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A soul group is a group of souls you are spiritually connected to but remember that not all of the souls in your Soul Group are on earth right now.

All souls were originally created from the Divine, and when they were created, they were in groups. The different souls in your specific Soul Group all vibrate at the same energetic frequency and even share similar purposes in life.


A Soul Group Is Your Original Family


Since you have similar vibrations, you are highly compatible with the souls who are part of this original family. It’s also likely that you’ve all lived through several lifetimes together, so you already know all the souls in your Soul Group on a deep spiritual level, even if you’ve only met once during this lifetime.

With your Soul Group, you will feel understood and at home, with a sense of belonging you’ve never felt before, even with your family and friends!

It’s important to remember that not all of the souls in your Soul Group are on earth right now. After all, each individual soul chooses when to incarnate, so some may have chosen not to live as a human at the moment, while others may have passed away early in this life.

So, how do you find the souls from your Soul Group who are alive right now? Here are a number of ways you can start the search.


Connect With Your Spiritual Self


Here’s an important question:

“How can you find the souls who vibrate on your level if you do not even know your own soul?”.

Since you connect with these individuals on a spiritual level, you need to be in touch with your spiritual self to appreciate this connection.

Meditation is a proven technique to align your mind with your spirit, so take the time to engage in this practice regularly. Prayer and conversations with your spiritual guides are also practices that deepen your connection to your spirit.

Journaling is another great way to tap into your intuition day by day, since it gives you space and time to be your authentic self, without any filters or worries of being judged. Writing down your thoughts and feelings also allows you to explore new ideas and perspectives while releasing the negativity that you’ve been carrying around.


Engage In Things You Genuinely Enjoy


Finding a connection with your Divine soul is a joyful experience, so embrace the process with open arms and an open mind.

You want to feel good and indulge in activities that make you feel relaxed and peaceful, such as yoga, art, music, and even sports. By relaxing your mind, you raise your vibrations and naturally connect with your intuition.

Since you and your Soul Group share similar vibrations, you might even enjoy the same activities, so you can encounter them when involved in the things you enjoy!


Ask For Help From Your Spiritual Team


Your Soul Group may be your perfect vibrational match, but your spirit guides are the ones who are by your side day in and day out. It’s easy to forget that you have your own personal spiritual team to guide and protect you every day, but these entities are looking out for you and helping you in your journey towards spiritual enlightenment.

So, when you feel lost or hopeless in your search for the members of your Soul Group, reach out to your spirit guides to help you find the path to your soul’s original family.

Once in a while, talk to your spirit guides and ask them to nudge you towards the individuals who belong to your Soul Group. You can communicate with your angels and other guides in prayer, or during your meditation practice.


Appreciate Your Authentic Self


Are you searching for your Soul Group because you don’t like your life and you believe that other souls will help you feel more complete and fulfilled? Some people look forward to meeting their Soul Group so much that they neglect to grow and seek fulfilment as an individual.

However, if you have problems with your self-esteem, confidence, and self-love, the relationships that you attract will strongly reflect these negative feelings.

If you don’t accept your authentic self, you will force yourself to like the things you believe will attract the people in your Soul Group to you, even though you do not really enjoy them.

In doing this, you will only attract people with different vibrations, beliefs, and passions, from your authentic self and you will not enjoy a pure and healthy relationship with these individuals!

When you are happy, confident, and you seek out people and activities that you truly love, you raise your vibrations and attract people with matching vibrations.

So, learn to trust and accept yourself as you authentically are. It’s important to understand that you are complete on your own and you don’t need your Soul Group to find fulfilment. Sure, a fellow member of your Soul Group can help you on your spiritual journey, but it is your journey and your life, so you hold the power.


Radiate Love And Acceptance


Being critical of other people and focusing on all their faults will only push people away, including people who may belong to your Soul Group.

Just as you want others to appreciate you, you want to appreciate and love other people, so that you open yourself up to wonderful relationships. Instead of being critical, be patient, loving, and willing to help them move past their faults and weaknesses.

When you are looking for your Soul Group, it’s essential to practice unconditional love towards other people, which means that you love without pretense, without expectations, and without judgement.

Letting go of all negative thoughts and feelings towards others will create more space for positivity and love in your life, which raises your vibrations to attract your Soul Group towards you.

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