5 Great Qualities of an Authentic Psychic


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A true psychic uses his blessing to help others by finding a better path for themselves.

Over the years, humanity has heard of many people claiming to be psychics. People who are in tune with the invisible energies of the universe, and those who are able to use these energies to do impossible things, such as telling the future, or to diving a person’s past. These “mystics” are usually a dime a dozen, and most people can’t often tell if they are just faking it to make a quick buck.

However, the universe does endow the gift of heightened spiritual enlightenment to a few special people. But the question now is, how do we find this special person, out of the dozens of people who claim to have this special gift?

Well, here are five qualities that one should look for in an authentic psychic. While these are by no means any guarantee of a person’s psychic abilities, a person who possesses these qualities is someone who should at least be worthy of your consideration when looking for a psychic reading.

1. A True Psychic is Open to Change

Life itself is unpredictable, and the true psychic is a person who accepts that life cannot be controlled. He or she is a person who understands that life, with all its twists, turns, and surprises is a gift that must be treasured, a challenge to be met, and an adventure to be explored.

It is never something to be controlled or conquered. A true psychic is someone who is open to these changes, and accepts them to be inevitable, even essential, in life.

Perhaps the best way to explain this is when you are standing in the ocean, waiting for a wave. When it comes, the best way to go about meeting the wave is to “ride” it: wait for the motion of the wave to come to you, and move with it. If you try to stand your ground, or “fight” the wave, chances are you will get knocked off your feet.

2. A True Psychic is Humble

Some people, when they find out that they are blessed by the universe, often become braggarts. They are full of themselves, and they become overly sure of their abilities. They come to believe that they are better than other people, because they are more “knowledgeable” than others about the spiritual world around them. These people are fakes, and often end up losing any gifts they might have originally had.

The true mystic accepts that their gifts are meant to be shared, and to be placed in the service of a common good. They use their blessings to help others for the sake of helping others find a better path for themselves.

3. A Genuine Psychic Is Disciplined

Spiritual knowledge, just like any talent, should be honed, so that the gift does not wither away. A true mystic is a person who understands that their psychic gifts should be used, polished, and used to help others.

To some extent, many people have a bit of this psychic gift. Some call it intuition, while other people call it a hunch. Some even call it a “gut feeling”. If you’ve ever had a “gut feeling” about something, chances are that it’s about something that you’re familiar with, or it’s about something that you know a lot about.

A true mystic is someone who takes the time to develop and enhance their gifts so that they are always tuned in.

4. The True Mystic is Reverent

When the universe gives someone the true gift of spiritual enlightenment, the true psychics first reaction is reverence: a sense of wonder towards being selected for such an opportunity and blessing, as well as a sense of gratitude. They also feel a sense of responsibility towards their gift as well. In the immortal words of Peter Parker: “With great power comes great responsibility”.

If a psychic is one who flaunts their power and makes out like they were “specially chosen”, therefore you should be grateful they are giving you the time of the day, stay clear of this person.

An authentic mystic is one who would be glad to help you with their special gifts, and more importantly, be as thankful for the presence of that gift.

5. The True Psychic is Ever Searching

Just like the universe around them, the true psychic is one who is always on the move. An authentic psychic is always looking for answers, whether it’s for a deeper self-awareness, or seeking personal answers of their own. A true mystic will never be satisfied with what they know now, because they know that they universe will always have something else to teach them.


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