How to Meet Fairies fairies

Fairies are magical creatures who are playful, and would love to live in happy and peaceful places.

Have you experienced the sudden vanishing of your necklace, your earrings, or your car keys, which you remembered having placed on a table? Only to find them later somewhere else in your house?

Have you seen your pet cat or dog behaving strangely, as if playing with an invisible entity? Do you hear strange noises at night or light footsteps in your house?

Chances are, your house is not being haunted by ghosts! And neither is it just your imagination. Those invisible winged magical beings that are moving around in your house are probability fairies!

Fairies are as real as you and me. And they’re not always invisible. Many of them are very small while some are bigger creatures with glowing skin. They can be seen – if you have your Third Eye open!

Here are a few other signs of the presence of fairies in your home:

  • You see glowing orbs of light flickering around your room or in your garden
  • Portions of food, especially sweets, that you placed on the dining table, suddenly vanish.
  • Small strange plants begin growing in your lawn, particularly near your fence.
  • The cartons of milk you placed inside the refrigerator appear to have been opened and consumed.


How to Find Fairies in Your Home


It won’t be easy to find these fairies hiding inside your home. They are sensitive magical beings that are easily disturbed by loud noises, human activities, and the clutter of objects.

However, if you are friendly to them, if you treat them well, and if you’re patient, they can manifest their presence.

As we mentioned earlier, you have to open your Third Eye to see them. Here’s how it is done:

  • Place your index and middle fingers on the center of your forehead and tap it gently.
  • Move your fingers in a circular counter-clockwise motion on that spot for a few minutes every day. You may have to do this several times daily before you open your Third Eye.
  • Then, go to your garden and look at the plants and flowers where fairies usually stay. Once you see them, it means your Third Eye has opened.

Once you begin seeing these fairies, you can interact and even play with them! Most fairies are happy, friendly, and playful magical beings. As such, they love to be in the company of happy people and live in quiet and peaceful places.

You will know that you’re in the company of fairies when you feel a tingling sensation. Once you feel this, say “hello” to them and offer them your friendship. They usually manifest as little balls of light with a slim, human-like form. Think of Tinker Bell in the Peter Pan story. That’s exactly how a fairy looks like!

You may stretch out your arm towards them. Don’t be surprised if some of these fairies come hovering over your body. You will feel a ticklish sensation when they do. That’s a clear sign that you have been touched by fairies.


Beware of Unfriendly Fairies


However, not all fairies are friendly or love human company. There are certain types that are shy or scared and do not want to be seen. You can try to coax them out of their hiding places by offering them cakes, cupcakes, brownies, other sweets, and milk – their favorite food!

Place them on the cupboard or the table. When you’re all alone in the house, try talking to them nicely so they will be persuaded to come out. Tell them you’re a friend.

Chances are, they will come out and greet you. However, if you still see no sign of friendly fairies in your home, they might have left for a number of reasons such as:

  • They find your house too noisy. They are particularly disturbed by the sounds of clanging wind chimes and bells.
  • There are boisterous children in your home.
  • Your house has lots of clutter inside and out.
  • You live in a place where the air is polluted.

If you want to invite fairies into your home, make sure your home has the following:

  • Flowering plants, trees
  • Wine cellars
  • Dogs, cats
  • Bowls of water
  • Shiny objects, such as jewelry or crystals
  • People who love nature
  • Kind, playful children

A NOTE OF WARNING: Not all fairies are of the friendly type. Sprites and pixies are some of the types of fairies you don’t want in your house. These types are mischievous and love to play tricks on humans and get them into trouble, hiding their jewelry, car keys, and other small everyday items.

The worst fairies are the goblins, trolls, and ogres. They are deceitful and mean creatures. You can easily sense their presence when you suddenly smell something bad and feel nauseated. Drive them out of your house at once!


Why Befriend Fairies?


You befriend fairies not just because you’re bored or lonely and need some cheerful company. There are even better reasons for being friends with these magical creatures.

When these fairies become your buddies, you get the extraordinary chance to enter their amazing world. You become like Peter Pan (minus the flying stunt). Such a discovery is priceless!

Fairies will also brighten up your life and even help you solve your problems. They can offer you practical solutions to even your most difficult problems.

Your world will never be the same again when you have magical fairies as your friends. You will see, hear, feel, and sense things, that are not experienced by ordinary people.

You will realize that the world we live in is not just inhabited by humans, animals, and plants, but also magical beings, such as fairies. This realization will broaden your mind and make you see things in a bigger, more encompassing perspective.

This way, you will learn to love life even more than before! You will learn to cherish even more, all living things—both magical and non-magical—that inhabit our planet. And this will fill your heart with joy and gladness.

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