Is He Cheating? 8 Red Flags To Look Out For

Cheating is something that has affected many people. Whether it’s your own personal experience, a family member, or a close friend, going through an affair can be one of the most painful things you can experience.

A lot of couples go through ups and downs, but when push comes to shove and one party no longer feels secure in the relationship, cheating and emotional affairs are likely to happen.

At some point in your life, you may have wondered if he is cheating on you.

If you’re doubtful about your partner’s loyalty towards you, being a love psychic, I’ve come up with a list of the most common signs my clients have experienced when they’ve been cheated on. Let me share them with you.


8 Red Flags He’s Cheating On You


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If your partner has been secretive for an extended period of time, like secretly texting another person and hiding his phone, this could be a significant red flag that he is cheating on you.

1. He’s being secretive

If you noticed your partner being secretive or emotionally closed off for a long time, that could be a huge red flag. Things like hiding their phone, deleting their text messages, not disclosing their location at certain times, or they’re wanting to spend more time alone than usual.

Though this could be a sign of cheating, it’s best not to immediately assume that he is. Sometimes the reason why they’re being secretive is that they could be fighting their own personal demons. If this is the case, the only way you can know for sure is to ask them point-blank.


2. He refuses to communicate

If you have decided to confront your partner about his silent behavior and he refuses even further to communicate and patch things up, that’s another red flag. If he becomes too defensive about his actions and tries to deny the obvious, or downplays what he’s doing, and accuses you of being invasive, this is another red flag.

If he still has feelings for you and respects you as his partner, he should still show signs of wanting to make it work, but blatantly refusing to resolve things up is a huge no, no.


3. You see physical signs

You see things that shouldn’t be there in the first place, like items that aren’t yours laying around the house or he’s trying to look better than usual. Though it is okay to change their outward looks, it’s weird when he changes his hair hairstyle or wants to lose weight at the exact same time he’s deleting his text messages? Try and connect the dots!


4. He omits details and shares half-truths

You ask him straight up if he has a connection with this certain “friend”, and he strongly denies it. He says they’re just friends, but you clearly see them going out multiple times. You have physical evidence that he chooses to spend more time with that person than with you, and yet he’s still denying his actions. He’s trying to play a mental game to make you doubt yourself, don’t fall for it!


5. You spend many nights alone

You find yourself spending many nights alone without him by your side. It’s common to spend nights alone if you’re single, but not if you’re married or in a relationship. Sometimes they make up excuses why they’re not home, and some of these excuses may be valid, but if you find this happening a lot, that’s a huge red flag that he’s living a second secret life.


6. You no longer feel an emotional connection

You look at him and you no longer feel emotionally connected the same way you did when you first started being together and he looks at you and it seems like he feels the same way. too. If you try to resolve things or do something to rekindle the romance and he shows signs of no longer being interested, or his attention is diverted somewhere else, someone could be getting in the way of your relationship.


7. He constantly criticizes you

If you have become the target of constant criticism and he’s randomly lashing out at you, this is not just a sign of cheating but of abuse. If he’s picking on your little insecurities, pressuring you to change, or demanding you to live up to his dream standards of a “woman”, that is a huge no, no. A healthy relationship accepts each other for who they are, not bring each other down. You don’t have to live with this!


8. Your intuition is pinging

If your own intuition is telling you something is wrong, you should probably follow it. If you have been suspecting that something is up and doesn’t feel right, that is usually the first sign of cheating. If you’re doubtful, the best thing you can do is talk to your partner directly.


What Can I Do?


If one or any of these signs are happening, you don’t have to go through it alone! It’s best to get in touch with someone who can help and understand you, like a close family member, friend, or a love psychic. Vent out your feelings and get their advice on what your next best course of action should be.

Whatever is happening, it’s best to stay calm and find any piece of evidence that can confirm your suspicions. You can ask other people to help you, or if you decide to do it yourself, do it safely! Do it to give yourself closure. Though it is well within your right to react however you want to, it’s best to be the bigger person, and never resort to violence or attacks.

To truly find out if he is cheating on you, the best thing you can do is communicate! Try your best to resolve things maturely, especially if you have children. If you have kids, focus on what’s best for them. If you don’t have kids, focus on your own happiness. Are you still happy with this relationship? Is there any way for things to work out? Both of you must agree to a set of new rules, not just you continuing to make things work. If you’re not fulfilled anymore, it’s best to break it off and regain the happiness and independence you deserve.

It’s okay if your partner is not the one! If you still want to give love another chance or find out why your relationship didn’t work, your Akashic Records hold complete information about your love life, including who your true soulmate is and how you can find him. If you want to get started, you can click here.

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