How To Know When A Ghost Is Around You ghosts

One of the signs that there is a ghost being around you is the feeling of being touched or watched.

A lot of people have misconceptions about ghosts because the word “ghosts” is usually used interchangeably with the word “spirits”. However, there are some key differences between ghosts and spirits.

Ghosts are usually tied to the places where they died, and ghosts do not realize that they are already dead, or they have unfinished business, due to the fact that they cannot accept how they died so they linger at their homes or the place where they died.

Ghosts also leave a strange feeling that can make you feel uncomfortable; and can appear in the form of shadows, orbs, or apparitions.

On the other hand, spirits are not tied to the place where they died because they are at peace with their dying, therefore, they are free to roam anywhere.

Spirits leave good feelings that can make someone feel comforted and at peace and can also appear in your dreams.


Signs That A Ghost Is Around You


The first sign of a ghost being around you is the feeling of being touched or watched. If you feel that a hand is on your shoulder, or you feel that you are not alone in the room, chances are, a ghost is around you.

You can be poked, pushed, or scratched by a ghost, or feel like someone is tugging on your shirt, grabbing your hand, or combing your hair. The feeling of being touched or watched means that a ghost is trying to get your attention.


Unexplained Noises


The next thing that can help you identify whether a ghost is around you or not, is the presence of unexplained sounds, such as cries, whispers, chatter, music, or thumps. These unexplained sounds can be a sign of a ghost’s presence, especially if these sounds come from one specific area of the house.

However, some sounds can be attributed to appliances, such as air conditioners or heaters, so you do not have to be alarmed all the time.

But when you hear footsteps coming from a particular area of your home when you are physically alone, or people chatting when there is no one around but you, then ghosts may be present in your house.


Disappearing Objects


Another way to know when a ghost is around you is by disappearing objects. When an object, such as a piece of clothing, a home decoration, or an accessory, disappears and you discover the object appears again a few days after it disappeared, then a ghost is around you.


Things Moving


Some ghosts might be simply playing tricks on you, so it is important for you to know that you have nothing to be scared of, as long as the ghost is not deliberately hurting or scaring you.

Other signs of a ghost being around you is the unexplained movement of objects. Cupboards, wardrobes, and doors, that seem to mysteriously open without air blowing them, may mean that it is a ghost who is moving the said objects.


Strange Mist


Another thing that can tell you there is the existence of a ghost is the presence of shadows, smoke, or mist, which can appear right before your very eyes, or out of the corner of your eyes.




You can also watch out for the presence of unexplained figures in your photos and videos that cannot be rationally explained.


Electrical Occurrences


Ghosts get energy from electronic appliances and gadgets in order for them to communicate with people and manifest themselves.

So, another sign that can indicate the presence of a ghost has to do with your appliances or devices.

Ghosts can manipulate electronic appliances and gadgets, so if the lights turn on and off without any rational glitch, or if your phone battery is instantly drained, then a ghost may be around you.

You can also watch out for light bulbs that easily explode, televisions that change channels, or radios that increase or decrease their volume, without any rational explanation.

Like appliances and gadgets, ghosts can also drain people of energy by transferring their emotional pain they feel to a person who is sensitive enough to feel their pain. Due to this, the person who feels the ghost’s pain will feel depressed and anxious.

If someone’s mood drastically changes, it means that the person has been affected by a ghost.


Cold Spots


Cold spots and random cold breezes are other indicators of a ghost’s presence especially when they occur in an instant.

However, cold spots and breezes are not indicators of a ghost’s presence all the time, so it is important for you to pay close attention to your surroundings the next time you feel a cold breeze sweeping over you.

These cold spots and breezes can come from air vents, open doors, or any source of air, so it is essential for you to be careful in labeling cold spots and breezes, as indicators of a ghost’s presence.


Pets Can Feel Them


Your pets can also feel the existence of a ghost around you. Dogs, cats, and other animals can sense the presence of a ghost, due to their heightened sense of hearing, sight, and smell.

You may see your dog barking at nothing, or your cat being cautious in going to a specific area in your house where it used to play.

If your pets are acting concerned without a plausible reason, a ghost may be in your house.


Unexplained Odors


The last sign that you can look for is the existence of unexplainable smells, which are not associated with you, the people you live with, or anything in your home.

These smells could be foul or fragrant, but once they smell unfamiliar to you, that means a ghost may be around you.

These are just some of the signs that can help you identify whether a ghost is around you or not. If you are experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, you should reflect and observe whether they are really from ghosts or not. That way, it will be easier for you to know what actions you have to take next.

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