How Does a Person Become a Ghost? ghosts

Ghosts are the spirits of humans that have passed away but haven’t moved on to the spiritual realm.

There is no person yet who has died and come back to hold a press conference, with cameras clicking and declaring that he’s back as a ghost!

But regardless of a person’s faith or what they believe, every person has a permanent and immortal soul that leaves their body at the time of their physical death. Neither you or I need neither scientific proof nor blind faith to know that at the core of our existence is a soul that makes each one of us different from each other.

There are even circumstances when the soul of a person who has died remains in our physical world where it can actually be seen, felt, or sensed. We call this an apparition or a ghost.

People who have seen a ghost have described it as something invisible that can be felt. It can be seen as a wispy or shadowy figure or even the life-like appearance of a deceased person. Some images of ghosts have even been captured in photographs.


The Difference Between Ghosts and Spirits


When people talk about ghosts, two questions are inevitably asked: “Are ghosts the same as spirits? How does a person become a ghost?” A corollary question is, “Do all of us end up as ghosts when we die?”

For the first question, it is easy to confuse a ghost with a spirit because both are beings that live beyond our physical realm. However, there is a big difference between these two manifestations of the soul.

Spirits are the souls of people who have passed away, left our material world, and “crossed over” to the spiritual realm. They often visit us in our dreams, can make us feel their presence, or can even talk to us through a psychic medium. These spirits live in the same non-physical realm as other spirits, which include angels, spirit guides, animal spirits, nature spirits, and others.

Ghosts, on the other hand, are the souls of people who are caught in-between the physical and spiritual worlds. They continue to wander around in our physical realm but no longer have corporeal bodies to show. They continue to exist in this condition until they finally find their way to the spiritual realm.

You may ask, “Why can’t ghosts peacefully travel to the spiritual world just like other souls?”

There are several reasons for this – reasons that also serve as the answer to our second question: “How does a person become a ghost?”


When a Soul Becomes a Ghost


Although the door to the spiritual world is wide open, not all souls enter through that portal right away upon leaving their physical bodies they once possessed after death. Those who temporarily remain in the physical realm are seen as ghosts.

There are at least 6 reasons why a person becomes a ghost:

  1. The soul does not realize yet, that the body it once possessed is already dead.

When a person meets a sudden or violent death – as in a fatal road accident or any other type of disaster, such as getting killed by somebody – the shocking end of their physical life may be difficult for that person’s soul to absorb or comprehend for some time.

The soul refuses to believe that its body is dead and tries to move around as if it still inhabits that body. The people close to this person can sometimes see or feel the person’s apparition and refer to it as the person’s ghost.

  1. The soul finds it hard to detach itself from a person.

The soul of a person who is strongly attached to other people (as in family members) may find it hard to leave its loved ones behind upon knowing that the body they once possessed is already dead. So they try to stay in the physical realm for as long as possible.

  1. The soul has unfinished

A soul may deliberately refuse to cross over to the spiritual realm because it believes it still has some unfinished business or responsibilities to carry out in the physical world. These responsibilities include caring for their children, or their living spouse. The soul or ghost of a security guard who died may want to remain in the building of the company where he worked to guard it.

  1. The soul feels sorry for its body’s past actions and wants to make amends.

A soul may want to delay its entry into the spiritual realm because of feelings of regret, frustration, and guilt, for their actions taken before they died. This type of soul may try to make amends and convey that to the people they did wrong to. This “ghost” might try to contact their loved ones or anybody that they owe an apology.

  1. The soul feels angry and wants to avenge the person’s death.

The soul of a person who was betrayed or murdered, or whose loved ones were wronged in any way, may seek revenge against their enemies before crossing over to the spiritual realm. This is the type of ghosts that’s dangerous since it can actually inflict harm on the living.

  1. The soul is lost and doesn’t know what to do.

Some souls may feel lost and confused about the death of their physical bodies. For instance, the souls of children may feel the need to show their presence to their family, as a ghost, to ask for guidance on what to do. They need to be showered with love and assured of their happiness when they move into the white light and enter the spiritual realm.


Why Some Souls Don’t Manifest As Ghosts


On the other hand, there are souls who peacefully cross over into the spiritual world without much fuss, as soon their bodies meet their biological end. These are the spirits of kind, gentle, and loving persons who do not want to bother or frighten their loved after their death, with their ghostly apparition. They accept the death of their body willingly and peacefully.


How to Treat a Ghost


There’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to a ghost – unless it’s a ghost of somebody who’s out for revenge. Generally, ghosts show up for non-violent reasons. They actually don’t want to scare you. On the contrary, when they appear, they may be trying to show you their love and affection. So, when you encounter a ghost, try not to panic.

Stay calm and talk to the ghost normally, as if you’re talking to a living person. Ask its name and the reason for its appearance. A ghost can’t speak up, but it may give you a response or make a gesture that you can understand.

If it’s possible, try to take a picture or a video recording of the apparition before it disappears.

If you feel that it’s trying to send a message to you, you may want to contact a psychic medium to relay that message to you.

Let’s release our mind from the scary images of how ghosts are portrayed in movies. When they appear to us, it’s for a reason that’s generally not meant to scare us.

Be kind to a ghost because it generally means you no harm. The only time you should really feel scared is if it’s the ghost of somebody you offended. If that’s the case, ask for forgiveness and seek their pardon.

If you have been experiencing a haunting or suspect you have a ghost following you around, you may want to consider having a Ghost Scanner Session, where I will scan your body and your home, to see if there is a ghost around you.

And if there is, I will tell you exactly who it is, why they are around you and give you any messages the person has for you.

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    Great Information. My daughter had an interesting experience with a little boy named Eric. From what I understand, both him and his mom died in a car accident, but for some reason, he lost his mother in the process and remained in the in-between stage. I’m not sure for how long. He found us and hung around, according to my friend, he didn’t want to leave because he was “protecting” my grandson and didn’t want him to lose his mother like he lost his. He made is presence known to a couple of us in the house at different times, not just my daughter who was able to communicate with him. She would “play” with Eric, draw pictures of things he would tell her about. My friend was able to help find the spirit of Eric’s mother and his grandmother as well. It was difficult for Eric to make the decision to leave, and my friend assured him that my grandson would be taken care of. Eric presented himself to my daughter as school to tell her goodbye and to show her that he found his mother and was with his grandmother as well, he was so happy. It’s a great story I will never forget. We always have some weird happenings around the house, but this is one of my favorite stories to tell.

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