know could this be possible fairy activity?!

    • Tana Hoy says:

      This sounds like fairies to me. They take care of plants and flowers. They didn;t want that plant to die for some reason. Thanks for sahring your story! – Tana –

      • Christine Digregorio says:

        Tana i usually have a camera set up in my backyard and one evening a red like orb floated down in front of my camera it got really bright and looked like something was in the middle of the red light and just as quick as it showed up it disappeared any idea what that was i have a gift of empathy and being able to know things about people that no one would normally know i have evil spirits that constantly follow me as if waiting for my faith to falter but my love for god is to great any insight would be appreciated for i do not have the cash to have a reading done thank you for your time blessed be truely inspired yet confussed christine

  9. Autumn says:

    If you want to see fairyies just go out side and start talking to them. you should feel a tingly feeling in between you eyebrows. after that keep talking until you see a small orb with a human like thing inside. thats a fairy

  10. Natalia Emerly says:

    In my house I hear little tapping noises, dandelions our growing strangly, coins lost and found, my earrings were gone then I found it again, my dog acts strange, the birds were looking through my window and dosent get off but dosent sing, something strange happend at the afternoon I saw a blue and white butterfly’s (I think it’s a butterfly or a fairy) but it flies fast and i dint saw it again when it got to my kitchen and now my cookies, and cupcakes that I baked were gone (I can’t blame my sis beacause she’s a sleep in her room up stairs), and the milk is half of its box only when I haven’t even drink my milk yet. Is this a fairy or a leprechaun?

  11. Natalia Emerly says:

    Wow, great and interesting story Tina i think it’s a fairy beacause it’s keeps you safe, put all the things from where it came from and protects you or I think it’s someone who loves you and dosent wants you to be hurt like a spirit or a guardian

  12. Cadence Grace says:

    I recently made a bed for house fairies, and I came back about six hours later and I found this weird dust like substance on my counter by the bed! So I was wondering did this happen to anybody else or is it just dust or is it like fairy pixie dust

  13. Lucy says:

    I have, for years and years been hearing almost a dusting of music and felt a strong deep tie to nature. With that said, I am afraid of birds but yet I care for them and love their songs. I firmly believe in spirits. And, until now I thought all the things I have been experiencing my entire life have been solely spirt related. Now I am a firm believer that it is a bigger wider platform of which we mere mortals will only guess and speculate at knowing the true depth.

  14. Dawn Tipton says:

    It’s a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to the newsletter 🙂

  15. Daniel McCarthy says:

    I personally am a big believer in all things Old and mystical and I have to say from the research on fairies I’ve done You do not want them in around or near your home! The old tales tell of how they stole away children and musicians for their own amusement and how they played with mortal lives why on earth wouldn’t you want them in your home! Sure some of the old stories tell of people bettering themselves after encountering the good folk but many of characters in them better themselves for fear of retribution from the fair folk or from tricking the fair folk. In fact in many Irish tales they avoid the presence of priests and are seen as evil by the people of the time who treat them with respect out of fear!
    In fact I would refer you to “Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry by W. B. Yeats“ to hear the old tales.

  16. Luis Gonzalez says:

    When I’m alone at home and recording my vocals I heard a tapping sound is it just me or the fairy’s,

  17. Sophie says:

    My 2yr old niece lives with my mum (her grandma). Before my mum gets into bed she always checks on my niece sleeping in the other bedroom. Last night, she saw a small white fairy just above my niece as she slept. The fairy “fluttered off” as soon as my mum saw it. Is the fairy looking after my niece? Why would it be interested in her? My mum didn’t mean to scare it off.

  18. Hi! Lately I’ve seen fairies, Well I think it’s faries. It’s like little lights running around playing, and when I see directly to them they hide away. Are they real fairies or It’s just my mind?

  19. Kylie Leisey says:

    My dad heard I was going to draw. He then gave me a book about Faeries thinking I would draw them. I read the book. Ever since I have read the book I have believed in Faeries and wanted to learn more about them. This article has helped sooooooo much. I even bookmarked this page to Lera more!!

  20. Trianna Rodriguez says:

    how can i talk to a fairy?

  21. gina says:

    I just read this article because I’ve been hearing strange tapping on my wall, I think this is the third night in a row. hopefully, soon they will come out to hang out with me.

  22. Bri says:

    I’ve been seeing a little winged human figure flying around a few times in the dusk, so it may be its just dark it appears dark grey or black. Doesn’t scare me. As soon as i see him he’s gone, I know this is not a bug. Because it’s a very distinct shape. I saw him flying above my anscestor altar and the next time inmy living room both at night. I wonder what his interest is 🙂 thanks for the article. ✌❤

  23. Alex says:

    I was reading these articles and comments and i kept feeling a tickle on my right arm. So i turned on the flashlight one my phone and looked at my arm. Somehow there are sparkles all over my arm and i dont even think i have any by me ?. I looked up these articles because i had a dream this morning of a bad faerie trying to hurt my mom.

  24. Zefria says:

    Very insightful and helpful

  25. Milan says:

    Hi! Uhm…so my door recently opened about an inch and I just thought it was my small dog but when I opened the door further, there was nothing there! Do you think that could be fairies?

  26. Allison Anne says:

    My sisters and I have tried to catch the tooth fairy many, many times, so when my sister lost her one of her teeth we set it in a tissue and set up a camera watching it.
    The next morning when we went to see the footage, it was around 2 am when we saw a super bright white light, zoom across the room to the tooth, then back through the door.
    I know that my parents take the teeth, soo what was that bright light then?

    Thank you for writing this I really enjoyed it.
    Allison Anne.

  27. Carole says:

    Hi there..So interesting reading all the comments.I had no idea of what’s happening in my place of work..I’m a carer for a gentleman so I live in…About 2mths after living here things started to change…Going in the garage one day I saw something run past me in a flash well I took no notice of it really until I saw something moving behind the curtains so each night it was different shapes and forms of things which got me thinking is this place haunted or what then I heared tap tap behind me everywhere I went and soon after it was like a sound of breathing out through the nose loud and clear I’m my ear’s and definetly a man ..This really started freaking me out ..Eventually i saw a blue or green like shape tall figure always behind the curtains or follows me upstairs ..It changes shapes or forms like a mist that flies in the air or over me on the bed or sitting outside and something cannot explain ..I’ve never experienced anything like this before and I watch in amazement as it changes form and jumps sky high and soars I’m the sky..It also gives me a tingling sensation which I don’t really like because its unpleasant.. So after finding a psychic medium to see what’s going on his friend also a medium called me this evening to say she sees a fairy that here around me ..His a pixie and playful and also very touchy and shy so I see him looking at me and when I look back he runs outside..So I’m waiting on more answers about my guest and how we can stop his mischievousness which is a bit much..Excuse the long letter please although I haven’t even !mentioned all of it..lol..What amazes me is how I’m capable of seeing it ..Wow..

  28. Sigita says:

    I made this abandoned house for Halloween and took a pic in the middle of making it. I think I have a clear picture of a fairy 😍 a slim ball of light and when I zoom in I can clearly see the little face. It’s magical. It came out if the house. I wish I could post a picture here.

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