8 Powerful Soulmate Signs You Have Found The One


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Once you meet your soulmate, there will be an immediate connection, a feeling that you have known them a lifetime

Before we go through the soulmate signs, let’s first talk about what a soulmate is. A soulmate means more than the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with. A soulmate is the person of your dreams.

Now that we have a clear understanding of what it is, are you ready to learn if you have really found the one? Check out these signs to know if you have found your soulmate!


Electric Attraction


If you have met your soulmate, there will be an electric attraction between the two of you. However, take note that it’s not always a positive one. Sometimes, it can be negative, such as an obstacle that both have to go through so you can be together.

What does this mean?

Although there are still times that the attraction is positive, it is also common for soulmates to go through hardships at first. For example, you can be annoyed with your soulmate, and sometimes, they even drive you crazy! But you know that there is something between the two of you – an electric attraction.

And in the end, you will realize that you both belong in each other’s lives and you will start to grow on each other.


Meeting In An Unconventional Way


A weird but common soulmate sign that you may experience is meeting the person in an unusual way. Soulmates sometimes meet in the most unusual settings so they can build a strong relationship. Sometimes, the Universe has a funny way of letting soulmates find each other.

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Missed Connections


When talking with your soulmate, you may find out that there were so many times that you almost met! A really good example is the movie, Serendipity. If you have seen this, you’d see how amazing the circumstances were when they were in the same spots but did not actually meet. You may have common friends or were at the same particular event. These occurrences mean it’s just wasn’t the proper time for you and your soulmate to meet.


A Strong Intuition


A really strong sign that you have met your soulmate is that feeling that both of you should be together. Even if you just met, you just have this strong nudge telling you that this person belongs in your life.

This can also be the time that you feel that electric connection. This strong vibe may even be apparent to people who know you. Some will tell you that you and that person are meant for each other. This may sound cliché, but don’t ignore this sign!


Commitment to Growth


One of the prominent signs soulmates have found each other is their commitment to growth. They make a commitment to support each other’s growth throughout their lives. What soulmates share is on a spiritual level. This means that if you have found the one, their happiness is your happiness as well.


Have Similar Family Backgrounds


Are you familiar with these lines “Really? My dog’s name is Skipper, too!” or “That’s amazing! My aunt’s name is Jean and she’s a neurologist, too!”

Having similar backgrounds is also a sign that you have met the one. These “coincidences” create a strong connection that allows soulmates to begin talking. In most cases, soulmates find out that they have similar backgrounds as soon as they meet.

This is one of the signs that get soulmates to know more about each other. And over time, they will realize that they belong with one another.


Have Similar Life Values and Goals


Even if soulmates are different in surface things, such as music, hobbies, etc., they are connected in the bigger stuff, such as life values and goals. A good sign of soulmates is they agree on things like their purpose in life, having children, and even global issues.

Do not worry if you have different preferences when it comes to food, TV shows, and the likes. These things add variety to your relationship to prove that you can still be together despite these differences.

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A Powerful Love


Yes, soulmates are open, supportive, and loving with each other. But they love each other in a very special way. They want to grow together spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. For them, it is an honor to help each other and make each other happy. They simply love unconditionally.

So, if you have found your soulmate, it means they will take care of you the best way they know-how. They will support your growth and as much as they can, avoid things that will hinder it. We usually don’t experience these special things unless we have already found the person we are destined to be together with.

Finding your soulmate does not mean that there won’t be any roadblocks ahead. Yes, there will still be arguments and fights. But these challenges will help strengthen your relationship and allow you to grow the way you were meant to be. Remember, each bond is unique so don’t compare your relationship with others.

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