What Are The Different Psychic Abilities?


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Psychic ability is not a light switch that you just flip on for it to work. It’s a continuous process that requires your patience and determination.

Psychic abilities have been known around for as long as one can remember. Many people discover they possess more than one. There are a handful of types of these abilities and it’s really helpful to be familiar with each one of them.



According to the First Spiritual Temple established in 1883, channeling is the use of mediums for communicating directly with spirit guides, angels, and earthbound spirits. Mediums are people who have gifts beyond the traditional sense, and they have different ways of expressing them. Let’s take a look at them below:



The ability to see visions of people, events, and places beyond physical eyesight. This includes seeing the past, present, and future, as well as non-physical things, such as angels and spirit guides.



The ability to hear beyond the normal hearing perception. Sometimes, these sounds are voices of spirit guides and angels.



This psychic ability is also known as clear recognition or clear knowing. Psychics with this ability can know things without having any previous knowledge of the topic. It is believed that the knowledge they possess comes from their higher beings or from spirit guides.

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The ability to sense or feel something beyond the physical realm. A person who is clairsentient can sense energy presences, such as spirit guides.


Clairolfaction and Clairgustance 

Psychics who possess these abilities receive psychic information through their sense of smell and taste. For instance, they may taste blood to indicate death or smell a rose to indicate love.


Aura Reading

The ability to see the energy colors of a person, or commonly called auras. Auric fields often radiate about 6 to 18 inches beyond the physical body. Aura readers can see these vibrations and will offer insights into a person’s spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional nature.


Astral Projection

A voluntary ability that allows a person to project conscious awareness outside the physical body and can be mastered through frequent meditation. The astral body, more commonly known as the soul, is actually similar to the physical body. The difference is that the soul is not constrained to the laws of physical bodies.



Intuition is used in different psychic abilities. It is an innate sense of thoughts, feelings, events, or activities of others that are beyond normal human abilities to perceive them. For instance, a psychic with strong intuition will have this feeling that the person they just met has a gambling addiction even though the person is not showing it. And they will be right.



A divine practice used to seek answers through observing natural signs, some of which are given by spirit guides and guardian angels. Psychics use different divination forms, such as tea leaves, tarot cards, dowsing, pendulums, crystals, etc.



The ability to feel another person’s emotional and physical feelings. Empathy is involuntary, but psychics with this gift know how to control their reactions to these feelings, which are often confusing.



Telepathy is the use of physical senses to communicate directly with an individual through imagery, thoughts, and emotions. This psychic ability expresses itself in three ways:

  • Intellectual – This type of telepathy refers to entire ideas being communicated quickly with full understanding.
  • Instinctual – This telepathy type is controlled subconsciously and is often based on emotional ties. Instinctual communications are often subtle and vague; therefore, considered as the lesser of the three types. An excellent example of Instinctual telepathy is the communication between a child and mother.
  • Intuitional – This type is exclusively mind-to-mind. With intuitional communications, there is zero chance of misinterpretations and misunderstandings.


Animal Telepathy

Although it’s still telepathy, this psychic ability refers specifically to those who are able to communicate with the feelings and thoughts of animals. These people are often called pet psychics.



Psychometry refers to having more than one psychic ability, such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. A psychic with this ability can pick up information, vision, thoughts, events, and impressions of an object or place.



Precognition is the ability to have prior knowledge of a certain event or situation or to be able to see the future. This gift is often achieved by using other psychic gifts, such as astral projection and clairvoyance. Psychics receive information in many ways, which can either give them full information or just bits and pieces.

These are the different psychic abilities a psychic can have. They can possess one, two, or three of these spiritual powers. Most of them use these gifts to guide and counsel people who are lost, confused, or want clarity in their lives.


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