Fairy Person: Do You Have Fairy Blood?

Do You Have Fairy Blood?

fairy person

Do you know that there are fairy people? They are either part fairies or full fairies, and who were raised as human in the physical plane.

Fairies are magical creatures, but occasionally, they inject a little fae magic in human lives. Sometimes, fairies even become part of the human world.

There are beings called “fairy people”, who are either part fairies or full fairies, and who were raised as human in the physical plane. These magical beings live day-to-day as an ordinary person. Your neighbor could be one, that incredibly beautiful stranger who sat beside you on the bus, or even yourself!


Some Fairy People Live As Humans


There are different ways that a fairy person can come into existence. Although fairies live in a different plane from the physical human plane, they cross between the two realms quite easily.

Some fairies are extremely mischievous, which can result in a bit of trouble for humans. There are instances when these enchanted beings will steal a human baby and leave a fairy baby in its place. This baby is called a changeling.

If this happens, the fairy child will grow up raised as a human and believing it is completely human, when it is actually a true-blue fairy.

Fairies visit the human world all the time and some of them end up procreating with humans. The children, although they might not know it, are hybrids with both human and fairy blood running through their veins.

If the father is the human and the mother is the fairy, the child may be more fairy than human and likely grow up to eventually live in the fairy world.

If the father is the fairy and the mother is the human, the child will appear human and likely grow up living as a regular human. However, this child will possess magical abilities and have tendencies passed down from the father’s fairy bloodline.

As you can see, fairy people can live among the humans with no one the wiser with the person being unaware of their true nature. The question is, are you one of these ethereal fairy people?

There are actually several indicators that could help you figure out if you have magical blood from a fairy ancestor. Although fairies can be indistinguishable from humans if you’re not looking closely, there are tell-tale signs that can reveal the nature of a fairy person.

fairy blood

Physical Signs That You Are Part Fairy


There are many different types of fairies, but those who live among humans tend to be the kind who look remarkably similar to humans. However, even their appearances are a little bit more magical looking than an ordinary man or woman.

For one, fairies and their kin live longer than ordinary people. While they won’t live for centuries because they are still human, after all. People who are part fairies will live long and be quite resistant to illnesses.

Fairy people are also startlingly beautiful by human standards, with family and friends often describing their beauty as ethereal or otherworldly. Their features are delicate and their movements are graceful, and if you look into their eyes, you’ll find yourself captivated by their gaze. It will almost seem like you’re under their spell!

Aside from the beauty, another physical sign of a fairy person is their low body temperature. It’s not freezing cold to the touch, but you will notice that their skin will feel cooler even during scorching hot days. While their odd body temperature may be off-putting to some people, others will actually find it comforting.

Strange sleeping habits will also be part of the life of a fairy person. Some part fairy humans tend to sleep all the time, preferring the comfort of sleep and dreams, instead of true reality. Others will only sleep for a few hours a night, yet be active and energetic as if they slept the entire night through.

Fairy humans are also extremely sensitive to electromagnetic fields, so they experience skin irritation, burning sensations, headaches, and other aches, whenever they are in close range. Many stories also say that iron is harmful to fairies, so part fairies will be hypersensitive to iron and iron alloys as well.

Finally, fairy people will often hear or sense something like white noise that other people cannot hear or sense. The white noise will be especially prominent when fairies are experiencing strong intuition or even premonition.


Other Fairy Characteristics


There are also personality traits that fairy people tend to share, even though each one is as unique as each ordinary human is.

All fairies and fairy people are closely connected to nature, since this is a type of elemental being that typically nurtures and takes care of the Earth. So, those who are part fairy will always long to spend time outdoors surrounded by trees, flowers, wild animals, and even insects.

Animals are also naturally drawn to them, sensing their great love for the environment and the magical powers that lurk within.

Part fairies tend to be playful and lighthearted, just as their fairy ancestors are. Music is a big part of their lives and they enjoy singing and dancing, whether it’s at parties or all alone in their rooms.

Since fairies are attracted to fun and games and most of them have a sharp sense of humor. Although fairy people are quick to laugh, and people will be entertained by their wit and charm, there are some people who may find their jokes too callous and their laughter occasionally ill-timed.

Of course, most ordinary people are inexplicably drawn to fairy charm, especially babies and young children.

