What Is A Sixth Sense?

what is sixth sense

Knowing what your sixth sense is and developing it can provide you an inner sense of guidance.

Did you know that there are more than five senses? Our brains are capable of more than you think.

A major portion of our brains is undeveloped and unused. Our brains are so complex that we might overlook the power of our sixth sense. You might consider bizarre events that happened to you as a coincidence. You might dismiss them, but inside you, your instincts know it is unexplainable. And the good news is, you can delve into your mind and foster this extraordinary gift.

What you call this gift is a sixth sense. A form of an extrasensory perception, or ESP. It is the ability to see and perceive things beyond our five recognized senses – sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. It allows us to see something that isn’t physically present or to perceive the unseen world of the supernatural Heavens, where angels live.

Having a sixth sense is not that uncommon. In fact, you might have used it more than once in your life. You may have used it to make good choices or remove yourself from unwanted situations. It is just as real and as powerful as our other five senses.

It will even lead you to better and more exciting paths in your life if you learn to trust it. As you continue to grow and develop your sixth sense, it enters you into a whole new world of the living. It will even give you the confidence you never knew you had and spark your passions for a multitude of things.


Is a sixth sense actually real?


Yes, studies suggest so. Scientists agree that we have more senses than we originally thought. We can’t not only see, hear, smell, or touch, but we also have the sense and awareness of being one with space. So, there are valid and scientific reasons to trust our intuitions.

Your sixth sense is a gift that can protect you from difficult situations. It allows you to make good decisions and read people’s vibes and intentions. In other words, it allows you to perceive things beyond your five senses. If you’ve ever met somebody you felt vibes from, or if you’ve ever felt like you’re in danger when at a certain place, that is your sixth sense speaking to you.

Do all people have a sixth sense? Well, we all have the ability to develop one. Unlike popular Hollywood films, it isn’t just about seeing dead people, it’s part of your intuition! Your sixth sense is whenever you get a vibe or gut feeling about something. So, always listen to your sixth sense any time you feel it trying to tell you something.


Signs you have a sixth sense


What are some signs to let you know it’s your sixth sense trying to tell you something? Here are some of the more common signs to be aware of:


Picking up vibes 

If you come across someone and you get a bad vibe or feeling, this is your sixth sense trying to caution you. There is much more to human connection than conversations or eye contact. Your sixth sense could be warning you to pay attention or to leave. You may already be aware of what kind of person you’re facing, so in those cases, you must remove yourself, and listen to what you are feeling.

People with a sixth sense also have a higher level of empathy. They find it easy to read other people and can even sense how random strangers feel without even knowing them. One of the side effects of having a strong sixth sense is you might also feel negative energy and be easily affected by other people’s sadness or anger.


Having a certain knowing

Another signal is when you just know something is about to happen. There might be no physical evidence of this feeling, but you just know without knowing how you know.

You may feel sick or nauseous at random times without any explanation whatsoever. You may even sense upcoming tragedies. If you’ve ever felt sick and then later a tragedy happens, that would a sign of you having a sixth sense.

An, you can of a sixth sense is when your friends are feeling down or need help, or when you answer the phone, you know it’s your friend before even answering it. Make sure to take note of all the coincidences that happen in your life.

Having this sense also enables you to see beyond visual cues. For example, you can’t find your phone, yet you somehow just know where it is. Or you somehow seem to know what others are doing who are far away. Or sometimes you can see random thoughts and images in your head of future events, which later happen.

You feel more in tune with your mind, body, and soul. You know what your body needs. You know when things don’t feel right, and you know what to do about them.

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Hearing voices 

Another sign of a sixth sense is hearing voices there is a possibility that you could be channeling voices from The Other Side! Always ask these voices for more information and record everything you hear.



A physical sign of getting a sixth sense is goosebumps. You might feel a tingling sensation when you sense something is about to happen, or you might have hairs sticking up the back of your head or your arms. If you feel this, don’t ignore it. Take it as a sign and remove yourself from your present location or situation.


Heightened awareness

You may find yourself becoming very attentive to signs and messages. If you train yourself to look for signals you may find the answers to your questions.


Seeing unexplained movement

If you see bizarre or unexplained movement in your peripheral vision, it could be a sign of a supernatural visit. Pay attention to these signs, as someone from The Other Side may be trying to contact you. No need to ever be alarmed by this because they cannot harm you.


How do you tap into your sixth sense?


So, how can you use it for a better life? Here are some suggestions to improve your sixth sense.



The number one and most effective way of getting in tune with your sixth sense is meditation. Meditation makes you calm and relaxed, so you can listen to your inner voice. I recommend that you meditate for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day.


Take time out

Put down what you’re doing and take time out! Immerse yourself in a couple of minutes of silence and listen to what your inner voice is trying to tell you, which may come as thoughts or images in your head. Once you receive a clear message, note it down, continue to open yourself up, and act on it.


Listen to your gut

Listening to your gut might sound like the most cliche thing you can do, but it does wonders! Our gut warns us of the present and incoming danger. It will lead you to better life decisions once you continuously follow your gut feeling.


Follow the signs

Open yourself and accept the powerful capability of your sixth sense. Pay attention to the signs the universe is giving you. If you keep seeing something over and over, or a particular thing catches your eye, they could be signals. Think about what they could possibly mean.


Pay attention to your visions and dreams

They might lead you to something specific. Take note of all the information you receive, and don’t forget to mentally ask what it means, and you just might get an answer. Asking leads you to another dimension of answers you’ve been searching for.

As you tune into your sixth sense, don’t forget to note down your experiences and how you felt about them. They may seem unbelievable but choosing to record them will assure you in the future that you made good choices.


Pay attention to your feelings and emotions

What you’re feeling is real, so if you ever have a hunch to go another direction, pay attention to that hunch. The more you pay attention, the more you’ll see how you can trust your psychic feelings. They can guide you to endless opportunities, help you avoid mistakes, tragedies, and protect you from evil.


Play around

Challenge yourself and try to predict small things, like who will enter the room next, or who will call you, et cetera. Playing with this gift increases your faith and you will even discover that you’re right.


Write down occurrences

It could come as a sudden flash of thought or an answer to a difficult question. It could come as instant knowledge that leads you to enlightenment. Take note of all the occurrences you experience with your sixth sense and you will experience more moments like these, the more you acknowledge this gift.


Get back to nature

You can walk outside and take in the natural scenery, which could be in your garden or in the park. Stop and smell the flowers, listen to the birds, and get your heart pumping. Take the time to reconnect with your inner self.


Write down your dreams

Don’t ignore your dreams! Write down what you can remember because your dreams have underlying messages that can help you connect with your sixth sense. Dreams can also foretell what will happen in your life. Writing down your dreams sparks your intuition, helping you navigate your life, improve your relationships, your health, and even your career.


Consult with a psychic

Nobody knows about the sixth sense better than a psychic! Consult with your favorite psychic, where you can discuss and compare your experiences. They are the best people to guide you in using your sixth sense for a better life.


Now you have a better idea of what A sixth sense is, it can serve as our inner sense of guidance. It will urge you to take specific steps that lead you to your life’s true direction.

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So, what your sixth sense is, is a collective of your five senses and is even more powerful than all of them combined. How you choose to develop your sixth sense will make a huge impact on your life, and how you choose to use it may help other people in the process, leading us all together towards a greater calling, which is much bigger than ourselves.


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