Psychic Gypsy Scams You Need To Know About

Psychic Gypsy Scams You Need To Know About

There are a lot of real and trustworthy psychics out there who are looking to help their clients and not scam them like what those psychic gypsy scammers who only want to rip off their unsuspecting victims

There’s a lot of good that comes from psychics and the mystic arts, but there are also people who use the largely mysterious area of study for their own profit.

How to know you’ve been cursed

Gypsies, also known as the Romani or Roma, have traveled across Europe for a thousand years, and are now found in many places, all over the world. Although they were initially believed to have come from Egypt, these nomadic groups actually journeyed from India.

The traditions and culture of the gypsy people are a source of curiosity for different people, but through the years, and into modern-day, certain shady individuals take advantage of the rich, exotic history of these nomadic people and use it to fool tourists into giving up great amounts of money.

These scammers are not necessarily Romani, but many of them do originate from the gypsies who traveled to Europe, centuries ago. Those who are enamored by psychic abilities will be easily attracted to the allure of gypsy magic, not realizing that they are vulnerable to scams and deceit. Some people have even been swindled out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here are three common psychic gypsy scams that you need to watch out for, whether it’s in real life or online.

Pre-Written Fortune Readings For Strangers

For many gypsy fortune tellers, real psychic abilities are not even necessary, since they usually perform what’s called “canned cold readings.”

This means that even when gypsies face a “cold” client, a stranger they know nothing about, these fortune tellers can recite a pre-written script with details that actually apply to most people.

Although these phrases are not 100 percent guaranteed to work, they do work on people more often than not. Even with just one correct detail during a cold reading, the gypsy fortune teller will be able to establish trust between her and her victim.

An Evil Curse

This type of gypsy scam has been around for many, many years, and it is still incredibly prevalent today. This scam occurs when a “fortune teller” tells you that you are a victim of a curse and only their magic or a special spell can set you free. Of course, this spell would often require a lot of money in exchange for removing it.

Sometimes, the fortune teller will say that the curse comes from the money itself, so the cash will need to be destroyed.

Then, when you hand over a bag of money, the scammer will inconspicuously exchange it for something that’s worth much less, such as a wad of paper. In doing this, the gypsies will destroy the bag and keep your money for themselves.

Gypsies will also offer to burn special blessed candles for you to get rid of your curse, with each candle costing $10 or more. When you return for a second reading to find out whether the candles worked, you’ll be informed that the curse is stronger than expected, and more candles had to be burned in your behalf.

Unsurprisingly, you are expected to pay for all the additional candles and the gypsies will promise to burn even more candles for your protection. This will continue until you decide to cut them off or you run out of money.

Usually, the gypsies will make their victims believe their fraud by using various sleight-of-hand tricks, such as cracking an egg open to see insects, blood, or a clump of hair inside.

These tricks are presented as proof of the presence of evil, and gypsies will claim that harm will come your way if you do not provide them with the right amount of money.

Here are 15 ways to how to tell if you’re cursed.

A Promise Of Healing For The Sick And Elderly

Another type of fortune-telling fraud includes looking for sick people and promising them that they can be healed for a price.

Many of the sick and the elderly end up draining their hefty savings accounts. or isolating themselves from their families, due to the persuasions of fortune-tellers.

If you’re paying for the services of a gypsy, avoid shelling out the cash too quickly. If you’re bothered by the thought of a curse or an undetected disease that could upend your life, ask for a second opinion from another psychic expert before taking drastic steps.

Remember, real psychics, do not have neon signs out front advertising their services. Without exception, these types of “psychics” are all scam artists out to take your money!

Reuniting Separated Lovers

Some gypsies target the lonely and heartbroken by promising to reunite lost lovers or to bring your loved one back to you, within a given period of time.

In order to accomplish this task, these gypsies say they simply have to burn a special candle that costs a couple of hundred dollars.

When you shell out the cash, the gypsy scammer will divulge a problem in the spell, such as another lover stealing your soulmate’s heart, or a job that’s taking him or her far away from you.  Then they will tell you that a single candle won’t do the trick, after all, so you’re now required to pay the price for numerous candles.

After hundreds of dollars spent for candles, these individuals will be as broke as they are heartbroken.

Online Fraud

While the Internet allows a greater audience worldwide to benefit from the gifts of psychics, it also opens the door for fraudulent individuals to make a quick buck.

Many frauds online use the gypsy and psychic culture to rip off trusting clients, so it’s important to constantly be alert of potential schemes.

There’s no sure-fire way to identify a scam, but there are a few signs to watch out for:

One is the absence of the psychic’s picture.

If there is also no way to contact the psychic outside of a blank form on the website, or no available e-mail address, telephone number, run the other way!

Remember, it’s not just the real gypsies who are guilty of these scams. These dishonest practices have made there way all over the world, so it’s important to learn to recognize scams and protect yourself from them.

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