7 Ways To Know If There Are Fairies In Your Home

There's a common, if mistaken belief, that fairies and other nature spirits only live in densely wooded areas, or in places with easy access to waterways.

There's a common, if mistaken, belief that fairies and other nature spirits only live in densely wooded areas, or in places with easy access to waterways.

Do you like fairies? If you do, but have never seen one, you probably think it’s because fairies and other nature spirits only live in densely wooded areas, or in places with easy access to waterways.

Actually, you can find fairies almost everywhere, because they are not tied down to a specific place. Fairies go where they feel most comfortable, welcome, and useful. One of those places could be your house. So, to be sure, here are 7 ways to know if there are fairies in your home.

Signs of Fairy Presence in Natural Surroundings


As mentioned above, fairies don’t necessarily have to live in nature. In some instances, fairies may decide to make their way to urban and to well-developed rural areas, for reasons that vary from fairy to fairy.

In the wild, fairy presence can easily be determined through the following signs:

  • There is a certain calm or sweet feel to the environment;
  • The breeze blows gently;
  • When in the forest, the rays of the sun passing through the leaves and branches of each tree casts an unusual magical play of light and shadow;
  • When fairies are near, you will feel childlike, happy, and carefree;
  • There are strong, wafting smells, the kind that come from sweet-smelling flower arrangements or bouquets;
  • If you are with other people while in natural surroundings, such as a forest, the foot of a hill or mountain, or waterfalls, lakes, or ponds, you will feel a close affinity with all that surrounds you, appreciating even the smallest ferns or pebbles;
  • If you are highly sensitive, or if you have psychic gifts, you may even hear tones, or a music beat, that is appealing and easy on the ear.

There are other ways to sense if fairies are your companions while outdoors. However, the ones mentioned are the most common signs that are easily recognizable.

What about indoors? Are the signs of fairy presence in natural surroundings the same as that for manmade structures such as your home?

Signs of Fairy Presence in Your Home


Nature spirits can be classified into wood or earth spirits, air spirits, fire spirits, and water spirits.

Each category of fairy has a favorite place to stay in or visit. However, a nature spirit such as a fairy may decide to visit you at home.

If they feel like they are welcome, then they will spend time in your home.

tanahoy.com fairies and birds

One of the clearest signs of fairy presence near your home is when wild birds come and perch nearby, sing their songs briefly, and then fly away.

Fairies will make themselves felt in numerous ways, so here are 7 common signs you should look for, to know if fairies are in your home:

  1. Even if you didn’t plant anything outside, you will notice plants growing close to your home. If you live in a highly urbanized area with no space for planting, fairies will make their presence known by blowing some dandelion seeds your way.
  2. Small and shiny objects suddenly vanish, such as coins and pieces of jewelry. Fortunately, those objects can be quickly found.
  3. If you have pets, they may suddenly exhibit happy, energetic behaviors, such as dancing, running, or jumping around. During such times, fairies may be playing with them.
  4. You may notice your pets looking sideways, following “invisible movements” around them.
  5. At night, or even during sunset, you may hear small, strange taps, the source of which you are unable to find.
  6. You will see wild birds come and perch near your home, singing their songs briefly, and then flying away. They will do this while the fairies are in your home.
  7. You will notice that small articles of clothing and accessories suddenly go missing, or turn up in unexpected places inside the house.


tanahoy.com fairies and flowers

Fragrant plants are very attractive to fairies.

The Art of Attracting Fairies to Your Home


If you have experienced any of the 7 signs of fairies in your home, you might not have wanted the fairies to leave, because a fairy can bring so much joy and contentment into your life, and once you experience this, you don’t want to lose contact with them.

On the other hand, if your home has never been visited by fairies, you can use the following methods for attracting fairies to your home:

  • Place small indoor plants in your home. These plants don’t have to be expensive. What’s important is for the plants to be alive and fresh, not dried. 1 to 2 small potted plants will do. If the plants have fragrant blooms or fragrant leaves (such as lavender), even better. But is not necessary to have fragrant plants, they just smell nice, and fairies like them.
  • Open the windows to let fresh air and some sunshine inside your house.
  • Use curtains made of light materials, so that they won’t completely block the sunlight.
  • Minimize your use of appliances that emit strong energy waves, such as the microwave.
  • Avoid frowning as much as you are able. Remember, fairies like it when you make them feel welcome.

