This Is How Your Past Lives Are Affecting Your Current One past life

Past lives  are the lifetimes where you have lived in another body, in another place, and in another moment in time.

Not a lot of people can remember the exact people, events, and conditions of their past lives, but each lifetime that you’ve gone through continues to play a significant role in your current conditions.

These are a few of the most common ways your past incarnations can make themselves known in your present life.


Karma Over Several Lifetimes


Karma is the law stating that your actions eventually shape your life’s conditions. Good deeds create good karma and good conditions in your life, while bad deeds create bad karma and bad conditions.

The thing is, karma doesn’t expire after your death. In fact, it is one of the keys that determines the course of your different lifetimes. And you are living through your good and bad karma right now, whether you know it or not!

If you feel as if you are stuck in a hopeless situation at the moment and you can’t figure out why, keep in mind that your conditions may be a direct effect of your not-so-good actions in the past.

For example, if you were a thief in your last life, you may currently find yourself the victim of a string of crimes in your neighborhood, or you may notice a pattern of constantly getting robbed of opportunities in your career in this lifetime.

Karmic events aren’t always literal after all, but good or bad karma never gets lost and is always a part of your life, until you deal with it one way or another.

Whether your present conditions are favorable or not, the best thing to do as you move forward is to create more good karma for yourself with good thoughts, words, and actions.


Unresolved Trauma, Phobias


Do you have fears or phobias that you can’t explain? These terrors may have haunted you for as long as you can remember, but for the life of you, you can’t figure out a rational origin for them.

Since you don’t know where these apprehensions and fears came from, it may be challenging to make sense of them and find a resolution.

The truth is, these fears could simply be another way that your past lives have become a part of your present psyche.

For example, you may have abandonment issues, even if you grew up in a household with loving parents and never actually experienced being left behind in this lifetime.

These issues may turn out to stem from your experiences in previous lives of having grown up in an orphanage or being left by your husband.

If you fear intimacy or getting close to someone, it may mean that you used to be abused. Other common past life traumas include fears of flying in an airplane or fires for no discernible reason, all of which may mean that you died from a plane crash or burning in one of your previous lives.

Although your conscious mind may not know why you are so afraid of these things, the fear and trauma are imprinted in your soul. Recognizing and releasing these fears, whether it’s through meditation, therapy, or other exercises, are essential in living this life to its greatest potential.


People From Your Past Lives Showing Up In This Life


Here’s the thing, the most significant people in your life — the ones who taught you the most important lessons and made the biggest impact on your life, whether through good or bad circumstances — may be the exact same people who surrounded you in your past incarnations.

After all, souls often make pacts with other souls and agree to help each other learn certain lessons and achieve spiritual growth through different lifetimes.

Two (or more) souls could also have unfinished business with each other due to a premature death of one of them, or even just the pair giving up on each other before the relationship’s purpose was achieved. In these cases, both souls could choose to come back to resolve their differences in another life.

It’s not just romantic partners who experience an unknown, yet powerful link with each other, your soul’s “mates” could be abusive partners, demanding parents, troublesome children, patient teachers, or even one-time lovers.

You’ll be able to recognize these people with the feelings they elicit in you, since in most cases you’ll experience a quick surge of emotion, as soon as you get into contact with them. It could be instant affection, as if you’ve been friends for a long time, or instant dislike, but it will be a powerful bond that you can’t explain.


Life Patterns Repeating Over And Over


In the same way that the fears of your past can continue to haunt you in this lifetime, some of the events and circumstances of your life may continue to repeat over and over through all your different lifetimes.

Why? Well, it’s possible that you haven’t learned the lesson you’re meant to learn from the experience.

Relationship patterns are some of the most common life patterns and some of the easiest to identify. Men and women tend to get into the same type of destructive relationships over multiple lifetimes, repeating their mistakes and seeking out partners who make them feel worthless, until they develop enough self-esteem to break out of the cycle.

Life patterns can also occur when some of your baggage and unresolved feelings from past lives still haunt you, attracting more of those feelings in your current life. If you’re the victim of abuse in a previous incarnation and you haven’t released the fear, resentment, and anxiety, you’ll attract experiences that bring you these same feelings in this lifetime, even if you’re not quite sure why.

Remember, the universal Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, which means that subconscious thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that carried over from your past life continue creating the circumstances of your life in the present.


Great Empathy Towards Other People


There are times when you may find yourself empathizing fully with other people, even when you haven’t experienced what they are going through.

Sometimes it’s when you’re looking at hungry children on the street or encountering a single mother struggling to provide for her family. It could even be hearing a friend cry over a bad breakup, or a cheating boyfriend.

It may be surprising to feel so strongly about the plight of others, especially when you’ve never been starving or cheated on.

The reason why you can relate so deeply with other people’s pain and experiences may be because you’ve experienced it to some degree during a previous life.

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