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Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children are referred to as Star Children. Each has their own certain qualities that other kids don’t have.

Sometimes a child is born as a one in a million miracle.

Kids provide joy, hope, and immeasurable love to the world, giving even the most pessimistic individual a reason to wake up each day and help make the world a better place.

Indigo and Crystal children are a special group of individuals who are sent to Earth for an even greater purpose: to change the world.

These children, who all fall under the umbrella of “Star Children,” are born leaders; the individuals who represent the collective purpose and destiny of a generation.

They are born to lead the fight against the status quo set by the past, and ultimately create a new, better world for the future.

Indigo and Crystal Children are the next stage in humankind’s spiritual evolution, especially as these special individuals tend to be born in waves.

Still, these children (and adults) are not confined to a single generation or two. Even now, Indigo Children are being born, as well as Crystal Children, and your child may very well be one of these unique souls who were born to usher in a better world for everyone.

All Star Children are highly intuitive and compassionate, but each type has a different temperament and purpose, which is recognizable as early as childhood.


The Indigo Children


Indigo Children came first, many of them being born in the 60s and 70s, as fiery warriors who blazed the path for future generations, by challenging the establishment and fighting for the acceptance of minorities and the marginalized.

These individuals are known for their fierce and passionate temperaments, which Indigos use to quash old instutions and systems that are corrupt and do not serve humanity.

With warrior energy and an intolerance for injustice, Indigos fight tirelessly for truth and equality. These are the people who are often seen challenging “The Man.”

If your child is an Indigo, you may notice a rebellious streak in them early on. They’re strong-willed and unafraid to challenge authority in pursuit of a better world. These individuals value truth above all and they are extremely perceptive of lies and deception.

While other people may criticize them for their strong thoughts and opinions, Indigos are always certain of their purpose and vision. It’s not surprising that Indigos are non-conformists, which can sometimes lead to them becoming loners, since they are unwilling to change themselves to fit in.

The Indigos have a fiery and uncompromising attitude, but they are also extremely empathetic and loving. Their passion and strength actually comes from their deep love for the world and the desire to make things better for every human being around them.

Indigos’ auras are rich in blue hues, which is known as the color of the Third Eye Chakra, which indicates clairvoyance.

With an Indigo child, it’s important to keep an eye out for depression, as well. Since they are so dedicated to create change in the world, Indigos can become despondent when they’re unable to achieve this.


The Crystal Children


After the wave of Indigo children in the world, a new generation of equally special children came into the world.

The trailblazers of the next generation were dubbed the Crystal children, a group that started coming into the world in the 70s and 80s, but their numbers really increased in the 90s and onwards.

The Crystal children walk a path that’s already been paved by the fiery Indigos, so their purpose and temperaments are different from their predecessors. This new generation of warriors are gentler and more patient, choosing a peaceful and heart-centric path to create a more beautiful world for everyone.

With their calming presence, Crystals encourage the people around them to live in peaceful harmony with the universe, and they’re great lovers of nature and animals. These are caring individuals who are more affectionate than Indigo children, always ready to listen, teach, and hug family, friends, and even strangers.

Many millennials who were born as Crystal children choose to forego material possessions, as well as high-powered careers, to pursue a life dedicated to making the world a better place. Whether by volunteering in a third-world country, starting a small eco-friendly business, or even simply moving out of the city to live a simple life off the grid.

Crystal children are also incredibly close to the spiritual world with a strong connection to entities like guardian angels. They’re drawn to crystals and their energies, so you will often see them wearing various crystals, as necklaces or bracelets.

The energy fields of Crystal children are clearer and opalescent, often appearing like a crystal, to psychics with the ability to see auras.

It’s common for young Crystal children to develop speech later than other children, which means they are extremely in touch with their other senses, including their Third Eye.

From a young age, Crystals will usually be ultra-sensitive to noise. Some are diagnosed with Autism spectrum disorders and many are prone to anxiety because of their heightened sensitivity.


A New Wave Of Rainbow Children


Following the wave of Crystal children are the Rainbow children, who display startlingly beautiful auras that shimmer with the different hues of the rainbow. Most of them were born in 2000s, so they are still young and developing, today.

Unlike Indigos and Crystals who are described as old souls, Rainbow children are new souls that arrived on Earth with the fresh innocence of someone without karmic baggage. Since it’s their soul’s first incarnation, many Rainbows display a child-like personality, and they tend to be hyperactive, enthusiastic, and fearless.

When you’re around Rainbow children, you’ll notice that their energy is extremely contagious, so that you’ll feel inspired by their mere presence.

These kids are individuals who are fully dedicated to humanity. They are generous, selfless, positive, and forgiving of others. Like other Star children, Rainbows are extremely intuitive and sensitive.

Since they vibrate at such a high frequency with their positivity, this generation of trailblazers find it easy to manifest the things they want.

Of course, Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children, all want the same thing – the positive evolution of humanity and a better world.

Is your child a Star?

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