How to Build A Happy Marriage During Quarantine

happy marriage

Communication is one of the keys to a strong relationship. Keep your dialogue open in order to resolve your issues and stay in a happy marriage.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of things, including marriages. Divorce statistics have risen drastically in the past year, and many relationships are struggling due to quarantine conditions. The quarantine has brought closeness for a lot of people, but it has also brought the worst for families and relationships. Once a happy marriage, the quarantine became a curse for married couples.


What Causes Relationship Problems During Quarantine?


Part of the reason why relationships break apart is that couples are trapped within the same walls, every day, 24 hours a day. Spending all day inside the house can feel confining for some couples, triggering frustrations and magnifying small problems that were previously ignored.

Prior to the pandemic, these couples have had a well-balanced relationship. They have been together a lot, but they also kept a healthy amount of time apart with other interests, hobbies, socializing with friends, and etcetera.

Quarantine is a different story. It brought out a lot of unknowns in relationships. Past traumas and unresolved issues have resurfaced, making couples doubt the person they married. They also realized their partner’s less attractive qualities and habits. This made it difficult for a lot of couples to be in the same house and do things together.

Imagine being very careful this entire pandemic. You have done everything right from social distancing, staying home, sanitizing everything, et cetera. You have done everything you could to keep this virus out of your home. Then your partner comes home, doesn’t take their shoes off, touches everything in the house without washing their hands, and places things on the table like it’s no big deal.

How would you feel?

It would make anyone go crazy!

Couples with different beliefs, especially about the coronavirus, have ended their relationship simply because they keep clashing with each other. On top of everything, external stressors. like the political and economic climate also played a big part in ending marriages.

49% of Gen Xers say they ended their marriage due to financial disagreements. Some households are losing jobs and struggling financially, which was brought about by the economic crisis. They simply cannot afford to stay home for months when they have no food on the table.


How to Keep Quarantine From Ruining Your Marriage


If you’re feeling hopeless during this pandemic, avoid falling into despair. Have faith and don’t give up on your partner. Believe that you can weather this storm and come out stronger in the end. Keep in mind that this is a temporary hurdle and will go back to normal with a little extra work. Take it one step at a time and avoid forcing anything.

Give yourself some peace of mind and take a step back if things are feeling hectic. This prevents you from making any irrational decisions and unnecessary arguing. If the weight of the situation is too much for you, go outside and allow nature to heal you. It’s important to calm down and gather your thoughts before communicating with your partner.

After you take some time for yourself, keep the spark alive by confiding in each other. There could be unresolved issues that have been bottled during this quarantine, and it’s important to talk it out and be present with each other. Your partner is dealing with this pandemic in their own way, and you need to be patient with each other no matter what.

Do your part of the work! Marriages don’t work unless each person picks up the slack. Put your partner’s needs above yourself. Do things that bring you together and let each other know if you need time apart. Be supportive in each other’s endeavors, and be an active listener to emotionally support each other.

Relationships only work if both of you are willing to do the work. If things are getting out of control, a psychic reading can also mend your relationship during this quarantine.


Find your balance through journaling


Journaling brings countless benefits to your marriage!

1. You are able to release your bottled feelings instead of projecting them onto your partner. It releases pressure and strain by getting your thoughts and feelings out of your head.

2. It allows you to have a better understanding of yourself. It pinpoints your problem areas and helps you identify what needs to be fixed.

3. You remember things better because writing your thoughts on paper improves memory. Recording events and how you are emotionally affected by them equips you to handle these situations differently in the future.

4. It’s a ritual you can depend on because journaling provides structure and stability to your life, and when everything hits the fan, you always have your journal to turn to.

5. Journaling opens your eyes to what you need to be grateful for. So, making a gratitude list in your journal allows you to be more appreciative of your life and relationship.


Other positive things you can do



Tap into your positive energy through meditation. It can be as simple as quiet contemplation or meditation with crystals. Take a deep breath to keep your thoughts away from negative energy. Move towards progress and healing your relationship. 

If you’re looking for a little help from crystals to raise your energy and spirit during these hard times, here are the best crystals to attract love and hope into your home:

  • Peridot is the stone of positive energy. It radiates sunshine straight to your soul and lightens your mood.
  • Rose Quartz is the perfect love stone with countless benefits. It protects the heart, attracts love, and promotes healing and forgiveness.
  • Lepidolite is a calming stone, perfect for when your life feels out of control. It also helps focus and productivity.
  • Spinel is the stone of hope, revitalizing the Spirit, and invites new energy into your home.

Everyone has been under a lot of stress during this pandemic, but it is also a great opportunity for couples to improve their relationship, strengthen their bond, and weather the storm. Don’t let this pandemic ruin your happy marriage!

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