8 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

follow your dreams

Follow your dreams because they give your life focus and purpose.

You’ve heard people say countless times, “Follow your dreams!”. But the truth is, no one really knows how to do it. As life goes on, people just accept whatever is thrown at them, doing things they don’t really want to do, just to get through the day.

People think, “Oh there’s no point looking for my dream job, traveling the world, or starting my own business because it takes years and years to do that!” They get stuck in this negative cycle every time they think about pursuing their dreams because they’re unsure what lies ahead.

In a world of submitting to other people’s opinions and ideas, is it really worth it to break the status quo and follow your dreams? The answer is “yes”!


8 Reasons Why Should You Follow Your Dreams?


Here are 8 reasons why you should follow your dreams.

1. They make life worth living

Following your dreams add fulfillment and satisfaction to your life. Your dreams are your reason to keep going. They help you get through your darkest days and make waking up every morning worth it. Life is basically meaningless if you don’t attempt to follow your dreams!

2. No one will follow your dreams for you 

Everyone has their own dreams they want to achieve. If you don’t go after them, no one else will.

Only you can help pursue your own dreams. By not pursuing them you are also missing out on plenty of opportunities!

3. You only live once 

Life is too short to live for less than your desire. Our days are numbered. Life is a precious gift, and you should use each moment wisely. Every day is an incredible opportunity for you to live fully without restraints, experience true happiness, and pour all your energy into things that fulfill you.

4. Continuing on the wrong path wastes time and money 

Every day that you waste on the wrong job, lifestyle, relationship, or friendship, wastes your precious time and money. You could have been using your energy and resources on the things that make you happy and fulfilled.

5. You can’t suppress your true desires

Suppressing your true passions and desires only hurts you. Suppressing yourself is denying yourself. By letting go and being free, you are empowering yourself to surrender to what the Universe wants you to be. Most people go to the grave with songs still inside of them. Don’t be one of them.

6. You have a unique gift to share with others 

There will never be anyone like you. Only you have your own unique gift, and it would be a shame not to share it with the world. Staying in the background and playing small roles doesn’t contribute to society, but being authentically yourself serves a great purpose.

7. You can be an inspiration to others

Once you decide to pursue your dreams, you are giving hope to others who want to do the same. You serve as an example for them to give it a try. When you are excited and motivated to pursue your dreams, you are also encouraging others to do the same. You can also create a community to help motivate each other.

8. You will regret it if you don’t 

Time will pass quickly. Pursuing your dreams brings joy that you can’t experience from anywhere else. You don’t want to be on your death bed regretting this and that, and what you could have done. Rise above worldly expectations and pressures to create a life that is true to yourself.


5 Ways How to Follow Your Dreams


Following your dream is 100% worth it! Here’s how you can follow them.

Ask the Universe what your calling is 

Stop denying your true calling! If you’re unhappy with your life choices, that is probably not the path you should take. If you feel drawn to something, your gut instinct is telling you to go for it. It is leading you to your true calling and you shouldn’t ignore it. If people are saying you’re crazy and shouldn’t pursue your dreams, speak your truth, and prove them wrong. We are all somewhat born in a closet just waiting to hear our divine calling to come out. Don’t let others dictate what you shouldn’t do.

Stop limiting yourself

It’s never too late! Don’t limit yourself based on what you’ve done, your experiences, or your qualifications. No matter what your age, there’s no limit to what you can do. You are not limited based on your past or present circumstances, but you CAN change your beliefs. If you start to open your mind to more possibilities, you will experience great change. Work on detangling yourself from the barriers stopping you from your pursuing your dreams. It will take you a while, but you’ll get there.

Invest in your spiritual growth

Just as you would take care of your physical and mental health, focus on developing your spiritual growth. A strong spiritual foundation helps you achieve your dreams quicker. Investing in your spiritual growth increases your immunity against negative energy and other complications. Practice meditation regularly, getting in touch with your angels and Spirit Guides, and learning more about psychic abilities to expand your spiritual knowledge

Manifest through vision boards

Vision boards are visual representations of your goals and dreams. They are an ideal way to help you manifest your dreams. Use your creative skills to create a vision board. One common way is to grab a poster board and glue pictures of everything you want to manifest onto it, whether it be material things, places you dream of visiting, or people you dream of being in your life. Continue to look at it daily to help you tune into your positive energy. Through the Law of Attraction, you will manifest your dreams in no time.

Unblock your chakras

In order to pursue your dreams, you need to get rid of all barriers holding you back, and one of them could be your blocked chakras. Blocked chakras affect your physical, mental, and spiritual health. It can deter you from following your passions and bringing happiness into your life. Look for these signs of blocked chakras and learn how you can unblock them right away.

Don’t give up! Nobody ever achieved their dreams by just wishing. You need hard work and perseverance to follow your dreams. Listen, trust your intuition towards your dream path and you will get there in no time.

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