Protection Tips for Children with Psychic Abilities kids

You should help your children gifted with psychic abilities to develop them to put into proper use.

Psychic ability is a gift. For some children and adults, they are able to express and develop their psychic gifts more easily.

Psychic ability should be developed just like other abilities. Comparing it to speaking, you are born with the ability to speak but if you are not taught to do so, then you cannot do it. Psychic skills are also like that. They have to be developed in order to put them into proper use.

Young children are open, they see things, they feel things, and they are highly intuitive.

Today, I am going to teach you what are the signs that indicate children are psychic and how adults should help their children deal and preserve their natural psychic ability.


Why Do Babies Often Smile While Looking In The Air?


Isn’t it entertaining to hear a baby cooing and making cute little sounds with their eyes fixed on something? We can often see babies looking amused and smiling at something we cannot see.

Babies can actually see angels and spirit guides. It is because babies are still energetically open to the vibrations around them. They are naive, and unlike adults, babies do not doubt, question, or deny, what they see. Babies are not yet conditioned to ignore their intuition, be logical and believe only what can be proven.

They are not afraid of spirits because babies understand that they are loving and kind. Adults have been affected by society and are usually made to believe that spirits are something to be afraid of because of the scary stuff we have seen about them in movies.


The “Imaginary” Friends


Young children love to play pretend games and interact with stuffed animals or dolls, as if they were alive. Most children have imaginary playmates, especially when there is no one around to physically play with them.

Imaginary friends are a common part of our childhood development. Research shows that kids with imaginary friends have been found to be more articulate, have improved creativity, and higher self-esteem.

Children usually communicate with their imaginary friends. They love playing with them and usually call on them when their real playmates or friends are not available. When children are upset because of what has happened to them, or if they have been hurt about what someone has said to them, they call on to their imaginary friends.

This imaginary friend that children might be seeing or talking to, could be their Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide. They are not just make-believe, but instead very real Beings that your child is experiencing with his or her psychic senses.

Unfortunately, many parents think that their children just have an overly creative imagination and dismiss the idea that their kids are actually seeing something. It is for this reason that children stop believing what they see, because they are told that what they see is not real.

Children will then start to shut off their psychic powers because of this, and will eventually lose them as they grow into adults.

Psychic powers can be compared to tools, they become duller and duller when they are not used for their intended purposes. The same way, when adults tell children that their imaginary friends are wrong and not real, children will stop using their psychic sense until they become less effective and soon become lost.


Common Characteristics of Children with Psychic Abilities sensitive_kid

Psychic kids are more sensitive to their surroundings.

  1. Sensitive to the Energy of Others

Psychic children are very sensitive to the energy of other people. They can easily feel other people’s emotions. If you are upset, having a rough day, or ill, they will feel it, too,

  1. Sensitive to Their Surroundings

Because they feel energy so deeply, they are super sensitive to the environment. They feel affected by crowded or noisy places. Loud noises can easily overwhelm them. They can also feel the energy of places, that’s why they also feel creepy when they walked into someone’s home.

  1. They Have Great Instincts About People and Situations

It’s difficult to lie to a child with psychic abilities, they will know if you are lying or really telling the truth.

  1. Talks about imaginary friends, or loved ones that they never met

They do have imaginary friends or playmates. They can hear the voices of their imaginary friends and they can tell you a lot of details about them. These details are usually consistent, such as their friend’s name, gender, clothes, or things they like/dislike.

Intuitive kids may also be able to talk about loved ones who have passed away without you telling them anything about them. They may know things about them because they are able to communicate with them.

  1. May recall a past life or say things like, “I remember when…” 

They may talk to you about their past life memories. They will give you facts and information that they have not learned yet in this life. An example is when you visit a new place and your child recognizes landmarks he or she should know nothing about

  1. Have a special love of animals

Psychic children love animals very much. They are very drawn to your pet puppy, kitten, or other furry friends. They are nature lovers as well.

  1. Prefer being home over going to school

As children with psychic abilities are highly sensitive to the people around them and their surroundings, they prefer to be alone and be at home. 

  1. Sleep Issues

They often have vivid dreams, nightmares, or trouble sleeping. It is possible that they may be astral projecting or revisiting their past lives. They will be able to tell you clearly and in detail stories about their dreams.

  1. They are Creative 

They are imaginative, creative, and right brain thinkers, since intuitive function is a right brained function.


How To Help Your Psychic Children support_your_children

Your children with psychic abilities will need a lot of patience, understanding, and support from you.

It is not easy to deal with children with psychic abilities. The same way, it is not easy for children to have this kind of natural psychic ability.

They will need a lot of patience, understanding, and support, from their parents and adults. You should help them develop their psychic abilities without compromising their emotional and social growth.

Encourage them to tell you what they see and repeat conversations they hear. Listen carefully to what they are saying. You may also document their experiences by keeping notes on what your child tells you. You can also encourage older children to write their stories, or draw pictures of what they have seen.

Never ever tell them that what they see or hear is not real. Don’t brush off their feelings as “nothing”, or merely “coincidence”. Honor what the children feel about the situation.

It’s also important that you explain to the child that not everyone can understand their experiences, so they cannot talk with everyone about them. You need to teach them how to function on both levels of reality.

It would also be helpful to get educated. You may contact a psychic who can help you guide your children in the development of their psychic abilities, as well as maintaining a balance with their physical life.

Be calm and let the things happen at their own pace. To have a child with psychic abilities is such a blessing. Be thankful for it!

If you have a psychic child and need guidance on how to best help them, you can contact me by clicking here, to schedule a special session to help you with this.


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