How to Win The Lottery: 7 Psychic Tips That Really Work!

There are many questions about psychics and their ability to predict the lottery. If you’re wondering if you will ever win the lottery, here are my best psychic tips to help you increase your chances of winning!


Will I Ever Win The Lottery?


win the lottery

One of the ways to increase your chance to win the lottery is using your intuition to choose numbers

With millions of people entering the lottery every day, will there ever be a chance for you to win? And the answer is yes, there is a huge possibility! There are multiple determining factors that can help you win the lottery, and one of them includes your past life karma.

Did you know that all your karma from your past life can affect your wealth today? If a person has good money karma due to a good deed that they did in a past life, then that person can be reborn into this present life with good fortune!

You see, before we are born, we meet with our master teachers to decide what lessons we are coming back to learn. If being wealthy is one of those lessons, then that person can definitely win the lottery!

To figure out first if you have good money karma, you can access your Akashic Records, which contain all the information about your past life karma. These records can only be accessed with the help of a psychic, so if you want to learn more about your karma and how it can help you win the lottery, click here to schedule a time for me to read your Akashic Records and help you with ways to possibly win!

Until then, here are some of my best psychic tips:


The 7 Best Psychic Tips To Help You Win The Lottery


Now that’s you know about your Akashic Records, here are my best psychic tips to help you win the lottery. If you look up information on how to win, chances are some of them won’t work, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no way of increasing your odds!


1. Have your Akashic Records read

To secure and guarantee your chance of winning, have your Akashic Records read by a psychic. Before wasting your time and money on lottery tickets, a psychic can tell you if winning the lottery is part of your destiny and can give you your lucky numbers to help you win. You can click here to get started.


2. Use your gift of intuition to choose numbers

Intuition is like your own internal psychic power. It is a gift given to you (and all of us!) by the Universe to help you navigate through life. Plus, it’s completely free of charge!  It is built in our core as a natural instinct.

Perhaps you have experienced a time when you were unsure where to go, but through your gut instinct or feelings, you went ahead because you “felt” good about it. That’s your intuition speaking!

If you feel drawn to a number or it feels meaningful to you, choose it! Some people also choose rare numbers to improve their odds. You can use statistics to find out which numbers are chosen least often, or you can look at other combinations people tend to avoid, like consecutive numbers. Consider using a lottery app to help you select and remember numbers to play.


3. Play the right game

When entering the lottery, it’s best to be realistic.. Don’t be careless and only spend what you can afford to lose.

Every state has a selection of lottery games and they each have different odds of winning. Before buying a ticket, read the odds to ensure that you’re maximizing your chances of winning. Pick the games with better odds and you will boost your chances. Scratch-off games offer smaller prizes, but they have higher chances of winning.


4. Join lottery pools

The easiest way to boost your odds is to buy more tickets, but of course, that costs more money. Lottery pools can give you the chance to buy tickets at a fraction of the price. Consider joining your office lottery pool to get a better chance of winning without breaking the bank.


5. Don’t miss your lottery win!

Imagine winning the jackpot but you missed out because you forgot to double-check your numbers. This happens a lot more than you think! When you buy a lottery ticket, keep it in a safe place where you can see it every day. Take note of the drawing date and time and set an alarm to remind yourelf to check your number!


6. Don’t throw away your lottery ticket!

So, you didn’t win. Time to throw it out? No! A lot of people throw out their tickets after a drawing, not realizing that they can still have a second chance! Many lotteries offer second-chance drawings on non-winning tickets, so make sure to fill out the form on the back, send it in, giving you a bonus chance of winning! If you also find a discarded ticket laying around, take time to double-check it. There’s a chance you could still win with it!


7. Secure your chances of winning

If you are lucky enough to win, make sure to protect yourself! After buying your ticket, sign it immediately with your signature, so people know it’s yours. Also, never hand a ticket to anybody at a lottery station and ask if you’ve won. You can determine yourself if you’re the winner by checking online or in the newspapers. Make sure also to keep copies of both sides of your ticket in case it gets lost during transit.

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of winning. Remember that winning is not a guarantee! At the end of the day, you are blessed to have your own free will. Use your psychic gifts to help yourself advance and you will experience a financial breakthrough!

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    I feel like I’m supposed to win the ohio classic lottery. I play almost every time (like my dad). I did have my Akashic record read earlier this year by KC Matronia (in Columbus) and the number 7 came up. I feel like I have alot of energy around me or someone is trying to tell me something.

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