Do People Who Commit Suicide Go To Heaven? grieving

The souls of those who commit suicide go to Kama Loka where they will stay to live out the rest of their karmic years.

One of the tragic realities of the world is that there are people who endure so much pain, hopelessness, and loneliness, that they believe life is no longer worth living and the only course of action left is to commit suicide.

Suicide has long been a taboo topic in many communities. Since it is not a natural cause of death, there has been endless debates on whether individuals who took their own lives will be granted access to what many religions and spiritual groups refer to as heaven, or the Light.

Remember, when a person dies, whether it is by natural causes or by his or her own hand, only the physical shell is destroyed. The spirit, or soul, remains “alive” and moves on to the next stage of existence.

The question is, what happens to these lost souls after dying from suicide? Are they allowed to enter the Light?


The Promise Of Heaven


In the past, many religious teachings have highlighted suicide as an unforgivable sin, declaring that the souls of those who choose this course of action will be condemned.

While it’s true that life should be treasured and celebrated, we now understand that many people who commit suicide are in a place of such severe pain and hopelessness that they felt that they could no longer endure the earthly plane.

Nowadays, we recognize the plight of these souls and accept that this doesn’t mean that they are not worthy of being part of the divine afterlife. Instead, it’s important that these individuals are treated with compassion and respect in this life and the next.

Here’s the thing: suicide isn’t a guarantee of heaven, hell, or anything else.

Taking your own life is certainly a tragedy, but the course of your afterlife is not dictated by these final moments of despondence. Every person in the world is lovingly welcomed into the Light, once they have passed on from this Earth. There is no discrimination, even towards the people who choose to take their lives with their own hands.

Some souls that have committed suicide remain emotionally tormented after death from their suicide, from the circumstances of their suicide, or even from the people they left behind. Only when the soul is able to shed their negative energy from these experiences can they finally enter the eternal peace of the Light and prepare for reincarnation.


The Kama Loka


Each person is destined to live for a specific length of time on Earth, which is determined by the karma of their past lives. If you commit suicide, you are cutting short the life you are supposed to have lived. So, instead of moving from this plane to the Light, these souls move on to the Kama Loka instead.

Kama Loka is the astral plane where the soul goes after moving on from the physical plane. The souls of the individuals who took their own lives will remain in this plane fully conscious and aware, to live out the rest of their karmic years here. Only after the entire duration of their destined life has passed will they be able to move on from this plane.

For example, if your karma determines your life to be 80 years long, but you took your life at the age of 30, you will have to wait in the Kama Loka for 50 years before moving on. In this plane, spirits linger, deal with the aftermath of their suffering on Earth, and eventually heal before crossing over into the Light.

Keep in mind that being in a state of limbo isn’t punishment for committing suicide, but this is just the universe maintaining the natural order of life. In the universe, everything follows proper timing, including death.

Simply put, each soul will have to wait for the right time to be part of the Divine after their death.


Dealing With The Suicide Of A Loved One


The death of a family member, friend, or partner, is difficult, but it’s an even bigger blow if they took their own lives.

In many cases, the ones left behind feels overwhelming guilt for not being able to help their loved ones past the darkness that they must have been feeling. Others even deal with the death with anger, citing the selfish nature of suicide, as it deeply hurts the people left behind.

Instead of nursing all these negative feelings inside you, take this time of mourning as an opportunity to deepen your spirituality. When you become more aware of and connected with the universe and the Divine, you come to realize and accept, that while leaving this physical plane may seem like the end of life as you know it, it is actually just another step in a beautiful journey to the Light.

This knowledge may not keep you from grieving over the death of a loved one, but it can give you a small comfort knowing that he or she can find hope beyond death.

Spiritual practices such as prayer, yoga, and especially meditation, are known to be effective in helping you let go of negative thoughts and feelings, including guilt, anger, and grief, as well as fostering a deeper awareness of yourself, as a part of the greater whole of the universe.

Every day, spend a few moments in a peaceful space by yourself just focusing on the total stillness and silence of the present moment. Breathe and let yourself be grounded in the quiet of the here and now – entirely aware but separate from the pain of your loss.

Meditation has been shown to help grieving individuals tremendously, whether they consider themselves spiritual or not.

Finally, remember that there’s no need to worry about the soul of your loved one. He or she may have been in pain on Earth, but their soul prevails beyond this plane and in the Light it can find healing and peace.

Once your time here on Earth has passed, you and your loved one will meet again, as part of the Divine.

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