Soul Levels: How Old Is Your Soul? soul

Soul level refers to how far the soul has progressed on the path of growth and soul development.

The big picture of your soul is much, much bigger than you or I can ever imagine.

Believe it or not, your present life is only one step in the journey of your soul. Whatever wisdom, experience, and karma, you accumulate in any lifetime, gets carried over into the next, so that you are constantly adding to the infinite knowledge of your soul, which has been collected over all of your different incarnations.

When you ask how old your soul is, it’s important to understand that the soul doesn’t age in the same way that the body does. Instead of counting years or even numbers of lives, the soul goes through different levels of maturity, as your spiritual consciousness evolves.

There are five different soul levels, but each individual soul completes this journey in varying timelines. For most, achieving complete enlightenment is a process that takes hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes.

In fact, it can take several lifetimes just to learn a single lesson, as the soul goes through hardships over and over until it is able to break out of the cycle and learn its lesson.


The Infant Soul


The Infant Soul, as the name suggests, is a soul that is only just beginning its human journey. In this infantile stage, the soul’s primary concern is survival on the physical plane.

Simple, playful, and child-like, Infant Souls are disinterested with the deeper meanings of life. If you’re at this stage, most of your time and energy is spent seeking pleasure and trying to avoid getting hurt.

Since the Baby Soul is essentially new to human existence, they will be attracted to a simple lifestyle that brings you closer to nature and involves some kind of tribe or close-knit group of likeminded individuals.

At this stage, souls are not concerned with morality or ethics, so some — especially those without a loving “tribe” around them — fall into the habit of committing criminal or immoral acts – unapologetically and without shame and remorse.

There are Infant Souls who are referred to as psychopaths, or tagged with some type of developmental disorders, due to a primitive perception of themselves and other people.

Think of these souls the way you would think of a newborn fresh out of a mother’s womb. An infant might scream, kick his little legs, and perhaps even become a little violent during tantrums, but these actions are born out of innocence and not malice.

The reality is that souls at this level tend to find it challenging to fit in to modern and civilized society. Many Infant Souls go on to live multiple short lives, because they are only beginning to adjust to the human body and the environment around them.

Remember, soul level is all about learning to survive and adapt in the physical world, so it’s not unusual for these lives to be filled with hardships, fear, and struggle.


The Baby Soul


The Baby Soul is still quite young, but at this point, they are getting the hang of human existence and already learning to live as part of the civilized society around you. Their soul is already more comfortable with living in a physical body, so there is not as much fear as there was during the infantile years of their soul.

Fitting in is a major priority of Baby Souls, so they often seek out the guidance of authority figures, whether it’s from religious leaders, political groups, or someone who gives them the meaning and direction that they crave. Many Baby Souls are extremely patriotic and devout, placing great importance on tradition, conformity, and structure.

These individuals are likely the most upstanding citizens in the neighborhood, hardly stepping a foot out of line when it comes to rules and the laws, and they pride themselves in being good and honorable citizens.

Ultra-conservative, the Baby Soul will usually views the world in black and white, aware of what is right or wrong and good or bad, without giving much thought into the motive behind these actions.

However, since these souls look to other people for advice and leadership, Baby Souls can easily be misled. Their sense of self, at this stage, is entirely entrenched into the system around them, which can make them intolerant and distrustful to other people with different points of view.


The Young Soul


The third soul level is the Young Soul, which is when you begin to discover your free will and seek out independence. Just like a teenager who is getting to know the self that exists outside of the family, a soul in its so-called teenage years is starting to assert itself as its own person.

Ego-driven and ambitious, the Young Soul is eager to get what they want out of life and make their mark on the world. At this stage, you are quite self-centered and ultra-confident, always unflinching in your certainty that your personal perspective and opinions are the right ones.

Young Souls are adventurous, creative, and brave, blazing through life in constant pursuit of more adventure, more experience, more wealth, and just more of everything.

Ethics is already a factor on the thoughts, feelings, and actions, of Young Souls, but it can take a backseat to success, power, fame, and wealth.

Sure, they can be materialistic in their goals, but these individuals also tend to be incredible workers, logging in the sweat, blood, and tears, necessary to make their dreams a reality. Therefore, these Young Souls are usually responsible for the biggest innovations and advancements that change the world.


The Mature Soul


Since a Mature Soul is a lot more settled into human life, they are no longer seeking out success and achievement in the material sense, but searching for meaning and authenticity within and in interpersonal relationships.

At this stage, they want to gain a greater understanding of life, while nurturing deeper relationships with the self and other people

Mature Souls tend to be introspective, concerned not just with what is happening in the world, but also with what these events mean to them and the world at large. They examine and question everything, including themselves, over and over again, in hopes of acquiring more wisdom and fulfillment out of life.

Unlike the Young Soul, which is absorbed with its own perspective and ideas, the Mature Soul accepts that its perspective is just one among a sea of many other valid perspectives. These souls can appreciate opposing ideas, embracing both the sameness and differences among various cultures, communities, and individuals.

Basically, the Mature Soul has developed great empathy towards all.

It’s this ever-deepening empathy towards others that can sometimes make a Mature Soul feel lost and confused. Inner turmoil is common among people at this soul level, which can be addressed with spirituality, therapy, or other outlets.


The Old Soul


At this point, a person’s soul has gone through life on Earth over and over again, living through hundreds and hundreds of incarnations. The Old Soul is no longer concerned with physical survival like the Infant Soul, fitting in like the Baby Soul, and achievement like the Young Soul. It’s no longer troubled by the confusion and conflict that afflicts the Mature Soul.

Old Souls exude wisdom and calmness far beyond their physical years, with an inner peace that comes from being unattached to societal, cultural, and even religious expectations. They walk their own path because they have an extremely strong sense of self and have no urge to prove themselves to the world.

Since the Old Soul is unconcerned with day to day life, these souls often live solitary lives and are quite detached from the rest of society. However, many dedicate themselves to becoming spiritual teachers.

So, where do you feel your soul might be?

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