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The death of a loved one is usually a heart-wrenching experience. However, your deceased loved ones can still try to communicate to you even after they are gone.

When you lose a person you love, to death, the pain is unbearable, mostly because you realize that you will never be in their presence again.

It’s true that after they die, your family or friends’ “earthly selves” are gone, however, their spirits continue to be a part of the universe.

Ultimately, death is only another step in the journey of existence, and sometimes, the spirit of your deceased loved one will even reach through the chasm between life and death, to connect with you.

Apart from actually seeing your loved one with your own two eyes, when they visit you, here are several signs that your loved ones are reaching out to you from the beyond.


Appearing In Your Dreams


Many times, dreams become the bridge to the realms beyond our own, since this is when the subconscious mind is most open and free.

Just as angels and spirit guides can reach out to you as you sleep, deceased family members and friends, can communicate with you openly in the confines of your dreams. Reporting recurring dreams is actually a very common occurrence with many people who have lost a loved one.

When you keep having the same dream about a person that has passed away, he or she might be trying to tell you something important, so pay close attention. As soon as you wake up in the morning, grab a pen and paper to jot down everything that you remember from your dreams. From actual words, to gestures, to even the vaguest feelings you might have felt, write it all down and reflect on it means.


Feeling A Ghostly Touch


Sometimes, as you mourn the passing of your loved one, you may feel a comforting touch on your hand, or a gentle pat on the back. Ghostly touches such as these come from the spirit of the deceased, as they reach out to you to soothe your grief.

These touches often happen closely after their passing, when the wounds are still fresh and they are still lingering. Don’t be surprised if the sensation of their touch is followed with a wave of love and compassion. It’s your loved one telling you, “I am sending you loving energy to let you know that it’s okay, I’m okay, and you will be okay.”

Sometimes, the touch of a loved one isn’t exactly directed to you, but to the objects around you. This might result in a book falling off the shelf, or the bed shifting as if someone sat down next to you.


Familiar Scents Come Out Of Nowhere


Scents are often a sign of intimacy because when you are truly close to a person you associate him or her with a specific smell. It could be a favorite perfume, the air freshener they used in their car, or even the distinct smell of the Indian restaurant that they loved so much. For as long as you’ve known them, you’ve associated these scents to the person you lost.

And so, when you sense these smells, it’s unmistakable – your loved one is in your presence.

It’s especially noticeable when the scent hits you from out of nowhere. For example, you might be driving to work when you suddenly get a strong whiff of curry, of which there isn’t any restaurants serving curry, near you.


Animal Omens Show Up In Your Life


The animal world is closely connected with the spiritual world, so people on the other side often use animals to reach out to the living. Butterflies and dragonflies are the most well-known omens of spiritual visits, but they could also be other animals, especially colorful ones like bluebirds, which are striking and noticeable.

Keep an eye out for creatures that are behaving strangely, such as venturing closer to you and looking in your eyes. When this happens, consider that it might be a loving relative or friend trying to get your attention.

If the animal omen lingers for a little while, acknowledge the presence of your loved one and let them know that you are willing to help with what they need from this plane.

Black feathers are also known to be a sign of an ancestor’s presence.


Lights, Electronics Behave Oddly


The energy field of a spirit can be strong and unrestrained, so it could interfere with many of the energy sources around you. Lights are easily affected and the presence of a loved one often results in light bulbs and candles flickering. After the passing of a loved one, you may notice your lights acting strangely, in a way they never have before.

It’s also common to have problems with your gadgets when a spirit presence is around you. The power of their energy usually interferes with electronic devices and causes these devices to reboot,  or they can even fry the hardware, unintentionally. Sometimes your loved one will even try to speak to you through certain frequencies on the radio!


Sudden Shifts In The Air


A gentle breeze, even indoors, is a good indication of a spirit nearby, since ghostly presences usually disturb the air around them, even if they’re invisible to the naked eye.

Another unmistakable sign is feeling the temperature drop. Deceased spirits don’t naturally have the chi, or vital energy, of the living, so when they appear on Earth, they instantly drain the chi energy from their surroundings.

It’s also important not to dismiss your sense of sight, simply because you haven’t seen your loved one appear to you. Sometimes, they can show up as other types of heavenly apparitions, such as a bright halo of light.

While losing your loved ones is painful, opening up your eyes to their presence could prove to be a big comfort.

When the body dies, the spirit lives on, as part of the Divine. Submit yourself to your connection with the spirit world around you, and you’ll realize that you never really lose anyone, after all, even in death.

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