Psychic Advice For Anyone With A Psychic Child psychic child

Having a psychic child can be overwhelming at first but by learning about psychic abilities so you can help your child deal and embrace their psychic abilities.

Every child is special, and some children even have some kind of psychic ability, such as having imaginary friends or seeing things that other people may not see.

But there are some children who may show more heightened psychic abilities than most kids.

How do you know if your child has psychic abilities? How will you deal with your gifted child?

If you have a child who is psychically gifted, here is some psychic advice that will help answer those questions for you.


Signs Your Child Has Sixth Sense


If your child has heightened sixth sense, they may exhibit the following:

Your child may have imaginary playmates or may hear voices

You might see them talking to, or even playing with someone who is not visible. They can see or hear their imaginary friends, and it’s real to them.

You may see them staring at an empty space

Your child tells you that they can see ghosts, or they might be seeing a deceased family member or another spiritual being.

Your child has troubles sleeping

This could be due to all their psychic energy surrounding them. They may also have vivid dreams or nightmares, which makes it more difficult for your child to go to sleep.

Spiritually gifted children can see auras

An aura is an energy field surrounding our body, and it has different layers and colors. If your child has psychic abilities, they may be able to see the colors of another person’s aura. 

Your child is very sensitive to their environment and to other people

You may notice that they don’t feel comfortable being in a crowded place because they can sense all the energy coming from the people in that place. They may also like or dislike someone instantly, because of their great sense of other people’s feelings and real personality.

They may also have a deep attraction or great love for animals and seem to be able to connect and even communicate with them.

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Your child tells you that they’ve been someplace before, even though they have not. Or they may talk about some strange things which seem beyond their age.

They may easily get upset if they see people or animals get harmed or hurt. 

Your child may also feel drawn to “heal” other people

You may see them putting their hands above you as if wanting to heal you.


What To Do If Your Child Is Psychically Gifted


When your child shows signs of being gifted with psychic abilities, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, confused, or even scared.

As a psychic, I can tell you that you don’t need to worry about it, and you can actually help your child by understanding and supporting them.

You can start by learning more about psychic abilities, doing your research, and reading about different psychic abilities so that you can identify the gift that your child has. This will also help you to know more about your child’s strengths and how they can further develop them.

Create a loving and accepting atmosphere where you listen to your child without judgment. Let your child know that if they have any experience that makes them uncomfortable, they can come to you and talk about it.

Encourage them to share their experiences freely so that you can discuss them together.

Communication is very important, so if your child tells you about a strange experience, avoid reacting negatively, or your child may not tell you about it the next time it happens.

Let your child know that they can trust you.

If your child is behaving in a strange way, try not to step in at first, and simply observe. If your child has an imaginary friend, realize that this may be real and normal to them. You can ask your child questions, such as who they are talking to, or what their “friend” looks like.

Some kids will describe how their imaginary playmate looks and they may even be able to draw them.

Your child could be seeing a deceased family member, so you can show them family pictures and let them tell you who they see.

Family members who already passed away usually watch over their loved ones who they left behind.

When your child tells you that they can see ghosts, try to respond and act as naturally as you can. Teach them not to fear their special abilities, such as seeing ghosts. Let your child know that there are other children and people also see these same things, too.

Let them learn how to get in touch with their psychic gifts and trust themselves. To do this, you can let them make a decision based on their own belief or judgment.

When your child learns to embrace their gift, they will be able to use it in their life. They will learn who to trust and also learn to trust themselves.

As a parent, you need to be there for your child to help them learn about this special ability. But don’t force your child to be psychic if they don’t want to.

Also, never pressure them to show their psychic abilities to you or to other people. When children are forced to show their psychic gifts, they begin to feel like something is wrong and feel forced to live up to other people’s expectations.

Teach them also to respect other people who may not believe in psychic ability or people who have a different view about this topic.

Be patient and just be there for them because many children who have psychic gifts end up blocking or ignoring their abilities when they become adults because of fear. They also don’t want to feel isolated or want their friends to treat them differently.

Most importantly, let your child be a child. Let them enjoy their childhood and develop all their other skills, like playing sports or playing musical instruments. This can make them feel that they are loved, accepted, and treated like all other kids.

There are reasons why some children have psychic gifts. They may have a special mission to help other people, to share a message from the spiritual world, or even to bring physical, mental, or spiritual healing to other people.

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Remember that your child needs your guidance. Follow this psychic advice and you will be able to help your child embrace their psychic gifts.


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