However, despite having plenty of friends, a fairy person will often feel they don’t fit completely into their lives. Their fairy blood, even when they aren’t aware of it, causes feelings of not quite belonging anywhere. Thus, many fairy people will constantly long for travel, or change careers in order to “find themselves.”

Finally, fairy people naturally gravitate towards spiritual pursuits and healing arts, even if the family and community they grew up in wasn’t particularly exposed to it.

These magical beings who are part human will be extremely skilled at healing, whether they choose to specialize in actual medical practice, herbal alternatives, or even massaging.

Now that you know how to recognize fairy people, do you know anyone who fits the bill? Perhaps, you are one and you’re only beginning to discover your magic.

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11 Responses

  1. Faun Wolf says:

    But wouldn’t fairy people be more likely to catch illnesses than regular people?

    Regular vaccines and medical treatment may not interact very well with the fairy blood, causing a weaker effect. Also, our blood would not be used to human illnesses and become more susceptible.

    Anyway, that’s just a theory that has some scientifical background in it. Thanks for reading!

  2. Josiah says:

    Is it possible that dwarves also have had children with humans too? I know of several stories of dwarves taking human wives but never heard of children resulting from such unions. The reason I’m asking is because I feel like my family may have dwarven ancestry in it but have no way to see if this might be true.

  3. Abby says:

    That whole passage was my self so I think I might just be part fairy maybe even full fairy because all animals and little ones and baby’s are attracted to me all so I feel like there is something magical about me so maybe??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️

  4. Debra says:

    Do Fare touch humans go to the doctor for check ups or if they get sick and is their body like a humans body internally?

  5. Jenni says:

    People can’t in this lifetime, be 100% Faerie. If you’re 100% Faerie, then you aren’t reading this because you’re actually IN the faerie realm. However, there are people that are 50% or less. The 50% category doesn’t much exist anymore though. That’s really rare. It doesn’t really matter anyway though; and the actual Faeries don’t keep track of percentages. 100% Faeries live in the Faerie realm; not here. A lot of it has to do with your spirit anyway; not the physical body.
    Faeries in no way live as human beings. That’s an insult to Faeries. They’re magical and pure. Humans suck. Faeries don’t have electricity or take advantage of nature like humans do. Faeries live more like the Amish, if you will. Most of what humans do is detrimental to the environment. Faeries aren’t about that lifestyle. Also, Faeries aren’t to get involved in human affairs. Their concern is with nature, not us. The only thing they need from us is to stop being greedy, and disgusting with littering and not taking care of nature. We need to recycle and be more responsible with resources. We need to stop filling mother Earth with our garbage, pollution, and poison.
    Faeries can and do visit us often, but why would they live here on a garbage infested planet, when they have a beautiful, perfect world? ???

  6. Sophie says:

    How do you know if you have elven ancestry?

  7. Antonia says:

    I love fairy’s!!!One time I actually saw one…!It was amazing I felt like I had butterfly’s in my stomach,I had a ansestor who was a fairy I found that out when I was 16!!!And for a birthday gift, and for a gift my parents gave me her fairy necklace it had some of her fairy magic ✨ in it, she said gave this fairy necklace to your daughter on her
    16th birthday as a gift before she leave to the rest of the fairy’s…and that was the last time I saw her!!!The fairy necklace gave me powers
    up to this very day!!!…🧚‍♀️✨

  8. annie blagg says:

    i got to see real fairys because my were jumping up in the air and playing with something i couidnt see so i kept asking and i said could i see them they said no many times i promised them no harm and they finally said yes i will never forget that day they floated past me about 6 feet they looked straight ahead no eye contact you could see thru them but were dressed in human clothes two of them one in bib overalls the other ina dress they were about 2 feet tall since then i have started thinking im part fae how can i be sure would that be from my mothers or fathers side would the other parent be aware of it is this related to star seeds how do impregnate a human do the human have have anything to say about it please tell me

  9. Melissa says:

    Yes, Thank you all of this very helpful.

  10. Kristen says:

    I was told at a psychic fair that I’m of the fairy realm . That I don’t trust humans, and my guides came in with flower faces. The psychic was soooo excited! I felt a truth to that. I’ve seen a fairy twice. But the practical part of me thinks it’s silly.
    Hhmm. Idk (?)
    The psychic didn’t even see my fairy tattoo under my pant leg. My body temp runs low, never 98.6! Around 97. Now you’ve got me curious. Machines / computers hate me. I scramble them!

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