Why Did My Soulmate Leave Me?


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Your soulmate is the man or woman of your dreams that you admire and love for who he or she is.

Losing a soulmate can be devastatingly more painful, feeling like your heart has been hammered and torn to pieces. No amount of tears can wash away the raging pain.

It feels like your world has stopped revolving…

…the first electrifying impulse is to ask yourself, “Why did my soulmate leave me?”

You ask yourself how this could happen when the two of you had once committed your selves to love each other for the rest of your lives, and even beyond that. How could a bond of love that you believed was forged through many lifetimes, suddenly come apart?

There are at least 3 reasons why even the strongest soulmate relationship collapses:

1. Your soulmate exercised their free will to break up the relationship.

No matter how strong your ties are, no matter how long or how many lifetimes you’ve been together, you and your soulmate remain as two independent souls, unfettered by worldly emotions and concerns.

There comes a time when one soul leaves the company of another kindred soul for a reason only that other soul can explain. Something beyond your understanding.

Sometimes, your soulmate may not even be able to explain why they decided to end their soulmate contract with you. They may have just felt a push, an urging from their higher self; their soul, to take a different path as part of their cosmic journey.

2. Fear got the better of your soulmate.

The emotional intimacy between two soulmates can be like an ocean. At first, it feels great swimming in the sea of love. But the deeper both of you go in exploring that intimacy, the more difficult it is to breathe and endure the pressure.

Your soulmate may have felt like they were drowning in that intimacy. They might have felt that you’re getting to know them better than they have known themselves, or that you’re intruding into their personality, making them feel vulnerable and scared.

Your soulmate might have felt that they’re losing their private space and control of themselves because of your intrusion, creating fear and insecurity in their heart. For them, the only sure-fire way to vanquish this fear was to swim back to the surface…and leave you behind.

3. Your soulmate simply passed away, leaving your material world.

Your soulmate may have been your dearly beloved through several lifetimes, but their body, just like any other mortals’ body, has a lifespan. When your soulmate dies, you can only hope that you’ll meet again in another lifetime.

If this has happened to you, it may be hard for you to comprehend the reason. The searing pain may cloud your mind, preventing you from seeing the big picture that will explain the underlying reason why your soulmate exited your life. It may take you months or even years to finally see with clarity why it happened.

Eventually, you will heal and you will see the big picture.


How to Ease the Pain of Separation


Meanwhile, to ease the immediate pain of separation, here’s what you need to do and understand:

1. Turn to the Universe or God for help

If you are at a loss on what to do and can’t explain why your soulmate left you, implore the Universe, God, or whatever deity or ascended master you believe in, to clear your mind and empower you to understand what happened.

Say to yourself, “This is too much for me to comprehend. I leave it up to the Universe (or God) to show me the way.” Expect your grief to ease considerably once you do this. And as always, the Universe (or God) will answer your plea and help you cope with your loss.

2. Know that you have more than one soulmate

Understand that you are not tied to just one soulmate in your lifetime. Each of us actually has many soulmates, and they’re not necessarily just the person you share your bed with.

You can have multiple romantic soulmates in your present life, in your past lives, and in your future lives. You can also have soulmate connections with some of your family members, your friends, officemates, and neighbors.

Hence, the loss of one soulmate does not deprive you of a close companion or companions in your life’s journeys. The departure of your soulmate can even herald the arrival of your next soulmate. So, cheer up! The Universe has grand plans for you and will not leave you in the dark.

3. The person who left you might not actually be your soulmate

You might have only deluded yourself into believing that the person who left you was your soulmate when, in truth, they’re not…

…the person might have been an impostor who’s just wearing a soulmate mask.

They might also have been someone in your past life whom you intensely liked and had a connection with, but your intimacy had not reached the true soulmate level in this lifetime.


What You Need to Do


Whatever the reason for the loss of your soulmate, you should not allow this to undermine the rest of your life. You need to compose yourself, regain your bearing, try to calm your mind, and put vitality back into your life.

Always bear in mind that things happen in our life for a reason, and a reason that will eventually be for our greatest good.

The loss of your soulmate is just another lesson given to you by the Universe for you to learn things, further discover yourself, and unravel your own mystery.

Remember that our ultimate purpose in life is to share our love with the people close to our heart and even to those outside our circle of friends and family. The Universe wants us to give love, but not to lose ourselves in it.

The loss of a soulmate might be hard to accept, but this should never make you feel like your love light has dimmed or blacked out. You remain love by other people around you, and by the Universe itself!

Keep your chin up, and walk confidently in your life’s journey, despite the loss of a soulmate. Somewhere out there, another soulmate is waiting for you – someone who will offer you more fulfillment, more joy, and more love!


Discover More About What Happened


Remember, I have Soulmate readings available if you are mourning the loss of your soulmate.

During the reading, I will focus on the reason why the person left you, why it ended, and give you detailed information as to why it happened.

I will also see if there were any past life connections between the two of you, and even be able to see if the two of you will ever have a chance of reuniting again in this lifetime.

Any and all questions you have will be addressed during your Soulmate Reading.

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