What to Do When You See Fairies in Your Home


Nature spirits such as fairies are sometimes shy, or wary of being around people.

If you have become acquainted with a fairy only recently, do your best to stay calm when you first see fairies in your home.

Your tendency to talk about the fairy presence may be huge. However, no matter how big your interest is to take photos and post them everywhere you can, my advice to you is not to do this immediately.

First, you need to establish rapport with the fairy. Be gentle. Let some minutes pass, then start a conversation with him or her. Get to know them, and find out the reason they came to visit your home.

If they refuse to talk about why they left their original home, don’t force the issue. Ask instead if they plan to stay for a long time, or if they are just temporarily visiting.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear your fairies answering right away, or even see them flying away to hide behind shelves. It is simply in the nature of fairies never to make hasty decisions. They just need to learn to trust you.

But with patience and persistence, you will find your new friends to be very welcome guests!


I hope you liked this article on the 7 ways to know if there are fairies in your home. If you’re interested in learning more about fairies, and how to communicate with them, make an appointment for your psychic reading and I’ll teach you how to achieve your goal.

Tell me what you think, write in the Comments below!


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  1. Alvareta Edwards says:

    What a wonderful thought…………and here I was thinking I was going crazy lol

  2. Irma says:

    We had a lot of dandelions in our front yard! Before the lawn was cut. I was like, “Where did they come from”? Sometimes we get dandelions in the backyard too. I also hear tapping in the house, here and there. I just thought that it was the floor creaking.

  3. Sara says:

    Its really interesting and joyful.I really love fairies and respect them.I stay all alone with my 3 kids.Have too much emptyness in my life and really need a friend to understand me and be with me.Fairy is always welcome.

  4. Donna says:

    Do fairies leave coins in strange places?? Like in front of door,,, by front porch,,by chicken house ect

    • Tana Hoy says:

      Usually Spirt Guides do that to let you know they are around you.

      • calixo says:

        my mother recently heard footsteps on the ceiling and we live in an upstairs apartment is this faeries or spirits. i have also had a sliding window slam on me again faeries or spirits

  5. Zara says:

    Yes all the 7 things I have but I want to know how to actually SEE one or FIND one.

  6. Jeanette says:

    I have fairies inside and outside. I have taken photos of them also. Love it!! Love this article!!

  7. Tina says:

    I was once living in this house with my 2 year old daughter. There was some kind of spirit being who liked to move my shoes from the bathroom to the living room. Also my eyeliner would end up under the couch almost everyday. I thought it was funny. One time my friend and her boyfriend was in my house and I was just getting over the stomach flu. He hit me in the stomach with my daughters toy and one of my picture frames fell on his head. He would never come in my house again. Lol Could this have been a fairy ? Whatever it was was child like but protective of me.

  8. kayla ingram says:

    okay so i had a weird experience last year 2016 summertime, a friend had stayed over the night before and we were at my home alone the next morning, my friend pointed out that one of my plants looked as if it was dying, i looked over and sure enough the plant was a brown color almost and looked terrible. i didn’t water the plant because my mom usually does and i didn’t know if she had already. an hour or so passes by and my friend says to look at the plant and the plant is ALIVE i kid you not the plant is green again and all the leaves are brought up!! i just wanted to know could this be possible fairy activity?!

    • Tana Hoy says:

      This sounds like fairies to me. They take care of plants and flowers. They didn;t want that plant to die for some reason. Thanks for sahring your story! – Tana –

      • Christine Digregorio says:

        Tana i usually have a camera set up in my backyard and one evening a red like orb floated down in front of my camera it got really bright and looked like something was in the middle of the red light and just as quick as it showed up it disappeared any idea what that was i have a gift of empathy and being able to know things about people that no one would normally know i have evil spirits that constantly follow me as if waiting for my faith to falter but my love for god is to great any insight would be appreciated for i do not have the cash to have a reading done thank you for your time blessed be truely inspired yet confussed christine

  9. Autumn says:

    If you want to see fairyies just go out side and start talking to them. you should feel a tingly feeling in between you eyebrows. after that keep talking until you see a small orb with a human like thing inside. thats a fairy

  10. Natalia Emerly says:

    In my house I hear little tapping noises, dandelions our growing strangly, coins lost and found, my earrings were gone then I found it again, my dog acts strange, the birds were looking through my window and dosent get off but dosent sing, something strange happend at the afternoon I saw a blue and white butterfly’s (I think it’s a butterfly or a fairy) but it flies fast and i dint saw it again when it got to my kitchen and now my cookies, and cupcakes that I baked were gone (I can’t blame my sis beacause she’s a sleep in her room up stairs), and the milk is half of its box only when I haven’t even drink my milk yet. Is this a fairy or a leprechaun?

