How to Forget Your Ex

how to forget your ex

One of the ways on how to forget your ex is to surround yourself with positivity. Be with the company of your friends who supports and uplifts you.

Dealing with a breakup isn’t easy. It hurts thinking about the promises you’ve made to each other that never came to be or the happy memories that are now scattered into pieces.

If you just went through a breakup and find yourself in the painful process of healing, you are not alone! You may be afraid of taking the first step because you just don’t know how to move on. Instead of wallowing in pain, you can be your own hero and save yourself from anguish because you don’t need magic to heal your broken heart, erase the pain of your ex out of your mind.

Here are multiple ways on how to forget your ex and get back to being the happy, independent person you are.


Admit that it’s over


If you’re grieving, don’t fight it! Cry if you need to. Allow yourself to be sad and to feel those emotions without overanalyzing them.

Crying is a natural method of cleansing pain. Not only are you liberating yourself from agony, but you are doing your physical health a favor by releasing negative toxins from your body. You are making space for something new, and you are allowing new energy to come into your life.

Be kind to yourself, so don’t sit there torturing yourself over what you could have done to save the relationship. Take responsibility for yourself regardless of what was said and done. Admit that the relationship is over and choose to move forward.

Healing begins when you learn to forgive. Not just your ex, but yourself. You aren’t required to forgive your ex but do it for your own good. If you still keep your ex in mind and hold on to grudges, you are allowing them to still have power over you. Cutting off cords of attachment is a favor you do for yourself.


Cut ties


If you want to move on with sanity, leave your ex alone! Don’t stay friends if you still have feelings for them. Remaining friends is like allowing them to still treat you badly. Your ex will keep using you and hanging around until they find someone to replace you with, even if your relationship has been long gone.

You have both chosen to end your relationship, so let it stay that way. They can take care of their own needs, and you can take care of your own. If you still keep hanging on, you will continue to feel pain and rejection, over and over again. This will be an endless cycle if you keep letting your ex into your life.

Stop reliving old memories, so don’t look at old pictures or stalk their social media accounts. It’s best if you unfriend, block, and remove their number from everything. You are continually torturing yourself by seeing your ex happy elsewhere.

What they do is no longer your business. Don’t blast your ex on social media either. Also, make sure not to invite other people to side with you because it will only make you look bad.


Declare your independence


When a relationship falls apart, you may have a hard time standing on your own two feet, especially if you have spent years being physically and emotionally dependent on each other. But you have no choice because either you free yourself and declare your own independence or get stuck in this negative cycle.

Focus on the great things about being single. You don’t get to share the bed anymore, you don’t have to consider anybody but yourself, and you get to do whatever you want! You get to reclaim your soul and focus on other things that fulfill you, not just your ex.

Just because your relationship ended doesn’t mean it failed. It simply ran its course, and you are just growing apart. No matter what caused the breakup, there’s no reason to dwell on it anymore. You learned from it and you are becoming a better person. Consider that as one silver lining that came out of the relationship.


Create new goals


Figure out what you need to do now that the relationship is over. Ask yourself what you need. Do you have other close friends and family you can turn to? Do you need a separate bank account? A new place to live? Create an organized list of goals to help you get back on your feet.

Journaling is also a great way of finding stability. If you feel like you’re spiraling and can’t keep your mind off your ex, write down everything in a journal. Not only are you releasing negative thoughts, but you are helping yourself find clarity and closure.


Surround yourself with positivity


Reach out to close friends and family who uplift you and cheer you on. Now is not the time to be with negative friends who say, “I told you so” or “Love is dead”. Surround yourself with positive people who bring out the best in you and want to help you.

Positive affirmations also serve as little reminders to get your head straight and at peace. When you are ready to move forward, close your eyes and start visualizing yourself cutting the cords between you and your ex. And then mentally send your ex away with forgiveness and blessings.


Reclaim your space


Heal your home by cleansing your space. Smudge some sage around the house to clear away negative energy. Place crystals around as well wherever you want to invite peace and healing. There are many crystals you can use to help you deal with heartbreak.

While you’re at it, get rid of all their stuff too. Whether it’s clothes or other things, mail them back, toss them in the trash, or donate them. Remove all traces of the relationship – gifts, photos, everything. Redecorate your home, move furniture around, do what you need to do to keep them out of your head. Your space belongs to you. Reclaim it.


Live with your new mantra


As you continue to work on your independence, you’ll get negative thoughts that will cloud your head. To fight them off, create a mantra that you need to say to yourself every time you feel or think negatively. Say something like, “I am enough. I can and will get my life back. I am strong. My heart is my own, not his. This is not the end of the world. I will find someone new.”


Have sweet revenge


No, that doesn’t mean go off on him on social media or make his life miserable. The best and sweetest revenge you can do is to live well. Erase your ex out of your life by dedicating yourself to other wonderful things. Fill your life with so many positive things that there’s no room for your ex anymore.

Take back your power by channeling your pain into positive energy and being the best person, you can be. Use this time to grow, change, and work on yourself. Your new life will not only distract you from the pain of the breakup, but you will be much happier and healthier than you were with your ex.

You just need to do a little work to escape this heartbreak. Your ex is not the last one for you. The Universe always has a plan. If your relationship didn’t work out, the Universe is preparing you for something bigger and better. It’s time to move forward and start building new memories!

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