How to Attract Healthy Relationships That Will Surely Last

healthy relationships

The most important thing to remember if you want to attract healthy relationships is to love yourself first! If you can’t discover love within yourself, you won’t be able to find love in others.

If you’ve been single for a long time or have had your heart broken so many times, I understand how hard it is to attract healthy relationships. Sometimes you lose sight of yourself, you forget your true value, and you find it difficult to trust and give your heart away to other people.

How exactly do you attract the right relationship? A lot of people spend so much time looking for the “spark” or the feeling they get when they find the one, that they completely forget whether the relationship is good for them or not. Before you dive straight into the dating pool, it’s best to take a step back and learn what makes a relationship thrive and endure.

If you want to attract real relationships that are guaranteed to last a lifetime, here is my love psychic advice.


Like Attracts Like


As the Law of Attraction clearly states that like attracts like, you also attract people with the same personality and character that closely matches yours. This means that the more you raise your consciousness level and work on making yourself a better person, the more likely you are to attract someone who is a healthier fit for you!

So if you’re a negative or cynical thinker, then you are expected to attract a person with the same qualities, resulting in poor and short-lived relationships. If you’re inauthentic about yourself, you will also attract someone who is a splitting image. But if you’re joyful, eager to learn, and just overflowing with positivity, you are also attracting the same character in a partner!

If you truly want to attract the right kind of relationship, it’s best to be in a good headspace and not allow your past experiences to define or dictate how your love life will turn out. Understand this concept and start applying it to your own life to make sense of what real relationships are and to move forward positively.


Love Yourself First


If you want to attract healthy relationships, the major key is to love yourself first! You can’t expect to find love in other people if you can’t find love within yourself. When you practice self-love, you realize your own worth and your true value. You get a better sense of self, leading you to make better choices and to not settle for anything less than you deserve, including the people you date!

I’ve had clients who fall for the wrong person all the time simply because they’re trying to find approval and acceptance from their partners, not realizing that true love can come from themselves! A healthy relationship starts with you taking care of yourself and focusing on your own happiness. When you love yourself first, you get to love and serve your partner better, resulting in long-lasting relationships!


Unchain Your Heart


A lot of people struggle with finding the right relationship simply because they believe they’re not good enough. This another direct result of not loving yourself, resulting in you becoming closed up and unreceptive to love and affection from others.

Once you have learned self-love, you will believe that you are enough and that you have all the tools you need to attract the right relationship – including your intuition! It is your most important gift to help you decipher and pick out the bad from the good. When you think you’ve found the right one, listen to what your gut feelings tell you. It’s your best tool to save yourself from negative relationships!

No matter what you went through or how it scares you, unchain your heart from anything holding you back and believe that you deserve to be loved just like everyone else. There is love for everybody and you just need to give romance a chance. When the Universe truly sees you as ready, the right one will come knocking on your door when you’re least expecting it!


Take Action On What You Want


You can’t attract healthy relationships if you don’t put in the work! If you have decided to take another chance in finding romance and elevating your love life to the next level, here is my best psychic advice to help you get started!

The first step is to throw all your unrealistic ideas and standards out the window. If you have certain checklists or descriptions that someone has to follow, you should check all those boxes for yourself too. No one is perfect and you shouldn’t eliminate potential candidates just because of small differences. You will have nobody else left to date!

Be honest and completely authentic about yourself. If you start off with lies and secrets, you are already planting seeds for the relationship to fail. Good communication and the truth should always be the main core of all healthy relationships. Also, it’s best that you both have a foundation of friendship, meaning that you can rely on each other, confide, support, and laugh and cry with. Communicate your intentions, speak your truth in a loving way, and be a good listener too!

Instead of pre-planning and overly orchestrating your future together, it’s best to live in the moment! Tomorrow is a mystery and all you have is now, so cherish every second you have together! Also, don’t assume that your current relationship will also be a repeat of your past. This is a brand new chance for you to have a clean slate!

If you are still skeptical about finding the right partner, your Akashic Records have the answers you’re looking for. It holds complete information about your life, including your soulmates and twin flame. Before diving straight into the dating pool, it’s best to have your Akashic Records read first by a psychic to help you determine who is the right one for you and how you can achieve that relationship. If you want to get started, you can click here.

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