Psychic Dreams: What Do They Mean psychic dream

Psychic dreams can be difficult to identify and a psychic reading can help you find out their meanings.

All of us have dreams. Sometimes you can’t remember them but sometimes you can recall a dream as vividly as if just happened.

Oftentimes the dream you may have has no significant meaning and you don’t need to worry about it because they are only random thoughts that your unconscious mind is processing about the places, people, experiences, and events, that happened when you are awake.

On another note, there are dreams that can have meanings if you are able to interpret them properly. These are called psychic dreams, and I will be discussing these types of dreams in this article.


What Are Psychic Dreams?


Psychic dreams are dreams that provide you a glimpse into your future. They may also revolve around someone who is attached to you, or they could be about something external, like an event, situation or place.

This type of dream is called a psychic dream, wherein the person who had it can gain information or guidance from beyond the physical while he is sleeping, by connection to a deeper, multi-dimensional spiritual realm.


Why Do We Have Psychic Dreams?


All of us are born with some extent of psychic abilities. But because of our stressful and busy lives, these abilities are often suppressed.

It is the unconscious mind that guides us in the proper direction, but during the times that we are awake and busy with our daily activities, it the conscious mind that is active.

We cannot receive messages from the subconscious mind during these active times.

The only chance that your subconscious mind can send you a message is when you are asleep.

When you are asleep, you are no longer thinking of the things you need to do for the day, or worrying about your problems. Instead, your conscious mind is shut down and the subconscious mind is the one active.


Types of Psychic Dreams


Here are the basic categories of psychic dreams:

Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive dreams are also known as premonitions, or futuristic dreams because they predict the future.

These kinds of dreams predict both the good and bad situations of the future, which can be pleasant or scary.

People who have this type of psychic dream can them as an opportunity to change something since these dreams can be positive or negative, straightforward, or symbolic.

The way to find if your dream is precognitive is to wait and see if it comes true. This could take days, weeks, months, and even years.

Telepathic Dreams

Telepathic dreams happen when you actually telepathically communicate with someone that is close to you, such as your best friend, partner, or sibling. It’s similar to a normal dream but instead, you are interacting with another person.

An example of this is when you have a dream where you are communicating with your friend. The following day, that friend can confirm the dream, along with the communication that happened between the two of you.

These kinds of dreams may also occur between you and your angels, guides, or even deceased loved ones.

Do your dreams keep you awake at night? Or do you have questions about what they mean? If you need help discerning the real meaning behind your dreams and guidance on you on how to make sense of the symbols which are often shown in them, click here to schedule a session where I can help you.

Clairvoyant Dreams

This kind of dream is a powerful psychic dream to have. It is characterized as vivid, realistic, and captivating, using symbols, metaphors, and events, as ways of communicating a message.

These dreams give information about the present, in real-time, just as if it is presently happening. Dreaming about something, and then having it happen in real life, is a clairvoyant dream.

For example, you could dream about an earthquake happening on the other side of the world and then you wake up to find it happened while you were sleeping.

These kinds of dreams usually give guidance to the dreamer in the present, and also insights into the future.

This was the kind of dream I had when I predicted the Oklahoma City Bombing, 90 minutes before it happened, on a live radio show.


How To Have Psychic Dreams


Everyone can have psychic dreams, due to the fact that we all possess psychic abilities to some extent.  However, most people don’t know how to distinguish them from normal dreams.

Follow these tips to learn how to have psychic dreams and interpret their messages.

1. Set Intention

Before you go to sleep, set the intention to receive messages through your dreams. You can ask your angels or spirit guides to help you.

You can say something like this – “I am open to receive guidance and messages in my dreams, from my guides and angels”. You can state this in your own words with an intention to receive guidance.

Don’t be discouraged if you do not receive any messages the first time because this is just normal. The more you practice this daily, the more you will be closer to having a psychic dream.

2. Keep a Dream Journal

A dream journal is an important tool for remembering and interpreting your dreams.

Keep this by your bed, so you can easily access it as soon as you wake up. Then write down your dreams in detail, or any meanings that may come to you.

You should write your dreams in the journal as soon as you wake up because when we become busy with our usual daily activity, the tendency is to forget our dreams.

Usually the dreams we have offer messages in the form of symbols or recurring patterns. By having a journal, these can be easily evaluated, and you’ll begin to notice the patterns that could give clues about your life.

3. Symbols and Patterns

As mentioned earlier, your psychic dreams can give you messages in the form of symbols or patterns. These symbols or patterns usually repeat themselves in psychic dreams, so that’s why a journal will be handy for recognizing these repeated symbols.

Pay close attention to these details and try to connect them to your daily life. Regular practice, along with being open to these symbols will make the messages become clear.

4. Confirmation with a psychic

It would be best to contact a good psychic to discuss whether your dreams are psychic or not because a good psychic can help you interpret your dreams properly.

If you need help discerning the real meaning behind your dreams and guidance on how to make sense of the symbols which are often shown in them, click here to schedule a session where I can help you.

Do you have questions about your dreams and what they mean? A psychic reading will be able to tell you their meanings.

Schedule a Psychic Reading by calling my office at 614-444-6334 or by clicking here and filling out the form on my Psychic Reading Page.


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    So on May 26 of 2020 I had a very powerful dream of me and my young daughter walking hand in hand when a tidal wave took us . This dream upset me I immediately text her if you die before I see you again know I love you. July 28/29-2020. I had a very powerful dream the kind you are compelled to get up and write down ASAP. It was a man a lil boy with golden eyes the man asks do you love this boy I say yes he says why I said because he’s so special I just automatically love him but I already knew who the lil boy was it was my son whom is passed at birth, I knew his eyes immediately they were his dads. Suddenly an announcement introduces Miss lulu lee it’s a young girl she’s dressed in white she has a hurt mouth but she sang so beautifully she floated past us looking straight ahead to a door ajar leading to a great light I been she held lilies. Right before she reaches the door and light she glances back at me and hot damn those are my eyes. I immediately journaled and created. Painting about 2-3 hours into my day the Facebook messenger begins to ring from family in Arizona A. They never call and really not in the day and B. It was multiple family members. I went to the bathroom ignored the calls I didn’t want any bad news. Finally I peaked at a text. It said Estelle is dead. I call her Alex. And there it is I have tons of these forever but this one I feel like it was telling or saying something only too me

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