Tarot Cards 101: A Beginner’s Guide


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Tarot cards are great tools for cultivating your intuitive gifts. If you are a beginner who wants to learn, integrating tarot into your everyday life is a good way to start.

Besides a fortune teller’s ball, perhaps the most popular and most recognizable tool of the mysticalal arts are tarot cards.

The practice of tarot reading is all about connecting to the Divine and your higher self. These cards, and the way they are spread during a reading, essentially provide you with a peek into your intuition, which is known as your inner well of infinite wisdom and power.


The Tarot Deck


Tarot is composed of a deck that consists of 78 cards, which are the map for self-enlightenment. The deck consists of 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana cards.

Major Arcana cards feature symbols that represent the bigger cosmic picture, which means that your karma and spiritual journey come into play in these cards.

Meanwhile, the Minor Arcana cards are representative of your everyday life and are divided into 16 Court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages) and 40 other cards numbered one to 10, in four different suits: Swords, Pentacles, Cups, and Wands.

Each suit is focused on a different area of your life, with Swords focused on intellect, actions, and conflicts. The Pentacles represent work, wealth, and material possessions, while the Cups represent your emotions and intuition, and the ands represent spirituality and purpose.

The Court cards, each of which also falls under one of the four suits, represents an actual person, A drawn suit card could represent yourself or another person in your life, depending on how it appears in the spread.

Keep in mind that there are no inherently “good” or “bad” cards in a tarot deck because each one is simply a message from your higher self that you can use to guide you as you move forward in your life.


Tarot Cards, Intuition, And The Future


Tarot reading draws on your intuition, which possesses all the knowledge and power of the universe. All of us are born with intuition, but not everyone has learned to be sensitive to it.

Anyone can learn to read tarot cards, but it’s important to develop your intuition, so you can connect with and interpret the subtleties and symbolisms present in each tarot spread. To develop your intuition, engage in exercises, such as meditation and the daily practice of tarot reading. 

Most tarot readers are aware of the meaning of each card, then they interpret the complete spread using intuition and psychic abilities.

However, tarot reading is deeper than simply providing an absolutely clear snapshot of the future. Instead, you will be able to see all the possible outcomes, as well as the different factors that influence you and will lead to these outcomes.

Tarot cards are described as windows to the soul’s journey, providing you with a deeper understanding of your life. The Tarot allows you to see the conditions around you more clearly, recognize the opportunities and dangers, and validate the thoughts and beliefs that you already feel in your subconscious.


Tarot Reading For Beginners: Single Card Spread


Since every human being has access to their powerful intuition, anyone can learn to use a tarot deck to do a reading. For beginners, an increasingly popular way to master the meanings of the different cards, and grow as a tarot reader, is to pull one tarot card a day for yourself.

Before pulling a card, spend a few minutes breathing in and out to clear your mind and refresh your energy. Shuffle the cards and hold them in your hands for a moment or two to connect your energy with your deck.

Then, ask the question that you want the deck to answer. It doesn’t have to be a specific question but beginners often ask for a message from the deck. It can also be as simple as asking what experiences you can expect to have for the day. At the end of the day, you can check how accurate your reading was.

Draw a card by cutting the deck in half, and looking at the card on top of the deck.

When you do a reading, write down your insights, so you can keep track of your progress later on. Jot down your first impressions about the card you drew and the meanings behind it.

Then, go deeper, by applying the card’s meaning and symbolism to your own life. What do you feel is the message of this card to you, particularly how it applies to the question you asked at the beginning of the reading?


Tarot For Beginners: The Three-Card Spread


The three-card spread is also a fast and easy spread to master, and of all the different three-card spreads, the most popular one is the Past-Present-Future spread.

It is as easy as pulling three cards from the deck and laying them on the table from left to right. The first card on the left represents the past, then the middle card represents the present, and finally, the card on the far right represents the future.

In this spread, the past card will indicate what events and energies in your past shaped you and your conditions at present. It can shine a light on issues that are holding you back at present, so you can clear your energy field and move on.

The present card represents your current energy, highlighting what you are focused on at present. It also shows you where you are likely headed in the future, as well as the opportunities available to you right now.

Then, the future card refers to the outcome of your current energy and actions.

The Past-Present-Future spread is simple, but it can provide you with a new perspective on your life.

Are you happy with where you are and is your present in line with what you want to achieve in the future? This is a succinct, yet complete picture of your current life path and it’s up to you to continue or change your circumstances.

Remember, whatever spread you decide to use, practice makes perfect. Keep doing readings and exercise your intuition regularly to improve your accuracy and spot the little details more easily.

You’ll want to do readings on yourself every day, but offer to engage in tarot readings for your family and friends, as well. Not only will you be able to develop your skills more fully, but the people around you will also appreciate the extra insight into their lives.

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