Tell-Tale Signs You Share Your Home With A Ghost ghosts

A ghost is the spirit of a person who has passed away and for some reason they might not be able to crossover the other side and might continue to dwell in the physical realm such as your home.

Ghosts occasionally linger in a specific place, usually because the location means something special to them. Perhaps an old family home or the place where they passed away.

Is your house one of those spaces haunted by lost or trapped souls?

This is a situation that most homeowners dread, especially if you live alone or your neighbors aren’t close by. But it’s good to remember that just because there is a ghost in your home doesn’t mean that you are in grave danger, since most ghosts are only seeking closure and mean you no harm.

However, it’s always ideal to be aware if you’re sharing your living space with someone else, so keep an eye out for the following tell-tale signs.


Strange Noises At All Hours


Common examples of noises that you’ll hear if you share a home with a ghost include footsteps, unexplained groans, creaks on the staircase, the whistling of the wind indoors, and even sounds of things being dropped that aren’t really there.

Some spirits move through houses in the same way you do, so they’ll produce the same types of noises you do.

If you are particularly intuitive or even clairaudient, you will even hear the ghostly whispers and muffled cries of these spirits.


Electronic Devices Behaving Strangely


One of the easiest ways a ghost can command your attention is by manipulating electronics inside your home, since all spirits use energy in the physical world, and when they do this, it affects electrical and electromagnetic devices.

Lights flickering on and off at random intervals is a common example of this, as well as the television turning on and off without anyone touching the remote control.

Sometimes, a spirit you knew when they were living, will make his or her presence known by suddenly turning on the radio and blaring out a song that means something to the both of you.


Random Items Going Missing


Spirits will also play around with your personal things and they’ll often target the objects that are significant to you, such as jewelry, or even your car keys. Since these are things that are important to you, you’ll likely turn the house upside down in your search for the object, finding it nowhere to be found.

Then, a few days later, these missing objects will just pop up. Sometimes, the items will be back in their regular places, as if they were never lost, while other times, they’ll appear in odd places.

For example, the bracelet you’ve been looking for is suddenly inside the freezer, or the remote control in the bathroom cupboard. In rare cases, the missing item won’t make it back to you.


Doors, Windows Swinging Open And Closed


Another common phenomenon in haunted houses are doors constantly opening and closing on their own. Some spirits open doors or windows of the house as a symbolic gesture to escape their trapped state. While others open and close the doors of cupboards and cabinets, as an indication of their presence.

While you’ll notice that the doors around your home are mysteriously opening and closing, you probably won’t witness the event with your own eyes.

Most of the time, it will happen when you’re not in the room or your back is turned. Sometimes, you’ll be able to hear the bang of the door as it slams shut, or the tell-tale creak of the wood.


Shadows Lurking In The Corners


Actual appearances of ghosts are rare, but you might be able to catch shadows and dark figures lurking around your house if it’s haunted. Most of the time, you’ll only see dark shapes in your peripheral vision and then they will be gone the moment you turn to look at them.

These shadows are also often brushed off as tricks of the light, since they are usually seen in your periphery, very fleeting, and the shadows are not always shaped like a person. If this happens often, though, it’s a strong sign that there is an entity in your house.


Sudden Changes In Temperature


Deceased spirits lack the “chi”, or vital energy, of the living, so when they’re around, they will often suck up the chi around them. The physical effect of this is a drop in temperature, so if there’s a spirit in your home, you’ll notice that it’s cooler in your house than it is in other houses.

Sometimes, there will be a single room in your house that is distinctly cooler than the other rooms, which means that this is the spot that the ghost frequents. Other times, you’ll suddenly feel a drop in temperature in a room, which means that a ghost has appeared nearby.


Odd Behavior Of Pets


Animals are far more sensitive to the spirit world than most humans, so they’ll know if there’s another entity sharing your space.

Keep an eye on your pets and see if they develop any strange behaviors. Dogs may bark angrily at empty space, as if an intruder is there, or steer clear of certain rooms, as if they are afraid of something. Some animals go wild in the presence of a spirit, while others stay quiet but tense, which you’ll notice as well.


Gut Feeling


Trust your intuition, because it is your strongest connection to the spirit world. If you sense you’re being watched or you feel a sudden touch on your hand, even if no one’s around, it might be a spirit reaching out to you.


What To Do When A Ghost Is In Your Home?


If you believe there is a ghost in your home and you want to learn more about it, you may want to have a psychic medium reading.

As a Psychic Medium, I can directly communicate with spirits, and discover more about the spirits living with you in your residence.

Whether you want to know how to get rid of the spirits or you simply want to know why they are there, a psychic reading is the most direct way I can communicate with your “housemates.”

Psychic intervention is also necessary, once the spirit begins to become aggressive or malicious. Some of the signs of a powerful ghost that should concern you include, apparitions that you see with your own eyes, levitation, or any actual physical harm against you. Such as, random bruises or sudden pangs. Once you experience any of these things, it’s best to call for expert assistance.

Here’s one thing you want to avoid: panic. If you panic, you’ll find it difficult to tell the difference between legitimate spirit signs and your imagination just running wild.

You want to stay calm, monitor the events to see if there’s cause for alarm, and ask for help if you need it.

If you have questions about your life that you need answers to, a psychic reading will give you the accurate answers you need. You can schedule a psychic reading by clicking here, or call my office at 614-444-6334 to schedule yours now!


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