Why Can’t I Find My Soulmate?


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In order to attract your soulmate, you should have a positive outlook on life to create a positive vibration that attracts your potential soulmate into your life.

A soulmate not only gives you unconditional love, but also lifelong companionship, understanding, loyalty, and a spiritual connection. Everyone is looking for love, but there are times when you might feel like the search for your soulmate is incredibly elusive.

Don’t worry, your soulmate is out there. Here are a couple of reasons why your soulmate hasn’t shown up in your life yet and how to turn things around in your favor.


You’re Not Attracting The Right People


In the Universe, like attracts like — and this applies to people as well. Whatever energy you give out, you attract, so if you’re insecure, sad, and fearful, you will keep meeting and being surrounded by people who are filled with these same feelings.

If you want to change the caliber of people around you, it’s important to start changing the direction of your own thoughts.

Instead of focusing on past heartaches and bad experiences of the past, embrace the excitement of a new romance on the horizon. Spend time doing things you enjoy and talking to people you admire to keep your vibrations positive.

When you vibrate at a higher frequency, you’ll begin attracting people with the same charge.


Limiting Beliefs Are Keeping You In A Negative Cycle


With the Law of Attraction, your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs create your reality. Many limiting beliefs are embedded so deep in your subconscious that you don’t even realize that you’re keeping yourself from manifesting your desires.

If you don’t truly believe you will find your soulmate, you will NOT manifest him or her into your life. Perhaps you’re convinced that you will always be left behind or that you’re not pretty enough, smart enough, or kind enough, to attract someone who cares about you.

When you plant these seeds of doubt in your mind, they will manifest in your reality. So, you’ll keep attracting men or women with one foot out the door or men who don’t appreciate you. Notice how people who are “unlucky” in love tend to attract the same type of man or woman over and over?

To kick the pesky limiting beliefs holding you back, give yourself some love and start each day with a positive affirmation. Tell yourself, “I am strong, beautiful, and worthy of love. I am finding my soulmate who will treat me with the respect I deserve.”

When you shower yourself with love and self-confidence, the Universe mirrors these feelings right back to you.


You Haven’t Let Go Of Baggage From Past Relationships


Lingering anger, resentment, and pain from your old flames only keep you connected to them and holding you back from moving on. When you’re carrying all this baggage, the negativity breeds even more negativity in your life.

So, when the time comes when you feel ready to meet your soulmate, start your journey by forgiving past lovers for their shortcomings and the failure of your relationships. After all, even when the final blow may have come from his or her end, it’s rare that the demise of a relationship is a single person’s fault.

Instead of focusing on the hurt he has caused you, start appreciating the good things that resulted from your past relationships. After all, even the worst experiences result in valuable lessons.

You may have learned how to compromise better or an old flame may have taught you to manage your finances better. Look back on the good times, such as a visiting Mexico for the first time, or discovering an amazing restaurant downtown.

No matter how bitter your breakup ends up being, you grew and learned from the experience, which is something to be thankful for.


You’re Too Afraid Of Getting Hurt Again


Vulnerability is part of any relationship since you can’t be in a loving, healthy relationship with anyone without opening up your heart to the possibility of being hurt.

Unfortunately, fear can keep you from being open to someone new, especially if you’ve experienced heartbreak before.

Here’s the thing: you have to allow a soulmate into your life. If you’re closed off and scared to take risks, you will be unable to enjoy a healthy relationship, even if your partner is the right man or woman for you.

Letting go of deep-seated fear is difficult, but daily meditation will help you center yourself and focus on your inner peace, instead of the negativity. Every day, find a quiet room and sit for a minute or two in meditation. During your practice, let all your thoughts — all the worries, the fear, the anger — float past you and focus completely on your breathing.

When you practice releasing the negativity through meditation regularly, you’ll eventually be able to let go of your fear effortlessly, not just during your practice, but also in your everyday life.


You Expect Perfection From A Soulmate


If you’re too set on your specific idea of perfection, you’re closing yourself off from all the other possibilities that the Universe has to offer. The world is too big and there are endless potential partners out there, so limiting yourself to a single type might be keeping you from what will truly make you happy.

So, let the Universe work its magic and trust that you’ll manifest the love that you deserve.

Remind yourself that you’re not looking for a soulmate to parade in front of family and friends, but instead, you’re looking for a soulmate and a partner who will nourish you physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Instead of perfection, aim for a harmonious relationship of two souls.


You’re Not Aligned With What You Want


Finally, make sure that your thoughts, feelings, and actions, are all aligned towards finding your soulmate. Perhaps you’re so focused on wanting that you neglect to align all the other aspects of your life with your desire.

Love attracts more love, so create loving thoughts, feelings, and actions in your life. Spreading love doesn’t even have to be romantic in nature; it could involve doing chores for your family, helping a pal get over a breakup, or volunteering for a non-profit organization.

It’s also essential to make space for a partner in your life, whether it’s investing in a king-sized bed for two instead of a tiny bed for one or clearing your packed schedule for potential dates. When you create space for a relationship, you’re sending a message to the Universe that you’re ready for your soulmate to be a part of your life.

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