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Humans and animals possess a different type of soul consciousness. Because of these two different types of consciousness, it is impossible to be reborn in a different form.

People who believe in reincarnation often face a blank wall when confronted with the question of whether they can reincarnate as animals and, vice-versa, whether animals can reincarnate as humans.

This is a huge controversy that has divided religions and thinkers for ages. Those who argue that people can become dogs or cats in their next life, or that birds and bees can take on human forms in their next lives, base their belief on their contentions that all creatures of this world were created by God and that Earth’s two major classifications of living things—humans and animals—have demonstrated varying levels of consciousness, intelligence, and feelings.

Some even argue that humans and animals are actually the same—with humans simply being a higher form of animals or one that has evolved through the millennia. Since reincarnation believers know that humans and animals both have souls, some believe they could cross the barriers of their classification when they reincarnate.

Their line of thinking may seem convincing, especially when they cite examples of animals behaving like humans. Research has documented proof that some animals demonstrate human-like feelings, such as dolphins and whales expressing joy and gratitude, pigs and cows getting frightened, apes showing compassion and embarrassment, and elephants exhibiting both jubilation and grief.


Does an Animal Have a Soul?


Most people, regardless of their religion, believe that every human being has a soul. However, their opinion is divided on whether an animal also possesses a soul.

Religions that believe in reincarnation profess that animals also have a soul. Hindus believe that a person can be reincarnated as either a human or an animal. They believe that all humans and animals have souls and live eternal lives.

Buddhists also believe that humans and animals have souls. However, they contend that all souls rejoin the universe after death and cease to be individuals.

Christians, Jews, and Muslims believe in a soul that is only born once into a human body. However, they have unclear views on the possibility of animals having souls. They do not believe in reincarnation of any kind.

However, there are some Catholics who believe that animals have a “provisional” soul, but only when they are still alive, with the soul vanishing after their death. In fact in1990, Pope John Paul II declared in public that animals, like humans, were given the “breath of life” by God and that they do “possess a soul.”


Reincarnation Can’t Cross Human-Animal Barrier


One thing is clear: None of the world’s religions has any concrete proof that animals have a soul or not. With regards to reincarnation, whether of the human or animal variety, this is grounded more in the age-old beliefs of some religions.

I do believe in human reincarnation based on the universal belief that a soul never dies. And I also believe, no, I know, that animals also have souls.

However, I have to say “no” to the notion that people can reincarnate as animals. The reason for this is quite clear: Humans and animals possess a different kind of soul consciousness. You can’t be a dog in your previous life or a cat in your future life. It’s simply impossible for a person to be reborn as an animal because one species can’t turn into another species because humans and animals have a completely different consciousness.

Bear in mind the two reasons why a human soul is reborn multiple times. The first is that a soul is reborn because it still has lessons to learn in the process of its spiritual evolution. So, you continue to reincarnate, learning new lessons along the way, until you reach the state of spiritual perfection.

What lessons could you learn if you get reborn as an animal? That’s simply incomprehensible.

The second reason is that you get reborn after your physical death because you still have karmic debts that need to be settled. Karmic debts refer to the effects of your thoughts, actions, desires, and intentions, in your present life that needs to be accounted for or balanced in your next life.

In short, you reap what you sow. So, how could you balance your karma if you were to be reborn as an animal? It’s simply out of this world!


The Connection Between Reincarnation and Karma


Let’s be mindful that reincarnation and karma are interlinked. Your present karma determines the personality and the experiences you’ll have in your future lives. In the same vein, your past life karma is manifesting in your present life in the way you live, the things you are achieving and not achieving, and the problems you are facing right now.

In short, your current life is the “effect” of your past life karma.

This means that whatever you’re thinking or doing now will determine the experiences you will have in your future lives.

It should be noted that once your soul learns a karmic lesson, that lesson will never be repeated again in your future incarnations.

However, some reincarnation believers contend that a person with bad karma could reincarnate as an animal, as a form of punishment for their bad behavior in their past life. I beg to disagree. Humans can’t simply cross the barriers of their species during reincarnation.

Being reincarnated in a new life is already a manifestation of the karmic effect, which can either be good or bad. You get reborn into a unique individual due to the effects of your previous action in your past lives. You will continue to be reborn time and again, improving each step of the way until your soul reaches its highest spiritual state.


Remember: You Reap What You Sow


However, even though you will never be reborn as a cockroach or as a flea, this doesn’t mean that you’ll escape punishment if you behave badly in your current life.

Whatever things you do today will have repercussions in your next lives. If you do bad things today, expect to experience their bad effects not only in your next life but even in your current life.

The overriding lesson that karma and reincarnation teach us is that we should always be mindful of our thoughts and actions. By showing love, kindness, and compassion to others, you can expect a much more beautiful and rewarding life now, and in your next reincarnation.

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    If people still have karmic debts that need to be settled and are reincarnating to settle those debts, how are we able to communicate with their spirits? and how are their spirits able to watch over us? how are we able to still feel their presence? I totally believe in reincarnation, and I explain like you do, but it still puzzles me about being able to speak with them. I have a feeling that there is really no limits of time from one life time to the next, but I was just curious. My mother still feels the presence of her grandmother and my dad mentioned that both his mother and father were with him at the hospital telling him it was time to come home. My dad is with my sister…..she smells the cigarette smoke when he is around. My mom also feels his presence from time to time.
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