Can Dogs Sense Ghosts?

can dogs sense ghosts

Due to the heightened senses of dogs, they can pick up the littlest of smells and sounds we aren’t even aware of. Dogs can also detect the spirit of a loved one who passed on.

Dogs are truly fascinating creatures. Though they are amazing loyal companions who give unconditional love, sometimes they exhibit strange behavior that confuses most dog owners.

You may have noticed your dog barking at nothing, staring at blank walls, or even following something invisible. What causes this? What are they seeing? Are they seeing what we can’t? In this article, we discuss the old-age question: Can dogs sense ghosts?


Is there any evidence of the existence of ghosts?


While the subject remains open, many people have verified the reality of ghosts based on their own personal experiences with how their dogs behaved. There are mountains of evidence to prove that dogs have a paranormal connection with other spirits: like their ability to sense the unexplainable or predict unforeseen dangers. If we were to use dog senses to learn more about the existence of ghosts, there are many possibilities to explore.


Dog senses explained


Dog senses are far more superior than humans. When a ghost is in the room, a dog will know about it immediately! Their top-notch senses are even used as admissible evidence in court. This just shows how special they are and how much knowledge we are missing as humans.



Dogs’ sense of smell is 100,000 times stronger than humans. Their strong sense of smell is even used by police because it is so accurate. The question isn’t if dogs can see spirits, we should ask if they can smell spirits. Do ghosts have particular scent dogs can smell?


Besides their strong sense of smell, their hearing is beyond ours, too. They can hear sounds as high as 65,000 Hz, while humans can only hear at a maximum of 20,000 Hz. This means they can hear things we can’t. So, if ghosts make sounds, dogs can sure pick them up.  


Dogs have a much wider vision too. They can see things miles away and can see a lot better in the dark. They can easily pick up on certain movements that the human eye can’t detect.

A Sixth Sense

Did you know dogs possess a sixth sense, too? They also get gut feelings when they sense danger. As humans, we tend to analyze things and deny what we cannot see, but dogs trust their feelings and act based on them. Canines are extraordinary creatures with senses that are beyond humans.

Another example of their sixth sense is when they know you’ll walk in the door. Dogs usually sit by the door waiting for their owner to come home because they can somehow “feel” you before you even arrive!


Signs your dog is seeing ghosts


Bizarre behaviors confuse many dog owners. Wondering what could possibly be causing their pets to act strange. Could dogs be in touch or linked to other dimensions?  Here are some signs that your dog could be seeing ghosts.


Heightened senses


Dogs can pick up the littlest of smells and sounds we aren’t even aware of. They can feel vibrations miles away and can smell other animals from a distance. They can get stunned by tiny creatures we can’t even see.

Being home alone and having your dog start barking at something can be scary. But this could be a sign of a paranormal presence. It might also be a sound or nearby vibration you’re not aware of.

If your dog rolls back as if he is anticipating a rub or starts wagging its tail like it recognizes a familiar face, or if it puts its paw up into the air, this could be a sign of a presence in the room. Your dog may start acting erratic only, later on, you find out somebody died, or a horrific incident happened near the house.

Other dog owners talk about their dogs following something invisible. The dog could be sitting still but its eyes are following something. Then their dog gets up and follows it. 

If your dog is staying an item of a deceased family member, it means they are reenacting the bond they had with that person. Ghost or not, your dog can detect the spirit of a loved one who passed on.

If your dog feels scared or anxious, he may decide to stay near you to protect you. This can be due to an unfriendly presence in your room that your dog doesn’t like. Your dog could also be distracted by a ghost or some other presence you cannot see.

Dogs can also sense tragedies before they happen because dogs can feel vibrations and atmospheric pressures, which are signs that the weather is about to change. 


What do I do if my dog senses ghosts?


Dogs perceive the world way differently than humans because they have the ability to pick up on different phenomenon that we cannot.

It’s always a good idea to consult with a psychic because a good psychic can explain the unnatural phenomena happening within your home and why your dog exhibits such bizarre behavior. They can even communicate with any negative spirits and keep them away for good.

As a psychic, I highly suggest cleansing your home with techniques, such as sage smudging or healing crystals. Hematite is a good healing crystal for clearing out negative energy. When you cleanse your home, speak your intentions, and tell the ghost to leave.

Side note: If you decide to burn sage in the house, make sure that your dog isn’t inhaling the fumes because the fumes are not good for its health. 

So, now that you know dogs can sense ghosts, the next time you see your dog looking around at something not there, make sure to pay attention. You may have a visitor!

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