What Does My Dream Mean?

what does my dream mean

If you want to find out what your dream means, a psychic reading can help you decipher the true meaning behind your dreams and make sense of the symbols that are often shown in them.

You must be asking “what does my dream mean” or be curious about the deep underlying message behind your dreams. When you think of interpreting a dream, you might picture a lady with a giant crystal ball predicting your future. But dream interpretation is nothing like that. Think of it as an important and beneficial way of understanding yourself.

Every person has their own unique and personal dreams. Some may be memorable and vivid portrayals of reality, while others may be bizarre or illusive. Dreams, no matter what they are, have their own deep and special meanings.

There are no specific answers to what each dream could mean. In fact, a dream could have multiple meanings. It could be positive or negative depending on the context of your dream, but it’s important to understand that interpreting the meaning of our dreams helps us look closer into our lives, and even inspire and motivate us to make good choices.

A majority of modern psychologists today agree that dreams are like unsolved mysteries. There isn’t just one straight method of interpreting them.

Before we get into the meanings of our dreams, we must first identify what a dream is.


What is a dream?


Dreams are a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. They could be a reflection of your fears, ambitions, ideas, aspirations, or even trauma. Good dreams are usually made up of fantasies and scenarios that you long for, while vivid nightmares are caused by restless nights, stress, or when you’re simply going through a bad time in your life.

A dream is not necessarily a forecast of your future. It doesn’t always mean that your fears or desires will come true, but dreams may serve as a warning. What you need to do is view your dream as a sign or cautioning you to make good life choices. Dreams are not random but have an important underlying meaning.

Dreams are manifestations of your own personal and unique character and inner subconscious. They reveal your deepest wounds and desires.


Why do we dream?


Clinical psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber describes dreaming as “the communication between our conscious and unconscious mind, helping people create wholeness.” He says that dreams bridge back and forth between what we think we know and what we really know.  They allow us to process painful events and information that is emotionally real but physically unreal. Dreams also allow us to play out our painful emotions and experiences in a safe place.

Sumber heavily advises on analyzing our dreams for becoming whole as a person and to attain a greater understanding of ourselves.

There are multiple reasons why we should analyze our dreams. Interpreting your dreams can open up the deepest parts of yourself that you think are buried or hidden away. They give us the opportunity to access that part of our unconscious mind and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves. They also allow us to process our deep feelings and painful emotions.

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What does my dream mean?


Here are the most common things people dream about and what they mean.



Dreaming about money can symbolize self-worth and power. If you dream about wealth, you probably feel confident or successful about something in your life. It can also show that you’re looking for more opportunities and anticipating changes in your life.



This could be a red flag. This dream is common among people who are having big life problems. It could be within their families, relationships, or work. Falling could also symbolize anxiety, losing control, or failing at something big.



This dream could be encouraging you to free yourself from things that are weighing you down, and to “let it be”. Flying in your dream could also signify that you’re fleeing from an out-of-control circumstance in your life.


Losing Teeth

Losing teeth has multiple meanings. Teeth are usually a symbol of confidence and power. Dreaming about losing teeth could mean losing confidence or mark a fear of being old or unattractive to others. Some people also interpret teeth as a bad omen that may mean broken relationships.



This dream reflects your wish to terminate something in your life. It could be your past, your job, or a relationship. This dream could be a positive sign, encouraging you to go on a new and different path and to face a problem that has been hanging over your head.


Being chased 

This dream could mean that you’re feeling threatened. You might want to think about what is causing this or who is trying to threaten you. It could possibly be a real-life threat against you.


Meeting a celebrity 

Celebrities are a symbol of a personal need for recognition. Dreaming of meeting a celebrity may reflect this need and what you value.


Cheating partner

This dream shouldn’t necessarily be taken literally. It could mean that your partner spends too much time on something without you. Lack of trust in your relationship can also trigger this dream.


Running late 

This dream implies that you might be doing too much, or you’re feeling overwhelmed. It also reflects how there could be stress or anxiety in your life.


Being pregnant

This dream implies a need, either to become a parent or for something bigger. You might be looking for a change or even greater goals. This dream is usually associated with something in your life that is in its developmental stage.


Driving an out-of-control vehicle 

This dream could symbolize you’re not in control of something in your life. It could be a red flag of a long-term problem from a bad habit you can’t control now.


Being trapped

This dream reflects feeling confined or restricted in a real-life situation. It could be your career or relationship. Being trapped also reflects your inability to escape, or fear of not making the right choice.


How can I analyze my dream?


Since every person has their own unique and personal dreams, there isn’t a set of rules to follow when it comes to analyzing them. However, there are a couple of recommendations to help you dig deeper and think more about the meanings of your dreams.


Keep a journal by your bed

As soon as you wake up, write down your dream. Take notes. Even a few sentences of what you saw or anything that describes your dream will do. If you can’t remember your dream, simply write in “can’t remember”. This process helps you begin to remember your dreams.


Identify your feelings

How did your dream make you feel as soon as you wake up? Identify your specific emotions. This helps you have a deeper understanding of your emotions and how you can deal with them.

Ask yourself “Did I still feel these emotions for the rest of my day?”. If you keep having these same emotions throughout the day, this is a sign to do something about what makes you feel this way.

Let me tell you the meanings of your dreams! Schedule a consultation with me and I will help you understand if it was a warning or some good news you need to be on the lookout for!


Consult an expert

So next time you ask yourself “What does my dream mean?”, talk to your trusted psychic. They will have a better understanding of the meaning of your dreams and can pinpoint your problem areas that need to be resolved.

There are universal meanings to your dreams and the key here is to figure out what they mean to you. Elements and symbols mean different things for different people.

You may think that dreams don’t mean anything but interpreting even the smallest mundane things can bring out good results. There is a saying that says, “There is always something to learn about yourself in a dream”.


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