Am I Not Meant To Find Love?

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If you want to increase your chances of attracting and finding love, start by using the power of your mind!

So, you just got out of a toxic relationship where your ex has broken your heart multiple times, making you lose hope in finding love again. Or maybe you have been single for the longest time, keep falling for the wrong people, or getting rejected over and over again. Still to this day, you haven’t found the love of your life, making you doubt if love is truly on the cards for you.

With all the countless times you’ve been let down, you may be wondering: 

Am I not meant to find love? 

What if I’m just not a relationship type of person? 

Is it time for me to give up finding the One? 

What if my ship already sailed and I won’t find love again?

If you’ve asked any of these questions to yourself, being a love psychic, let me explain what’s stopping you from finding love.


Love Is Not Fate


Before deciding to go back into the dating pool and risk getting your heart broken again, stop and think about what could be wrong, and what is blocking you from having a successful love life.

You may wonder if a higher power is impeding your chances and making your life as difficult as possible, but the answer to that is a definite “no”! There isn’t any cruel act of fate that is deciding whether or not you will find love! In fact, the Universe only wants one thing for you – love!

However, it’s our own choices that can block us from finding it. It’s not up to anyone else to dictate your chances of love and only you can decide for yourself what you truly want.


Seek & You Will Find


So, you’ve been let down a thousand times. Does that mean you’re not meant to have love? Of course not!

No one is ever not meant to find love if that’s their true desire. Go do what you love, follow your heart, and go after your dreams. If you want love and openly seek it, you will find it. If real love with a family and kids is what you want, go for it! You will receive anything you set your heart and mind to!

Don’t buy into other people’s stories or allow anyone to distort your beliefs about love. Don’t let being rejected and other life pains tell you that you’re not meant for love. Why? Because we are ALL meant for love! As human beings, we are made to love and be loved!

At the end of the day, it’s all about perception. As the Law of Attraction clearly states.” like attracts like”, so you will attract the results you desire once you transform the way you think. If you believe you won’t find love, then likely you won’t. But if you continuously seek love regardless of being hurt a thousand times, the results will be rewarding! So, if you want to increase your chances of attracting love, start by using the power of your mind!


The Timing Isn’t Right


Another major reason why you can’t find love is that the timing simply isn’t right. Perhaps your relationship ended because you were both on two different paths, or the other person was not capable of commitment or giving you the love you desire.

Or maybe the reason why you’re single is that your mind is all over the place, your priorities are somewhere else, or you’re just too comfortable being independent. If so, having a partner may seem like a drag to you, and it’s not really serving your purpose. You may be having a hard time finding love simply because the timing isn’t right, not because you’re not meant to find it.

A lot of times people feel unhappy with themselves, and if this is the case for you, it’s better to take this time to work on bettering yourself. Having a romantic partner might not be the right fit for you right now, and it’s best to focus on yourself and your own needs.

Now is also a good time to mind your aural health and get rid of all the negative energy and chakra blocks that have been affecting your chances of finding love. A love psychic can help you cleanse all your blocks during a psychic reading.


Love Comes When You Stop Looking For It


If you’re truly ready to have another person in your life, you will meet them, and soon! In fact, they will come when you least expect it.

This doesn’t mean that you don’t need to put in any effort but finding love shouldn’t be the central focus of your life. When you’re authentically yourself and focusing on your other pursuits, instead of looking for someone to love, that’s when they will appear out of nowhere. Invest in your own personal growth and concentrate on bettering yourself. This will not only make you a better potential life partner, but there is something about inner confidence that will attract other people to you.

Pay attention first to the other aspects of your life, like your career, finances, or other social relationships, and your soulmate will soon pop up on your radar! Enjoy this time being single and take advantage of all of the opportunities you won’t find, being in a romantic relationship!

If you’re still doubtful if you will ever find love or you’re unclear on what to do next, a love psychic can help you determine if love is really on the cards for you. Through Tana’s love psychic readings, you will receive guidance on meeting your one true soulmate, get rid of all your fears, and give you the clarity you deserve in finding love. Get in touch for a love psychic reading and transform your love life today!


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