An Online Psychic Explains Dreams About Animals dreams about animals

Dreaming about animals can represent aspects of your personality or character depending on the qualities of the particular animal.

Have you ever seen animals in your dreams? You may have seen yourself petting a dog, or you may have a dream about a snake biting you. And you may even wonder what dreaming about an animal means.

Here are some online psychic interpretations about animal dreams.


What It Means To See Animals In Your Dreams


Animals signify basic instincts, behaviors, actions, and emotions.

Seeing an animal in your dream is connected to your own inner feelings and may also represent some aspects of your personality.

For example, dreaming about an animal may mean that you are repressing some behavior or emotions because other people may find them unacceptable.

When you dream about animals, it also helps you understand your deepest desires and emotions because animals symbolize your desire to be free.

Dreams about animals may also represent someone in your life who has the same characteristics or behavior as the animal you dreamed of.

Each animal also brings with it a spiritual message from your subconscious.

But to determine what your dream means you also have to consider the other details in your dream.

Was the animal wild or domesticated?

What was it doing in your dream?

Was it sleeping, eating, or running?

Where did you see the animal?

How did you feel when you saw the animal in your dream?

For example, if you dreamed about scary animals, it may be a warning that you’re going to experience a problem.

If you dreamed that an animal was chasing you and you were trying to hide, it may mean that you can’t control your instincts which may be the cause of your problems.

If you ate an animal in your dream, it may be a sign that you’re going to accomplish your goals.

Here are some specific animals that you might see in your dreams and what it means when you see them.

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Animal Dreams And Interpretation



If you see a snake in your dreams it may mean hidden fears and knowledge. It could be your conscious trying to bring out your desires or wishes. Snakes in your dream may also mean psychic energy.

  • If the snake bites you in your dream, it means you have to stop easily trusting new people you meet.
  • If you fight with a snake, it means you are trying to fight your emotions.
  • If you see a talking snake in your dream, it may be a sign that you are going to be successful.

Seeing snakes in your dream may be a sign that you have to be aware of your surroundings.


Dogs symbolize loyalty and protection. Seeing a dog in your dreams may mean that there is someone close to you who is very loyal. It may also indicate that you have strong values that will help you become successful.

  • If you see a growling dog, it may mean conflict or betrayal.
  • If the dog is barking in your dream, it may mean that someone is gossiping about you. Or it may also mean that you tend to be controlling or demanding.
  • If it is barking happily, it may mean that you belong to some social circle and you like social activities.
  • If a dog bites you, there is something that is making you feel guilty.


Seeing a cat in your dream symbolizes feminine power and independence.

  • If a cat is attacking you, it may mean that you have some problems related to your feminine identity.
  • If you are looking for your cat in your dream, it may be a sign that you need to be free and independent.
  • A dream about a cat may also represent bad luck.
  • If you see a cat in your dream, it may mean that someone is deceiving you.
  • If a cat is scratching you, it may be a sign that you feel threatened.
  • If you dream about a cat biting you, there might be something that is causing you to feel afraid or frustrated.


A bear symbolizes strength.

  • If it is attacking you in your dream, it is a sign that there is a problem in your life.
  • If it is standing up, it means you have to defend your beliefs or opinions.
  • If you are being chased by a bear in your dream, you may be trying to avoid a problem.

Dreams about a bear may signify a time of deep thinking. You may need to think carefully before doing something.


If you see a fish swimming in clean water, it may be a good sign. You may experience luck in love, wealth, and relationship.

  • If you are eating fish, it may also be a lucky sign. Fish may also symbolize fertility.
  • If you see a fish swimming in murky water, it may mean that you’re experiencing some troubles or problems in your life.


Dreaming about a crocodile may mean danger, like someone close to you is giving you poor advice. But a crocodile in your dream may also represent strength and a new beginning.

  • If a crocodile is chasing you in your dream, it may mean that you have some fears. –
  • If it bites you, it may indicate some disappointments in your life.


Horse represents endurance, strength, and power.

  • If you dream about riding a horse, it may mean that you are influential or powerful, or may be holding a high position.
  • If you see a white horse in your dream, it may mean good fortune.
  • If you dream about wild horses, it may signify some uncontrolled emotions.


Monkey symbolizes deceit, insight, and intuition.

  • If you see a monkey hanging from a tree, it means you are feeling troubled by some issue.
  • If you dream about feeding a monkey, it may mean betrayal by someone whom you thought cared about you.

And since monkeys are playful, dreaming about them may be related to your own playful side. You might be desiring to show the mischievous part of you.


If you dream about birds, it may mean being free, as birds represent freedom and progress.

  • If dreaming about a flying bird may mean you are experiencing freedom.
  • If you see a bird trapped in a cage, it may reflect your desire to be free because you feel restricted.
  • If you see bird eggs in your dream, it may mean your dreams are developing.

Feeding birds symbolizes inspiration to overcome obstacles. It means you have to believe in yourself.

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Dreaming about animals has different meanings and if you need help in analyzing what your dreams mean, as an online psychic, I will be able to interpret your dreams. Knowing what your dreams mean may help you become better aware of yourself and your innermost thoughts and desires.


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