How Do I Connect With A Loved One On The Other Side? deceased loved ones

It is painful to lose a person you love. But do you know, there are still several ways to connect with a loved one who has passed away.

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult, yet inevitable realities of life.

Still, it’s important to remember that just because your loved ones have passed on from the physical realm, doesn’t mean they’re completely lost forever.

The people you loved and lost are still around, their spirits just occupy a different realm from where you are right now.

You can even reach out to them and reconnect.

Here are several ways you can communicate with someone who has already passed away.


Invite Them Into Your Dreams


When you dream, you slip into your subconscious, which is much more connected to the spiritual realm. In fact, visitation in dreams is one of the most common ways for people and their deceased loved ones to reconnect.

If you’re eager to communicate with your friend or family member who has passed on, make sure that they know you’re open to connecting with them in your dreams. Simply speak out loud and tell them that you would like to see and talk to them in the dream realm.

So, how do you know that your dream is an actual visitation rather than your mind conjuring up the image of a person you miss dearly?

Dreams that are psychic in nature tend to be more real and vivid than regular dreams, revealing faces and words that are crystal clear.

Keeping a dream journal is also recommended, since it’s very easy to forget your dreams, even just a few minutes after waking up. So, Place your journal by your bedside table and scribble down all the images, symbols, and words, that came to you while you were sleeping.


Embrace Silence


How are spirits and deceased loved ones supposed to communicate to you if you’re surrounded by distractions 24/7?

When people lose their loved ones, many actually seek out distractions to avoid feeling the weight of their grief. However, these same distractions are keeping you from reconnecting with the people who have passed away.

Whether it’s mobile phones, television, traffic, or the bright, flashing lights of the city, there are countless lists of things that can block or interfere with your connection to the spirit world around you.

So, dedicate a small corner of your living space for silence and clear the area from things that could prevent you from sensing your departed relatives and friends. In this pocket of silence, you can escape the hustle and bustle of regular life and reestablish your bond with the loved ones you’ve lost.

By spending time here every day with your eyes closed and your mind open, you’ll allow yourself to receive messages that come from the other side.


Enhance All Of Your Senses


In many cases, your deceased loved ones could already be reaching out, but maybe you aren’t sensitive enough to receive their messages.

While your senses may work perfectly well for the physical realm, spirits are often more subtle when they communicate with the living. Rarely will a spirit speak to you as a regular person would, nor would one’s touch be as solid as someone who’s right in front of you.

Instead, you might feel a soft whisper of your name or a comforting touch on your back while you’re grieving. If you’re not paying attention or you aren’t perceptive enough, you might miss these things altogether!

So, exercise your senses and make sure you’re ready to receive the signs that you’re loved ones may be sending.

Many of us rely on our sense of sight more than other senses, so try placing a blindfold over your eyes and practice tuning it with your other senses.

Perhaps you can begin by identifying the slightest sounds around you, from the soft buzz coming from the refrigerator to the rustle of the bushes right outside your window. Then, ask a friend to prepare a dish or two, and see if you can guess all the ingredients in the recipe.


Learn And Ask For Signs


There are endless amounts of possible signs that could be coming from the spirit world, so being more familiar with the most common messages that could come along is also important. Tell your loved ones that you want them to send you a sign if they’re around.

Keep your eyes (and other senses) peeled for your deceased loved ones’ favorite things, such as a hint of their favorite perfume lingering in your bedroom, or constantly hearing their favorite band everywhere.

You also want to pay attention to numerical sequences, which is one of the most basic languages of the universe, such as their birthday or phone number appearing around you in clocks, the calendar, prices, and more.

Other signs that a spirit is nearby, include malfunctioning electronic devices, flickering lights, sudden goosebumps, and objects around the house going missing or getting misplaced.


Be Extra Aware On Significant Days


Although you could connect with a spirit on any given day, it’s best to pay extra attention during days significant to your loved ones who have passed away, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or even their child’s graduation day.

During these special days, you are much more likely to establish contact, so make sure you spend some time alone and in silence on these days. Talk to them out loud and invite them into your space, then keep your senses alert for any messages they are trying to send you.


Hold On To An Object They Love


The things that belonged to your deceased loved ones don’t just serve as good reminders of them in your life, but these can also be used to connect with them after they’ve passed away.

Since objects absorb energy, the energy in their personal belongings strengthens your line of communication with them.

Simply hold an object or two that belonged to the person you lost, then close your eyes and invite them to communicate with you. The item you’re holding allows the spirit to reach you easily and directly.

When it comes to choosing an object, remember that metals are particularly suited in retaining energy. Objects that your loved ones used frequently when they were alive are good options as well.

Jewelry is probably the most common object used to reach out to the deceased, but other personal items such as journals, clothes, or even their favorite blanket, can work just as well.


Seek A Medium For Help


Finally, the easiest way to connect to those who have passed away is to seek the help of a professional.

Mediums have the special ability to converse with the spiritual realm as easily as you would converse with someone beside you on a train. So, if you really want to communicate with someone you lost and you’re finding little success on your own, seeking out the help of a medium may be your best bet.

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