  11. Natalia Emerly says:

    Wow, great and interesting story Tina i think it’s a fairy beacause it’s keeps you safe, put all the things from where it came from and protects you or I think it’s someone who loves you and dosent wants you to be hurt like a spirit or a guardian

  12. Cadence Grace says:

    I recently made a bed for house fairies, and I came back about six hours later and I found this weird dust like substance on my counter by the bed! So I was wondering did this happen to anybody else or is it just dust or is it like fairy pixie dust

  13. Lucy says:

    I have, for years and years been hearing almost a dusting of music and felt a strong deep tie to nature. With that said, I am afraid of birds but yet I care for them and love their songs. I firmly believe in spirits. And, until now I thought all the things I have been experiencing my entire life have been solely spirt related. Now I am a firm believer that it is a bigger wider platform of which we mere mortals will only guess and speculate at knowing the true depth.

  14. Dawn Tipton says:

    It’s a pleasure to meet you. I look forward to the newsletter 🙂

  15. Daniel McCarthy says:

    I personally am a big believer in all things Old and mystical and I have to say from the research on fairies I’ve done You do not want them in around or near your home! The old tales tell of how they stole away children and musicians for their own amusement and how they played with mortal lives why on earth wouldn’t you want them in your home! Sure some of the old stories tell of people bettering themselves after encountering the good folk but many of characters in them better themselves for fear of retribution from the fair folk or from tricking the fair folk. In fact in many Irish tales they avoid the presence of priests and are seen as evil by the people of the time who treat them with respect out of fear!
    In fact I would refer you to “Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry by W. B. Yeats“ to hear the old tales.

  16. Luis Gonzalez says:

    When I’m alone at home and recording my vocals I heard a tapping sound is it just me or the fairy’s,

  17. Sophie says:

    My 2yr old niece lives with my mum (her grandma). Before my mum gets into bed she always checks on my niece sleeping in the other bedroom. Last night, she saw a small white fairy just above my niece as she slept. The fairy “fluttered off” as soon as my mum saw it. Is the fairy looking after my niece? Why would it be interested in her? My mum didn’t mean to scare it off.

  18. Hi! Lately I’ve seen fairies, Well I think it’s faries. It’s like little lights running around playing, and when I see directly to them they hide away. Are they real fairies or It’s just my mind?

  19. Kylie Leisey says:

    My dad heard I was going to draw. He then gave me a book about Faeries thinking I would draw them. I read the book. Ever since I have read the book I have believed in Faeries and wanted to learn more about them. This article has helped sooooooo much. I even bookmarked this page to Lera more!!

  20. Trianna Rodriguez says:

    how can i talk to a fairy?

  21. gina says:

    I just read this article because I’ve been hearing strange tapping on my wall, I think this is the third night in a row. hopefully, soon they will come out to hang out with me.

  22. Bri says:

    I’ve been seeing a little winged human figure flying around a few times in the dusk, so it may be its just dark it appears dark grey or black. Doesn’t scare me. As soon as i see him he’s gone, I know this is not a bug. Because it’s a very distinct shape. I saw him flying above my anscestor altar and the next time inmy living room both at night. I wonder what his interest is 🙂 thanks for the article. ✌❤

  23. Alex says:

    I was reading these articles and comments and i kept feeling a tickle on my right arm. So i turned on the flashlight one my phone and looked at my arm. Somehow there are sparkles all over my arm and i dont even think i have any by me ?. I looked up these articles because i had a dream this morning of a bad faerie trying to hurt my mom.

  24. Zefria says:

    Very insightful and helpful

  25. Milan says:

    Hi! Uhm…so my door recently opened about an inch and I just thought it was my small dog but when I opened the door further, there was nothing there! Do you think that could be fairies?

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